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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Glitterpoes AgitatedStormscale-EU268Not updated
2Blacksails Plan B Sheep The DruidStormscale-EU266Not updated
3Hembre PvP RatedStormscale-EU263Not updated
4Weez MonsterStormscale-EU261Not updated
5Vekz KaarmaStormscale-EU259Not updated
5Sambalkoning CruentusStormscale-EU259Not updated
7Shewz MonsterStormscale-EU258Not updated
8Smultringa Canus MaximusStormscale-EU257Not updated
9Falodh BeyondRedemptionStormscale-EU256Not updated
10Greenslime Invasion AlertStormscale-EU254Not updated
10Fthrdjjaro  Stormscale-EU254Not updated
12Bloodenergy EximiusStormscale-EU253Not updated
12Karaninjax Man of FeelStormscale-EU253Not updated
14Marlian Phase ShiftStormscale-EU249Not updated
15Pyqt YäspresentsStormscale-EU248Not updated
16Djcoolman Per AsperaStormscale-EU247Not updated
17Cyberbengan Per AsperaStormscale-EU246Not updated
17Cyberknugen Per AsperaStormscale-EU246Not updated
17Antagonistic Them BonesStormscale-EU246Not updated
20Cyberbenke Per AsperaStormscale-EU245Not updated
20Uçanöküz TheEmpireStormscale-EU245Not updated
20Wrêck EchoStormscale-EU245Not updated
20Øverdøsê ParadoxStormscale-EU245Not updated
24Immortãl ExhaleStormscale-EU244Not updated
25Mudant Best Guild EUStormscale-EU243Not updated
25Röcknar  Stormscale-EU243Not updated
25Arelie As Shadows AriseStormscale-EU243Not updated
28Ludoberit AwoLStormscale-EU242Not updated
28Kreetfaaze The BloodangelsStormscale-EU242Not updated
28Barbîe InsidiousStormscale-EU242Not updated
28Evava Children of GodStormscale-EU242Not updated
32Neverbeen RecklessnessStormscale-EU241Not updated
32Aneroid  Stormscale-EU241Not updated
32Baklkm AwoLStormscale-EU241Not updated
32Holmone FörsvarsmaktenStormscale-EU241Not updated
32Serpentes Plan B Sheep The DruidStormscale-EU241Not updated
32Wucks I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU241Not updated
38Turboskløtta YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU240Not updated
38Dnz Nine Inches UnbuffedStormscale-EU240Not updated
38Serrenity AwoLStormscale-EU240Not updated
41Unelle OblivionStormscale-EU239Not updated
41Valthar Dancing StonesStormscale-EU239Not updated
43Cannìbalus AnticsStormscale-EU238Not updated
43Hioemsvol Brotherhood Of DeathStormscale-EU238Not updated
43Pittsburgh AwoLStormscale-EU238Not updated
43Warshell Not In The FaceStormscale-EU238Not updated
43Hayne Heartless CrewStormscale-EU238Not updated
48Jnz Blood and GloryStormscale-EU237Not updated
48Niamee  Stormscale-EU237Not updated
48Cheiften Sapphire For FireStormscale-EU237Not updated
51Abyat SublimeStormscale-EU236Not updated
51Razorlíght namStormscale-EU236Not updated
53Thexend RepentStormscale-EU235Not updated
53Ravenouz Fluffy Kittens of DoomStormscale-EU235Not updated
53Bjones AwoLStormscale-EU235Not updated
53Serenitiy Mind EraserStormscale-EU235Not updated
53Ebayde CøntærStormscale-EU235Not updated
53Holyfall Back in ControlStormscale-EU235Not updated
59Xyke MonsterStormscale-EU234Not updated
59Mvandervelde RecklessnessStormscale-EU234Not updated
59Voldèlig  Stormscale-EU234Not updated
62Ikey RedditStormscale-EU233Not updated
62Hairydot RedditStormscale-EU233Not updated
62Zcrybe RedditStormscale-EU233Not updated
65Medousá BooterangStormscale-EU232Not updated
65Uruchimaru RecklessnessStormscale-EU232Not updated
65Umpahpala Back In BusinessStormscale-EU232Not updated
68Andorrax EnslavedStormscale-EU231Not updated
68Náwty AwoLStormscale-EU231Not updated
68Retaenan Sick SenseStormscale-EU231Not updated
68Miniwiz Canus MaximusStormscale-EU231Not updated
68Mittá Wonderful WeatherStormscale-EU231Not updated
68Wining FirecloudsStormscale-EU231Not updated
68Druuiime AnticsStormscale-EU231Not updated
75Oldcarpet AwoLStormscale-EU230Not updated
75Frostcrypt shadow nightStormscale-EU230Not updated
75Yalorde BrewtalityStormscale-EU230Not updated
75Sjoemek Immortal SunriseStormscale-EU230Not updated
75Stiligamor  Stormscale-EU230Not updated
75Purplehazê WargodsStormscale-EU230Not updated
75Aflow Dawn of the NorthStormscale-EU230Not updated
75Mxvdeldzroxa SkyfallStormscale-EU230Not updated
83Fenrïz Advanced Target DummysStormscale-EU229Not updated
83Rossington Old and BitterStormscale-EU229Not updated
83Saurfang AwoLStormscale-EU229Not updated
83Doomthing AmendStormscale-EU229Not updated
83Barrascaa Blind WorldStormscale-EU229Not updated
83Minervadin  Stormscale-EU229Not updated
89Ähäkutti Paha KarsinaStormscale-EU228Not updated
89Floklm  Stormscale-EU228Not updated
89Bravio OblivionStormscale-EU228Not updated
89Perkulator LiquidStormscale-EU228Not updated
93Makrðsh EnslavedStormscale-EU227Not updated
93Ghostkíllah BooterangStormscale-EU227Not updated
93Egzodya MeclisStormscale-EU227Not updated
93Torrë ShadowLegionStormscale-EU227Not updated
93Lolaina MonsterStormscale-EU227Not updated
93Gãb Earthbound EaglesStormscale-EU227Not updated
99Wlly SkyfallStormscale-EU226Not updated
99Adall SkyfallStormscale-EU226Not updated

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