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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Wihaa EbriusStormreaver-EU274Not updated
2Leviculus Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU269Not updated
3Marieke ColourStormreaver-EU260Not updated
4Silency The MagnificentStormreaver-EU251Not updated
5Drakali AquilaStormreaver-EU250Not updated
6Babatsu Hyvät YstävätStormreaver-EU249Not updated
7Galdhr AquilaStormreaver-EU248Not updated
7Arienne The MagnificentStormreaver-EU248Not updated
7Eshari  Stormreaver-EU248Not updated
10Shanden Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU247Not updated
10Taradia AquilaStormreaver-EU247Not updated
10Shelor Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU247Not updated
13Thinq Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU246Not updated
13Hanell Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU246Not updated
13Waãtide  Stormreaver-EU246Not updated
13Hanoe Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU246Not updated
17Felane Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU245Not updated
18Kerbear GehennaStormreaver-EU243Not updated
18Boomkìng The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU243Not updated
20Monkss EbriusStormreaver-EU242Not updated
21Níkomaani RackartygStormreaver-EU240Not updated
21Gliin AquilaStormreaver-EU240Not updated
23Cjamango The MagnificentStormreaver-EU239Not updated
23Brummbär The MagnificentStormreaver-EU239Not updated
23Envií VersusStormreaver-EU239Not updated
23Gekkó The MagnificentStormreaver-EU239Not updated
27Bismuista ZeroProgressStormreaver-EU238Not updated
27Rénkkú KipuStormreaver-EU238Not updated
27Agonija The MagnificentStormreaver-EU238Not updated
27Lote The MagnificentStormreaver-EU238Not updated
27Mandíbula RagnarökStormreaver-EU238Not updated
32Rizha FortifiedStormreaver-EU237Not updated
32Quizzy The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU237Not updated
34Nérzhul EbriusStormreaver-EU235Not updated
34Dawneý VäkívaltakuntaStormreaver-EU235Not updated
34Dangens PVP SUX WHENS NAXXRAMASStormreaver-EU235Not updated
34Bâttery Brilliance and InsanityStormreaver-EU235Not updated
38Gòda KineticStormreaver-EU234Not updated
38Hekata InsurgencyStormreaver-EU234Not updated
38Rrarru YOLOStormreaver-EU234Not updated
41Rarbo Merry GraverobbersStormreaver-EU233Not updated
41Sherrie Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU233Not updated
43Rorken Apocalypse LaterStormreaver-EU232Not updated
43Ptr PohjasakkaStormreaver-EU232Not updated
43Faillunk  Stormreaver-EU232Not updated
43Linzy the Light of DawnStormreaver-EU232Not updated
43Sinkin Warlords of HellStormreaver-EU232Not updated
43Paaxar Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU232Not updated
49Leipaq Karpon ParhaatStormreaver-EU231Not updated
49Sindyrin FortifiedStormreaver-EU231Not updated
49Honolulo  Stormreaver-EU231Not updated
49Grudge ReignitedStormreaver-EU231Not updated
53Skyze EbriusStormreaver-EU230Not updated
53Loravan JeokazStormreaver-EU230Not updated
53Hopeatassu Valmistettu SuomessaStormreaver-EU230Not updated
53Thorburn The MagnificentStormreaver-EU230Not updated
53Pokayoke  Stormreaver-EU230Not updated
58Shaquar Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU229Not updated
59Ookâ Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU228Not updated
59Castigo MFC FAMILY CARTELStormreaver-EU228Not updated
61Bauk The MagnificentStormreaver-EU227Not updated
61Wyndorf  Stormreaver-EU227Not updated
61Wrathion  Stormreaver-EU227Not updated
61Gozlet Ultimate MusclerollerStormreaver-EU227Not updated
65Raiel Harakiri llStormreaver-EU225Not updated
65Tipsukka Life AfterStormreaver-EU225Not updated
65Spooney Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU225Not updated
65Fossiili PerditionStormreaver-EU225Not updated
65Chillstrike FortifiedStormreaver-EU225Not updated
70Tiosalamanca Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU224Not updated
70Juustomies QúeenStormreaver-EU224Not updated
70Dübbe  Stormreaver-EU224Not updated
70Digitaali  Stormreaver-EU224Not updated
74Jackié MoonstormStormreaver-EU223Not updated
74Oya  Stormreaver-EU223Not updated
74Disuk HOONIGANStormreaver-EU223Not updated
74Tiralin The Shadow CouncilStormreaver-EU223Not updated
74Rahjay AquilaStormreaver-EU223Not updated
74Ilumination AinurStormreaver-EU223Not updated
80Høpea ArkunkantajatStormreaver-EU222Not updated
80Miggard ReignitedStormreaver-EU222Not updated
80Jìgglypuff Flatliners BaconStormreaver-EU222Not updated
83Deaconess TrolltygStormreaver-EU221Not updated
83Aighti TrolltygStormreaver-EU221Not updated
83Arween CrimsonBattleBunniesStormreaver-EU221Not updated
83Fallaxisalli ColourStormreaver-EU221Not updated
83Nirgil  Stormreaver-EU221Not updated
83Nakertax ZeroProgressStormreaver-EU221Not updated
83Jðel TrolltygStormreaver-EU221Not updated
90Roxxted Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU220Not updated
91Valydra SuomislackersStormreaver-EU219Not updated
91Emiiri QúeenStormreaver-EU219Not updated
91Hoohraw EliittiStormreaver-EU219Not updated
91Eksellenssi TuonelaStormreaver-EU219Not updated
91Torgo snickerietStormreaver-EU219Not updated
96Eunukkì QúeenStormreaver-EU218Not updated
96Emilya Rocket Fuel LeakStormreaver-EU218Not updated
96Seppäerkki ROGUES GALLERYStormreaver-EU218Not updated
96Skulduggéry The Shadow CouncilStormreaver-EU218Not updated
96Hottify ColourStormreaver-EU218Not updated

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