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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tarren Mill-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Demec EminenceTarren Mill-EU285Not updated
2Nemaya ÐawnTarren Mill-EU284Not updated
3Lulleh Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU281Not updated
4Kekepop HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU275Not updated
5Kardua Nether StormTarren Mill-EU274Not updated
6Dorolen Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU272Not updated
7Gorethul Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU271Not updated
8Pegàz HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU270Not updated
8Zaino FalloutTarren Mill-EU270Not updated
8Dunion Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU270Not updated
11Rollhuft Nether StormTarren Mill-EU269Not updated
12Chillton PrimeTarren Mill-EU268Not updated
13Schoolgal Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU266Not updated
13Jizzrabbit Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU266Not updated
15Shew SublimeTarren Mill-EU264Not updated
16Shimmolate PAPAPAPAPAPAPOWERTarren Mill-EU263Not updated
17Frazzor  Tarren Mill-EU259Not updated
17Prinsn Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU259Not updated
19Maabcow The Otakus DojoTarren Mill-EU258Not updated
19Etsrin MeridianTarren Mill-EU258Not updated
21Zlayer Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU257Not updated
21Mottomotto AngeredTarren Mill-EU257Not updated
23Corbíx You Got FarmedTarren Mill-EU256Not updated
24Mystiks Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU254Not updated
25Nifer LitmusTarren Mill-EU252Not updated
26Makorr MetaphorTarren Mill-EU251Not updated
27Dïane  Tarren Mill-EU250Not updated
27Claria Orc of the CovenantTarren Mill-EU250Not updated
27Krazlikow  Tarren Mill-EU250Not updated
27Lootricide What Does The Fox SayTarren Mill-EU250Not updated
31Kyøka PrimeTarren Mill-EU249Not updated
31Amethyzt ZilversZoologicalZocietyTarren Mill-EU249Not updated
33Melzin InvictusTarren Mill-EU248Not updated
33Creepindeath HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU248Not updated
33Fishnnuts EpiphanyTarren Mill-EU248Not updated
36No CursedTarren Mill-EU247Not updated
37Blackdown BloodbathTarren Mill-EU246Not updated
38Ralothen  Tarren Mill-EU245Not updated
39Cáptainbrain Keyboard WarriorsTarren Mill-EU244Not updated
39Sialeds  Tarren Mill-EU244Not updated
41Irscary Sanctus ImmortalisTarren Mill-EU243Not updated
41Verenith Wayne EnterprisesTarren Mill-EU243Not updated
41Lightbarrier ParadigmTarren Mill-EU243Not updated
41Mkeey Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU243Not updated
45Jaendle PrimeTarren Mill-EU242Not updated
46Sinch elixyrTarren Mill-EU241Not updated
47Pringli Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU240Not updated
47Gidras PrimeTarren Mill-EU240Not updated
49Millenia Kronatan GroupTarren Mill-EU239Not updated
49Ironmàn EnmityTarren Mill-EU239Not updated
49Nícole The Otakus DojoTarren Mill-EU239Not updated
49Marici MojoTarren Mill-EU239Not updated
49Paldamore  Tarren Mill-EU239Not updated
49Cashock ImmortalsTarren Mill-EU239Not updated
49Protkrava NightwatchersTarren Mill-EU239Not updated
49Brainsane RelaxTarren Mill-EU239Not updated
49Lovemagic DiversusTarren Mill-EU239Not updated
58Dirtbag HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU238Not updated
58Ambrosiä Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU238Not updated
58Ttotem SecurityTarren Mill-EU238Not updated
58Dever XtraHordinaryTarren Mill-EU238Not updated
58Ellywind HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU238Not updated
58Miira Special Needs ProgramTarren Mill-EU238Not updated
64Mcwiggles PrimeTarren Mill-EU237Not updated
64Bloodflash KshatriyaTarren Mill-EU237Not updated
64Voroshiloff InfiniteTarren Mill-EU237Not updated
67Clu PrimeTarren Mill-EU236Not updated
67Janarsk Sanctus ImmortalisTarren Mill-EU236Not updated
67Zamolxè DecryptedTarren Mill-EU236Not updated
67Kostolom LitmusTarren Mill-EU236Not updated
67Raikuron GrandiosaTarren Mill-EU236Not updated
67Voiduser synchronizeTarren Mill-EU236Not updated
67Brewsleet Semper DanicaTarren Mill-EU236Not updated
74Loifa SublimeTarren Mill-EU235Not updated
75Xxav NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU234Not updated
75Zoulfikar MEGALOMANIACSTarren Mill-EU234Not updated
75Maxflaks InsurgencyTarren Mill-EU234Not updated
78Snikshaman Safe BroTarren Mill-EU233Not updated
78Gressidakken WEST COAST REPRESENTTarren Mill-EU233Not updated
78Bintar RelaxTarren Mill-EU233Not updated
78Xxavtwo NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU233Not updated
78Usami Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU233Not updated
83Torrent Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU232Not updated
83Armshock DecryptedTarren Mill-EU232Not updated
83Wtfik MeridianTarren Mill-EU232Not updated
83Ioasaf RelaxTarren Mill-EU232Not updated
83Kezha SequenceTarren Mill-EU232Not updated

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