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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-US Faction Only Mounts
1Frammy Grand DesignStormreaver-US270Not updated
2Voorhees Hardcore PawnStormreaver-US268Not updated
3Durtyd PrometheanStormreaver-US264Not updated
3Sefirot Hellscreams KitchenStormreaver-US264Not updated
5Kiryuin LAStormreaver-US260Not updated
6Palikane PrometheanStormreaver-US259Not updated
6Ammora Fear ItselfStormreaver-US259Not updated
8Bokscar Peachy KeenStormreaver-US257Not updated
9Lagrosse Green HitsStormreaver-US256Not updated
10Forgetmenot Party SharkStormreaver-US255Not updated
10Sabira  Stormreaver-US255Not updated
12Pallykingg The Tiger ClubStormreaver-US250Not updated
12Rainbowmes LAStormreaver-US250Not updated
14Archiie ProvocationStormreaver-US249Not updated
14Kurogasa OutcastsStormreaver-US249Not updated
16Malîs OgStormreaver-US248Not updated
17Flexxis OgStormreaver-US246Not updated
17Jakarro Angelic FuryStormreaver-US246Not updated
19Nyxluna purgatoryStormreaver-US245Not updated
19Haystacks MythicStormreaver-US245Not updated
21Graverob Banished LegionStormreaver-US244Not updated
22Darklyn TempestStormreaver-US243Not updated
22Spero AmicitiaStormreaver-US243Not updated
22Songo  Stormreaver-US243Not updated
25Pukanana XII LegionStormreaver-US242Not updated
25Vrik  Stormreaver-US242Not updated
27Acelaia AmicitiaStormreaver-US241Not updated
27Evelynn Hobo AssassinsStormreaver-US241Not updated
27Fletch AspireStormreaver-US241Not updated
30Zai Hobo AssassinsStormreaver-US240Not updated
30Vaim BaddiesStormreaver-US240Not updated
32Syanì Inverse LogicStormreaver-US239Not updated
32Vilata AccessionStormreaver-US239Not updated
34Paracelsi  Stormreaver-US238Not updated
34Cyghan  Stormreaver-US238Not updated
34Súzáku InternecionStormreaver-US238Not updated
37Meella BaddiesStormreaver-US237Not updated
37Yin NerfherderStormreaver-US237Not updated
39Snugglesbear PrometheanStormreaver-US236Not updated
39Thodt No Manny NoStormreaver-US236Not updated
41Eurëka Fear ItselfStormreaver-US235Not updated
42Thickstick Splintered FactionStormreaver-US234Not updated
42Rosetti  Stormreaver-US234Not updated
44Nychrix AdrastusStormreaver-US233Not updated
44Raknak EidolonStormreaver-US233Not updated
44Malparido  Stormreaver-US233Not updated
47Delkar ProvocationStormreaver-US232Not updated
48Nilâ VoSStormreaver-US231Not updated
48Gorgygrinds TenXStormreaver-US231Not updated
48Fulla DrowStormreaver-US231Not updated
48Havveck Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US231Not updated
52Aico PrometheanStormreaver-US230Not updated
53John  Stormreaver-US229Not updated
53Petthiskitty DrowStormreaver-US229Not updated
55Gug  Stormreaver-US228Not updated
55Tycade Karma HordeStormreaver-US228Not updated
55Prae AnomalyStormreaver-US228Not updated
58Devi Peachy KeenStormreaver-US227Not updated
58Sunderwhere RevictionStormreaver-US227Not updated
58Auagr Fear ItselfStormreaver-US227Not updated
58Hughjanos AspireStormreaver-US227Not updated
62Hitsugaya Scientific MethodStormreaver-US226Not updated
62Nausìkaa BlitzkriegStormreaver-US226Not updated
62Aldrík Blackrose SyndicateStormreaver-US226Not updated
65Webbosmuerto AmicitiaStormreaver-US225Not updated
65Nightazure Hellscreams KitchenStormreaver-US225Not updated
65Justíce Hobo AssassinsStormreaver-US225Not updated
65Urthos Moar HotpocketsStormreaver-US225Not updated
65Rosefist  Stormreaver-US225Not updated
65Mneme IconoclastStormreaver-US225Not updated
71Gruber PrometheanStormreaver-US224Not updated
71Minitusk PurgeStormreaver-US224Not updated
73Itsabu TempestStormreaver-US223Not updated
73Kwall purgatoryStormreaver-US223Not updated
73Robrocop Peachy KeenStormreaver-US223Not updated
73Accipiterr GenesísStormreaver-US223Not updated
73Jjdk Ginyu ForceStormreaver-US223Not updated
73Thetater DrowStormreaver-US223Not updated
73Lilithmoon TICKLEFIGHTStormreaver-US223Not updated
73Trixbunny Relentless WreckoningStormreaver-US223Not updated
81Denglish Party SharkStormreaver-US222Not updated
81Seaverian OgStormreaver-US222Not updated
81Sammara FutureStormreaver-US222Not updated
81Klette TempestStormreaver-US222Not updated
81Kegpounder The Tiger ClubStormreaver-US222Not updated
81Ikunthearu FutureStormreaver-US222Not updated
81Babzy DysfunctionStormreaver-US222Not updated
88Orewa BaddiesStormreaver-US221Not updated
88Jupiteran Supergroup One ShotStormreaver-US221Not updated
88Odîo  Stormreaver-US221Not updated

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