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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spinebreaker-US Faction Only Mounts
1Soulofarc Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US247Not updated
2Verce Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US236Not updated
3Kandris The RebellionSpinebreaker-US232Not updated
4Kabal TheUnforOHGODBEESSpinebreaker-US231Not updated
5Butternuts  Spinebreaker-US224Not updated
5Silindistani The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US224Not updated
7Bovinestorm Wasted PotentialSpinebreaker-US220Not updated
8Manusdei Forsaken FateSpinebreaker-US218Not updated
9Temuge Jingo CellSpinebreaker-US216Not updated
10Iudaina The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US215Not updated
11Padii Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US213Not updated
11Tarmogoyf  Spinebreaker-US213Not updated
13Ragingcheeks  Spinebreaker-US212Not updated
14Klugarini  Spinebreaker-US210Not updated
15Thothmekri  Spinebreaker-US209Not updated
15Ariee Blood VendettaSpinebreaker-US209Not updated
17Risto The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US207Not updated
18Adventurous Wussy PatrolSpinebreaker-US206Not updated
18Touka GankstersSpinebreaker-US206Not updated
20Gekk Statutory RadeSpinebreaker-US205Not updated
20Falinth  Spinebreaker-US205Not updated
22Misora GankstersSpinebreaker-US204Not updated
23Killall  Spinebreaker-US203Not updated
23Teasippin  Spinebreaker-US203Not updated
23Bananaphone  Spinebreaker-US203Not updated
26Kittiegrind The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US202Not updated
26Miaya GankstersSpinebreaker-US202Not updated
28Mutedlock Waiting For Next PatchSpinebreaker-US201Not updated
29Mushufassa Blood AngelsSpinebreaker-US199Not updated
29Marija Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US199Not updated
29Blackstacy The KingsSpinebreaker-US199Not updated
29Flareøn Joint EffortSpinebreaker-US199Not updated
33Jorgamund Royal DragonslayersSpinebreaker-US198Not updated
33Hinamizawa Royal DragonslayersSpinebreaker-US198Not updated
35Moogin North WatchSpinebreaker-US195Not updated
35Wráth  Spinebreaker-US195Not updated
37Harrydötter Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US194Not updated
38Oohaithere Wasted PotentialSpinebreaker-US193Not updated
39Chemoth The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US191Not updated
39Miaka Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US191Not updated
39Petralla Øvèr PøwërêdSpinebreaker-US191Not updated
39Skyscream  Spinebreaker-US191Not updated
43Ozzati The UnmensionablesSpinebreaker-US190Not updated
44Timick Light of ChaosSpinebreaker-US189Not updated
45Missmage Life Is DebtSpinebreaker-US188Not updated
45Flashlights The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US188Not updated
47Zèus Horde N The BootySpinebreaker-US187Not updated
47Alexandresta Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US187Not updated
47Gluteus Wussy PatrolSpinebreaker-US187Not updated
50Dquester Total OverdoseSpinebreaker-US186Not updated
50Ottokittark The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US186Not updated
52Jadêss The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US185Not updated
52Graysabre Holy RerollersSpinebreaker-US185Not updated
52Puresavage The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US185Not updated
55Flintlocke  Spinebreaker-US184Not updated
55Deåthnite Enraged RevolutionSpinebreaker-US184Not updated
55Alcinous Gank Or Die TryingSpinebreaker-US184Not updated
58Calthaliss  Spinebreaker-US183Not updated
58Pyromaniacs VoxSpinebreaker-US183Not updated
58Dtp Im kookoo for coco puffsSpinebreaker-US183Not updated
61Hens Late Night ProgrammingSpinebreaker-US182Not updated
61Alagosa  Spinebreaker-US182Not updated
63Drgellenbeck HAZARDSpinebreaker-US181Not updated
63Bigthumb  Spinebreaker-US181Not updated
65Ilighthouse WarmongerSpinebreaker-US180Not updated
66Syllina Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US179Not updated
66Zandragon Royal DragonslayersSpinebreaker-US179Not updated
66Morphisius Red DragonsSpinebreaker-US179Not updated
66Blackscrubs Pray for VillainsSpinebreaker-US179Not updated
66Ilîthyîa  Spinebreaker-US179Not updated
71Samanthia AftermathSpinebreaker-US178Not updated
71Umdur Wussy PatrolSpinebreaker-US178Not updated
71Element  Spinebreaker-US178Not updated
74Arellia  Spinebreaker-US177Not updated
74Deathfoil Spartan NationSpinebreaker-US177Not updated
74Velannia  Spinebreaker-US177Not updated
77Feardotfear Im kookoo for coco puffsSpinebreaker-US176Not updated
77Mùfasa Waiting For Next PatchSpinebreaker-US176Not updated
77Tamilyra Down Under ThunderSpinebreaker-US176Not updated
77Merilwen Team Kitty Choke SlamSpinebreaker-US176Not updated
77Tyranade Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US176Not updated
77Cantaloupe  Spinebreaker-US176Not updated
83Gladias The Under TakersSpinebreaker-US175Not updated
83Asharà  Spinebreaker-US175Not updated
85Rawrion  Spinebreaker-US174Not updated
85Gethen The Under TakersSpinebreaker-US174Not updated
85Goredrok  Spinebreaker-US174Not updated
88Ardraz Holy RerollersSpinebreaker-US173Not updated
88Kountryhick Ganked Your AltSpinebreaker-US173Not updated
88Ickcarus Color CrewSpinebreaker-US173Not updated
88Aurdra Dark ArcaneSpinebreaker-US173Not updated
88Tâter Gank Or Die TryingSpinebreaker-US173Not updated
88Watwwa  Spinebreaker-US173Not updated
94Teresasw Nisgaa KnightsSpinebreaker-US172Not updated
94Belgorath Royal DragonslayersSpinebreaker-US172Not updated
94Jannis The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US172Not updated

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