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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Faction Only Mounts
1Ryken Southern ComfortStormrage-US281Not updated
2Frozenhope The InfinitiesStormrage-US274Not updated
2Slck IntolerantStormrage-US274Not updated
4Natima  Stormrage-US272Not updated
5Mowdown Youve Got to B Kiting MeStormrage-US270Not updated
6Heavendawn Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US268Not updated
7Faalotech Organized ChaøsStormrage-US263Not updated
8Serling Too Legit To QuitStormrage-US261Not updated
8Threè Vivid AssassinsStormrage-US261Not updated
10Ataxus vodkaStormrage-US259Not updated
10Puerile Deadly AssassinsStormrage-US259Not updated
12Krymsin Death JestersStormrage-US258Not updated
13Elisabetta DissonanceStormrage-US257Not updated
14Biggie Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US255Not updated
14Eighthcrow  Stormrage-US255Not updated
14Shahryar Adult SupervisionStormrage-US255Not updated
17Yudy  Stormrage-US254Not updated
18Wermhat PremeditatedStormrage-US253Not updated
18Cáptainjack Children of GallifreyStormrage-US253Not updated
18Sharplol  Stormrage-US253Not updated
18One  Stormrage-US253Not updated
18Songotron  Stormrage-US253Not updated
18Faerez MelioraStormrage-US253Not updated
18Neddybank Breath of the DyingStormrage-US253Not updated
25Rívera The DynastyStormrage-US252Not updated
25Sharpedgez Tactical DisasterStormrage-US252Not updated
27Kentonn Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US251Not updated
27Khalyonar No DiceStormrage-US251Not updated
27Rainbowmezx CandylandStormrage-US251Not updated
30Rhelas Before The FallStormrage-US250Not updated
30Richenda Opponent IIStormrage-US250Not updated
30Beetljuice The DynastyStormrage-US250Not updated
30Raazzor Organized ChaøsStormrage-US250Not updated
30Scyrock AngerStormrage-US250Not updated
35Dumperpumpr TNTStormrage-US249Not updated
36Guinevere Bombay SapphireStormrage-US248Not updated
36Ekans MelioraStormrage-US248Not updated
36Zeusie The CommonwealthStormrage-US248Not updated
36Gemlore World TreeStormrage-US248Not updated
36Fitaid  Stormrage-US248Not updated
36Aphasía FreelancesStormrage-US248Not updated
42Entropqt  Stormrage-US247Not updated
42Boltingham LurkersStormrage-US247Not updated
44Heapstack DissonanceStormrage-US246Not updated
44Qt PerfectStormrage-US246Not updated
46Tarsuskhan  Stormrage-US245Not updated
47Cero Orcland RaidersStormrage-US244Not updated
47Senthra PeregrineStormrage-US244Not updated
47Okamuri Talk Nerdy To MeStormrage-US244Not updated
47Goodwrench  Stormrage-US244Not updated
51Marteno FlipadelphiaStormrage-US243Not updated
51Zyniker Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US243Not updated
51Zimworloc SeveredStormrage-US243Not updated
51Velai LamentStormrage-US243Not updated
51Artiepie Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US243Not updated
51Magdalegna ProgressionStormrage-US243Not updated
57Jacbone LOTIONStormrage-US242Not updated
57Vadris Ice Cream CitadelStormrage-US242Not updated
57Chrykoolaid Adult SupervisionStormrage-US242Not updated
57Milch MargaritavilleStormrage-US242Not updated
61Sparrow Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US241Not updated
61Flatlyne I N S A N EStormrage-US241Not updated
61Thedeciple LOTIONStormrage-US241Not updated
61Rankinstein CoreStormrage-US241Not updated
61Jígawatts OpponentStormrage-US241Not updated
61Sareynn Almost MidnightStormrage-US241Not updated
61Trimback ProgressionStormrage-US241Not updated
61Ethric Opponent IIStormrage-US241Not updated
69Wøøgs Broken EnglishStormrage-US240Not updated
69Pantsmuppet OpponentStormrage-US240Not updated
69Yuhei Deadly AssassinsStormrage-US240Not updated
72Slowdive Refiners FireStormrage-US239Not updated
72Malanos Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US239Not updated
72Darkmuppet  Stormrage-US239Not updated
72Yivola In Other NewsStormrage-US239Not updated
72Tinky Southern ComfortStormrage-US239Not updated
72Rycos Southern ComfortStormrage-US239Not updated
78Rowenara TranceStormrage-US238Not updated
78Graf  Stormrage-US238Not updated
78Alfalen The BasinStormrage-US238Not updated
78Olyna  Stormrage-US238Not updated
82Mialeah War MachineStormrage-US237Not updated
82Arbiter Tháts Whát She SáidStormrage-US237Not updated
82Sendelle DissonanceStormrage-US237Not updated
82Frettzer DEDICATED ASSASSINSStormrage-US237Not updated
82Jánassa Tabüla RasaStormrage-US237Not updated
82Tickly StokedStormrage-US237Not updated
82Frogster Vivid AssassinsStormrage-US237Not updated
89Karadine Rising TideStormrage-US236Not updated
89Welshrarebit New Model ArmyStormrage-US236Not updated
89Grailm NitrousStormrage-US236Not updated
89Mystara C E GStormrage-US236Not updated
89Røland PerfectStormrage-US236Not updated
89Wërëhawk  Stormrage-US236Not updated
89Holycupcake OpponentStormrage-US236Not updated
96Eranol Team BroStormrage-US235Not updated
96Xtachthys LeviathanStormrage-US235Not updated
96Cassanndrá Ha Made You LookStormrage-US235Not updated
96Pinkcupcake MythicalStormrage-US235Not updated
96Caramía MythicalStormrage-US235Not updated

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