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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sundown Marsh-TW Faction Only Mounts
1亞洛斯特蘭 for entertainmentSundown Marsh-TW264Not updated
2八方火 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW256Not updated
3Skynova 小豆芽特攻隊Sundown Marsh-TW255Not updated
4火哥哥 魔獸運動公園Sundown Marsh-TW253Not updated
4魅蘭莎 妨礙風化Sundown Marsh-TW253Not updated
4若葉花吹玥 The AvaLonSundown Marsh-TW253Not updated
4Castella  Sundown Marsh-TW253Not updated
8Shootingstar 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW252Not updated
9自然之蹄  Sundown Marsh-TW250Not updated
10玄武焱男 靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh-TW248Not updated
10大領主布雷澤 有錢就敗家沒錢就拜神Sundown Marsh-TW248Not updated
12音夜彌 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW244Not updated
12初春晨雨花霧 小豆芽特攻隊Sundown Marsh-TW244Not updated
14一隻吃不飽 K O FSundown Marsh-TW242Not updated
14花蝶紅雪 Fight TogetherSundown Marsh-TW242Not updated
14聖莖 誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠不能吃大白兔Sundown Marsh-TW242Not updated
14小米丶 無限領域Sundown Marsh-TW242Not updated
18無名醬醬 K O FSundown Marsh-TW241Not updated
18Haydn 大地之母Sundown Marsh-TW241Not updated
20米小潮 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW240Not updated
20小啦的美屢 無限領域Sundown Marsh-TW240Not updated
22無名大將 K O FSundown Marsh-TW239Not updated
22依然還是寂寞 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW239Not updated
24冰鎮酸辣湯 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW238Not updated
24川辣紅豆冰 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW238Not updated
24賣鬧阿 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW238Not updated
24卍末日黃昏卍 邪惡的小坑Sundown Marsh-TW238Not updated
24紅燒可麗餅 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW238Not updated
24蔥燒甜甜圈 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW238Not updated
24風中聖魂 平淡Sundown Marsh-TW238Not updated
31Lolicastle 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW237Not updated
31大牛妞 邪惡的小坑Sundown Marsh-TW237Not updated
31開朗波波 靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh-TW237Not updated
34狂怒人廚仔 HardModeSundown Marsh-TW236Not updated
34Muackss Heaven DawnSundown Marsh-TW236Not updated
36妮妮糖 Fight TogetherSundown Marsh-TW235Not updated
36燼夜 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW235Not updated
36西行寺玥玥子 The AvaLonSundown Marsh-TW235Not updated
39花眠夜未央 靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh-TW234Not updated
39有隻小豬 六翼Sundown Marsh-TW234Not updated
41泰芮妮特斯 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW233Not updated
41星漓 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW233Not updated
41加林德利爪 有錢就敗家沒錢就拜神Sundown Marsh-TW233Not updated
41廚師 HardModeSundown Marsh-TW233Not updated
45團隊中的地雷 The AvaLonSundown Marsh-TW232Not updated
46優格莎芢 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
46夏夜輓風 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
46大內第一黑手 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
46來治猩猩的你 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
46霂妮絲可貝 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
46朱月 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
46腐化 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
46霂夜  Sundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
46黑色逼逼蛋 Academia CantabrigiensisSundown Marsh-TW231Not updated
55Tetsuro  Sundown Marsh-TW230Not updated
56勇者屠龍斬 GlamorousSundown Marsh-TW229Not updated
56劫后  Sundown Marsh-TW229Not updated
56神聖導師 悠悠幻境Sundown Marsh-TW229Not updated
56小帥翔 BATTLE ROYALESundown Marsh-TW229Not updated
60悱惻 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW228Not updated
60月霜冬緒 無與倫比的自由Sundown Marsh-TW228Not updated
60小鐵皮 妨礙風化Sundown Marsh-TW228Not updated
60盧迪烏斯 Wretches And KingsSundown Marsh-TW228Not updated
60妹夫曬著寶劍 蘭若寺Sundown Marsh-TW228Not updated
65依然低調丶 無限領域Sundown Marsh-TW227Not updated
65Untouched 戰鼓之歌Sundown Marsh-TW227Not updated
65我可以骰嘛 超大的盟Sundown Marsh-TW227Not updated
65戈萊桃趴蕊 無與倫比的自由Sundown Marsh-TW227Not updated
69幼稚園女僕貓 K O FSundown Marsh-TW226Not updated
69艾伊菲恩 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW226Not updated
69白銀聖光 Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW226Not updated
69雨問蒼 PulseSundown Marsh-TW226Not updated
69娃小妮 Academia CantabrigiensisSundown Marsh-TW226Not updated
69粉紅小寶貝 Never let goSundown Marsh-TW226Not updated
69莓凌 BATTLE ROYALESundown Marsh-TW226Not updated
76田潤潤 靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh-TW225Not updated
76剪不斷的緣 剪不斷的圓Sundown Marsh-TW225Not updated
76歐勒比 MinosSundown Marsh-TW225Not updated
76冰塵幻月 糟糕歡樂電台Sundown Marsh-TW225Not updated
76莉夏 一口一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一爪爪Sundown Marsh-TW225Not updated
81粉雪詩夢 HardModeSundown Marsh-TW224Not updated
81硬漢牛 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW224Not updated
81解星恨 光舞之境Sundown Marsh-TW224Not updated
81牛奶聖 ImagineSundown Marsh-TW224Not updated
81仁達禮俸 K O FSundown Marsh-TW224Not updated
81川上富江 魔天朧月宮Sundown Marsh-TW224Not updated
81細竹輝夜姬 魔天朧月宮Sundown Marsh-TW224Not updated
81布萊史戴森 Sunset CapitalSundown Marsh-TW224Not updated
89水泮茵芙 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89茹比 HardModeSundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89Alvarez 光舞之境Sundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89Cwilla Just GameSundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89霂夜蝶 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89推浪 六翼Sundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89貝黑利德血影  Sundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89哞哞茶 Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89嵐楓星戀 Miracle Of LifeSundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89嘉百烈 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89妮絲蕾拷蓓 Academia CantabrigiensisSundown Marsh-TW223Not updated
89抹茶優格 HardModeSundown Marsh-TW223Not updated

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