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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Staghelm-US Faction Only Mounts
1Soulmaulis Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US243
1Ismashyou FirestormStaghelm-US243Not updated
3Pallypower Frozen DoomStaghelm-US242Not updated
4Safekraker Southern Alliance TeamStaghelm-US237Not updated
5Doylery The Legion of BloodStaghelm-US234Not updated
6Wannakraker Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US233Not updated
7Luluu Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US232
7Soulkraker Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US232Not updated
9Shyfox Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US231
9Knuklkraker Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US231Not updated
9Kegkraker Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US231Not updated
9Hairyporter Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US231Not updated
13Firekraker Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US230Not updated
14Adydar Savage ImpulsesStaghelm-US228Not updated
15Etoyoc Frozen DoomStaghelm-US227Not updated
16Liimitbreak Frozen DoomStaghelm-US225Not updated
16Zhäda Frozen DoomStaghelm-US225Not updated
18Amantra Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US224
19Memo Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US223
20Zorus Frozen DoomStaghelm-US222
20Anagarg TaintedStaghelm-US222Not updated
22Eirote Insanity IncStaghelm-US221
23Rage Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US220
23Aquaticca Adult SwimStaghelm-US220Not updated
23Sëvënsins Savage ImpulsesStaghelm-US220Not updated
26Ixchael Adult SwimStaghelm-US219Not updated
27Breadkraker Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US218Not updated
27Wzevon Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US218Not updated
27Spiritkraker Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US218Not updated
27Animalkraker Kraker BarrelStaghelm-US218Not updated
31Mer Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US217Not updated
31Kikiboo Turtle HerdersStaghelm-US217Not updated
33Shockandawe BoundStaghelm-US215Not updated
33Grimbane Band of PiratesStaghelm-US215Not updated
33Moonpaw PharaohStaghelm-US215Not updated
36Melosia Frozen DoomStaghelm-US214
37Casivmage  Staghelm-US213Not updated
37Casivpriest  Staghelm-US213Not updated
39Casivmonk  Staghelm-US212Not updated
40Kayhana SansDramaStaghelm-US211Not updated
40Ambuletz Adult SwimStaghelm-US211Not updated
42Minimelt SansDramaStaghelm-US210Not updated
42Phantomlimb Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US210Not updated
44Arivae Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US209
44Swampthing Knights of the ÅllianceStaghelm-US209Not updated
44Ushamama SansDramaStaghelm-US209Not updated
44Litlredshkan Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US209Not updated
48Bhu FTMStaghelm-US208Not updated
48Nerrick Savage ImpulsesStaghelm-US208Not updated
48Lilcranky  Staghelm-US208
48Antigen Southern Alliance TeamStaghelm-US208Not updated
52Casivaa SunderStaghelm-US207Not updated
52Magicknight Adult SwimStaghelm-US207Not updated
54Abumim Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US206
55Lealoo Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US205
55Relarka Storm of LightStaghelm-US205Not updated
55Lyvaina Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US205Not updated
55Blîngkerz  Staghelm-US205Not updated
55Itappedthat Milk in a BagStaghelm-US205Not updated
60Casivwar SunderStaghelm-US204Not updated
60Zekk The Tainted MinionsStaghelm-US204Not updated
60Casiva SunderStaghelm-US204Not updated
63Ratichu Ratchets and HatchetsStaghelm-US203Not updated
63Raxxis DragonfireStaghelm-US203Not updated
63Dixenbuts Savage ImpulsesStaghelm-US203Not updated
63Nelphi Knightz Of HonorStaghelm-US203Not updated
63Bubblepally Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US203Not updated
63Vegetta Frozen DoomStaghelm-US203Not updated
63Hmontana Wicked MindsStaghelm-US203Not updated
63Casivdruid SunderStaghelm-US203Not updated
71Deathandwar Ratchets and HatchetsStaghelm-US202Not updated
71Icebankmyslf Knightz Of HonorStaghelm-US202
71Ariannaa Order Of DestinyStaghelm-US202Not updated
71Aradian PenDragonStaghelm-US202Not updated
75Brimbly Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US201
75Onimi Rated M For MatureStaghelm-US201Not updated
75Sugarboo Turtle HerdersStaghelm-US201Not updated
78Branchout Insanity IncStaghelm-US200
79Stormspell Band of PiratesStaghelm-US199Not updated
79Redlaw Over the Hill GangStaghelm-US199Not updated
81Lawlcano Energetic ApathyStaghelm-US198
81Bloodlily Over the Hill GangStaghelm-US198Not updated
81Lethalforce  Staghelm-US198Not updated
81Milkthistle EvolutiaStaghelm-US198Not updated
85Arodael UnboundStaghelm-US197Not updated
86Silvansaria Frozen DoomStaghelm-US196
86Eboni  Staghelm-US196Not updated
86Mjrn  Staghelm-US196Not updated

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