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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Terenas-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Kinnkan Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU244Not updated
2Plasmay Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU242Not updated
2Kadonia Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU242Not updated
4Zelfraya Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU241Not updated
4Kazmere Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU241Not updated
6Extirpater HeadhuntersTerenas-EU240
7Kazrah Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU238Not updated
8Leatah Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU236Not updated
8Môrningstar Northern AngelsTerenas-EU236
8Tizmola Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU236Not updated
11Kazzmay Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU235Not updated
12Tielle The Army of Darkness IITerenas-EU234Not updated
13Meléna ParadeuxTerenas-EU233
14Eppon InpaktTerenas-EU232
15Arvizun VíciTerenas-EU231Not updated
16Hershie Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU230Not updated
16Góthic Northern AngelsTerenas-EU230Not updated
18Cryozdk ParadeuxTerenas-EU229
19Alpina Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU227
20Coxxi VíciTerenas-EU224Not updated
20Boosted The VikingsTerenas-EU224Not updated
22Ansekh InpaktTerenas-EU223
22Maeve Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU223
24Cara  Terenas-EU222Not updated
25Bexstar Murlocs stole my socksTerenas-EU221Not updated
26Lurna Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU220
26Kvöthe Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU220Not updated
28Bekstab Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU219
28Darkstryker Nex RegalisTerenas-EU219Not updated
28Teartrax Night WatchTerenas-EU219Not updated
28Oil Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU219
32Kigdom HeadhuntersTerenas-EU218
32Punyhuman CrescendoTerenas-EU218
32Anthonlee VíciTerenas-EU218Not updated
32Bekjab Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU218
36Lorain Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU217Not updated
36Kita RetributionTerenas-EU217Not updated
36Tomiftw  Terenas-EU217Not updated
36Manshima VíciTerenas-EU217Not updated
36Cornellia Night WatchTerenas-EU217Not updated
41Zelacy RelicsTerenas-EU216Not updated
41Fureytank Dragoon EvolutionTerenas-EU216Not updated
41Scootaloo Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU216
44Dörothy Second BloodTerenas-EU215Not updated
44Xuèquán Dragoon EvolutionTerenas-EU215Not updated
46Morrigan  Terenas-EU214Not updated
46Shiftzero The RecklessTerenas-EU214
48Ketju Second BloodTerenas-EU213
49Endawin ParadeuxTerenas-EU212
49Wantan Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU212
49Diblock Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU212
49Mastodont De Ronde TafelTerenas-EU212Not updated
49Nylessa Cutie Mark CrusadersTerenas-EU212Not updated
54Deharas InpaktTerenas-EU211
54Nutelia CrescendoTerenas-EU211
54Sooha Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU211
54Nefi VíciTerenas-EU211Not updated
54Wëwë  Terenas-EU211Not updated
54Giovanniam  Terenas-EU211Not updated
60Versing Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU210Not updated
60Kelrith InpaktTerenas-EU210Not updated
60Mildor The LightForceTerenas-EU210
60Throthgar RetributionTerenas-EU210Not updated
60Forsakenman Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU210Not updated
65Deathbringer The VikingsTerenas-EU209
65Miërin YorkshireTerenas-EU209Not updated
67Balarak The VikingsTerenas-EU208Not updated
67Tureil Heroic OutcastsTerenas-EU208Not updated
67Ironheart  Terenas-EU208Not updated
67Shoota Knights of the BlueFlameTerenas-EU208Not updated
67Zozokill VíciTerenas-EU208Not updated
67Meilai  Terenas-EU208Not updated
73Yeij ParadeuxTerenas-EU207
73Imoteph VíciTerenas-EU207Not updated
73Palighta Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU207Not updated
73Horrorpops Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU207Not updated
73Truttine No Life PosseTerenas-EU207Not updated
73Kalahari VíciTerenas-EU207Not updated
73Tiggi BifrostTerenas-EU207Not updated
73Övernaturlig ArchlightTerenas-EU207Not updated
81Feeling ParadeuxTerenas-EU206
81Manda Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU206
81Zantas Fuzzy LogicTerenas-EU206Not updated
81Maime Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU206
81Nelana Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU206
81Vikona Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU206
81Jaytheruler InpaktTerenas-EU206Not updated
81Chielles MalevolenceTerenas-EU206Not updated
89Lumikor Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU205
89Epicfailure De Ronde TafelTerenas-EU205Not updated
89Cyndar HeadhuntersTerenas-EU205
89Marsupilami VíciTerenas-EU205Not updated
89Buddytheelf Legends Never DieTerenas-EU205Not updated
94Gooddaymate Flames Of The PhoenixTerenas-EU204Not updated
94Dugan Lost Action HeroesTerenas-EU204Not updated
94Yaig Fortibus Fortuna FavetTerenas-EU204Not updated
94Kugelschmerz Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU204
98Artock ExodusTerenas-EU203
98Mitchyz Sons of AnarchyTerenas-EU203Not updated
98Thaneseeker MalevolenceTerenas-EU203

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