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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Ozzello IllustriousStormrage-EU263Not updated
2Almecia Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU258Not updated
3Sheday AvalerionStormrage-EU250Not updated
4Himura ShivaStormrage-EU244Not updated
5Prue AuroraStormrage-EU243Not updated
6Ljubica Crusaders Of AzerothStormrage-EU242Not updated
7Gave AuroraStormrage-EU238Not updated
8Anaxilae IllustriousStormrage-EU237Not updated
8Teabones Collectors IncStormrage-EU237Not updated
10Foki AuroraStormrage-EU236Not updated
10Crystek Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU236Not updated
10Azmodanspan AvalerionStormrage-EU236Not updated
13Mìria Nessun DormaStormrage-EU234Not updated
14Crityouhard IllustriousStormrage-EU232Not updated
15Tobie AuroraStormrage-EU231Not updated
15Myzrael IllustriousStormrage-EU231Not updated
17Sartorias AuroraStormrage-EU230Not updated
18Depreciation KoSStormrage-EU228Not updated
18Ameliaxx SerotoninStormrage-EU228Not updated
20Girion AuroraStormrage-EU227Not updated
20Noctùa AvalerionStormrage-EU227Not updated
20Onyyx Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU227Not updated
20Bloodofpower Evil DeadStormrage-EU227Not updated
20Diabollic Lazy PeonsStormrage-EU227Not updated
20Benibqt AvalerionStormrage-EU227Not updated
26Signalhunter AuroraStormrage-EU226Not updated
26Rengore KoSStormrage-EU226Not updated
26Doompony Evil DeadStormrage-EU226Not updated
29Hyperion XistanceStormrage-EU225Not updated
29Thyar Stormrage KnightsStormrage-EU225Not updated
29Needsatash AnarchyStormrage-EU225Not updated
29Allicurses IllustriousStormrage-EU225Not updated
33Benafflôck Low LandersStormrage-EU224Not updated
34Evilforce IllustriousStormrage-EU223Not updated
34Thammuz Low LandersStormrage-EU223Not updated
34Bjarni Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU223Not updated
37Qatharyhna DamnationStormrage-EU222Not updated
37Fàllingtears Danes ReunitedStormrage-EU222Not updated
39Deebs AvalerionStormrage-EU221Not updated
39Tórmentor Evil DeadStormrage-EU221Not updated
39Erynya Zemsta KrecikaStormrage-EU221Not updated
39Chubbychaser Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU221Not updated
43Taiyoumaru SerotoninStormrage-EU220Not updated
43Swongs  Stormrage-EU220Not updated
43Hubbie Angel Lords of DraenorStormrage-EU220Not updated
43Sharkbite DamnationStormrage-EU220Not updated
47Mairiae Zemsta KrecikaStormrage-EU219Not updated
47Deireadh DamnationStormrage-EU219Not updated
47Néxy HavocStormrage-EU219Not updated
47Neevz Get EchtStormrage-EU219Not updated
47Archron Bad LuckStormrage-EU219Not updated
47Nortose  Stormrage-EU219Not updated
47Kassiboss AuroraStormrage-EU219Not updated
54Apteryx TemperedStormrage-EU218Not updated
54Calisea ToxicaStormrage-EU218Not updated
56Xasha AscensionStormrage-EU217Not updated
56Toxi ToxicaStormrage-EU217Not updated
56Yarima Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU217Not updated
56Obscurity TemperedStormrage-EU217Not updated
56Wílly KoSStormrage-EU217Not updated
56Daarkeria The WarriorsStormrage-EU217Not updated
62Veni ToxicaStormrage-EU216Not updated
62Binie The BrotherhoodStormrage-EU216Not updated
62Tannerite The Banned Ones.Stormrage-EU216Not updated
62Lefera Heroes IncStormrage-EU216Not updated
62Watermatic Be GrandStormrage-EU216Not updated
67Bobthebrave ShivaStormrage-EU215Not updated
67Allora AnarchyStormrage-EU215Not updated
67Myssa Retro RockstarsStormrage-EU215Not updated
67Solisiel The Heroic LunaticsStormrage-EU215Not updated
67Umino  Stormrage-EU215Not updated
72Zhayne IllustriousStormrage-EU214Not updated
72Argy AuroraStormrage-EU214Not updated
74Beldion Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Vellma Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Kanubei Lazy PeonsStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Yirosk NomadsStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Coconuut Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Noldorimbor AvalerionStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Lollilock Alliance SecurityStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Motoma AuroraStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Exorcistor AscensionStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Shugosha SilencedStormrage-EU213Not updated
74Valaja  Stormrage-EU213Not updated
85Mipsen ShivaStormrage-EU212Not updated
85Inquisitor TemperedStormrage-EU212Not updated
85Holywalker Artisan of WarStormrage-EU212Not updated
85Bassmand Heroes IncStormrage-EU212Not updated
85Edirah AvalerionStormrage-EU212Not updated
85Allitwo  Stormrage-EU212Not updated
91Netherion IllustriousStormrage-EU211Not updated
91Lleexx AuroraStormrage-EU211Not updated

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