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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Smolderthorn-US Faction Only Mounts
1Zersetzen GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US273Not updated
2Negativity NeglectSmolderthorn-US252Not updated
3Deathknïght MeatWadDeathSquadSmolderthorn-US248Not updated
4Antlers GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US228Not updated
5Bonepaw GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US227Not updated
6Tirinus GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US223Not updated
7Tayka GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US220Not updated
8Zanathos Unknown SoldiersSmolderthorn-US216Not updated
9Savory Sad PandaSmolderthorn-US215Not updated
10Oldylockz GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US214Not updated
11Styla Pallet TownSmolderthorn-US213Not updated
11Dreadef  Smolderthorn-US213Not updated
13Jessalina Pallet TownSmolderthorn-US212Not updated
13Poundz GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US212Not updated
15Brooklin GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US210Not updated
15Deadtoni U n r e a lSmolderthorn-US210Not updated
17Bobobuttface Beware of SpoonSmolderthorn-US206Not updated
18Valkeria  Smolderthorn-US204Not updated
19Eirny Almost HeroesSmolderthorn-US203Not updated
20Sacrificiø Descendants of GodsSmolderthorn-US201Not updated
20Dragonsmoke Path to ExileSmolderthorn-US201Not updated
20Jarryd DreamfallSmolderthorn-US201Not updated
23Dampeer GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US200Not updated
24Tamera AmplifiedSmolderthorn-US198Not updated
25Lildra  Smolderthorn-US192Not updated
26Zankaz RemorselessSmolderthorn-US190Not updated
27Mealla GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US188Not updated
28Ffion Courage and WisdomSmolderthorn-US187Not updated
28Roura DreamfallSmolderthorn-US187Not updated
28Terryn SeductionSmolderthorn-US187Not updated
28Kyndriia The ImmortalSmolderthorn-US187Not updated
28Cuity The Knights Have RisenSmolderthorn-US187Not updated
28Atomicblast  Smolderthorn-US187Not updated
34Unghanda GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US186Not updated
34Gnojoke  Smolderthorn-US186Not updated
34Valourin YooHoo IllMakeYouFamousSmolderthorn-US186Not updated
37Shammykilla I have candy in my vanSmolderthorn-US185Not updated
37Machixe  Smolderthorn-US185Not updated
39Fupah  Smolderthorn-US184Not updated
39Tigerzfury  Smolderthorn-US184Not updated
39Kegnapper Twilight CrusadersSmolderthorn-US184Not updated
39Gungath DreamfallSmolderthorn-US184Not updated
43Jenlock I Wrestled A Bear OnceSmolderthorn-US183Not updated
44Azurewrath GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US182Not updated
44Feriah Dyeu DevorareSmolderthorn-US182Not updated
44Trappette VicariousSmolderthorn-US182Not updated
47Demonorc  Smolderthorn-US180Not updated
47Farmersfat Dyeu DevorareSmolderthorn-US180Not updated
47Admire  Smolderthorn-US180Not updated
50Kwaranh GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US179Not updated
50Lindirion  Smolderthorn-US179Not updated
50Yandar  Smolderthorn-US179Not updated
50Lentø  Smolderthorn-US179Not updated
54Charnathon Sealed FateSmolderthorn-US178Not updated
54Alesea SeductionSmolderthorn-US178Not updated
56Dyler SacrilegeSmolderthorn-US177Not updated
57Cronniss DreamfallSmolderthorn-US176Not updated
58Holyrolla The Casual KnightsSmolderthorn-US175Not updated
58Kritik The RemedySmolderthorn-US175Not updated
60Parrtz Dyeu DevorareSmolderthorn-US174Not updated
61Tonysmalls GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US173Not updated
61Olisarra NeglectSmolderthorn-US173Not updated
61Rhebekka Semper FíSmolderthorn-US173Not updated
64Prettypoison ExecuteSmolderthorn-US172Not updated
64Vonka Undying ChaosSmolderthorn-US172Not updated
64Frazav Why So CerealSmolderthorn-US172Not updated
67Taffie Realm of InsanîtySmolderthorn-US171Not updated
67Huntafreak Blue Oasis BuccaneersSmolderthorn-US171Not updated
69Smoky Shallow and PedanticSmolderthorn-US170Not updated
70Wildreaver Ðark HørizønSmolderthorn-US169Not updated
70Morginna Pallet TownSmolderthorn-US169Not updated
70Kälí DisHorderly ConductSmolderthorn-US169Not updated
70Glarge ZenSmolderthorn-US169Not updated
70Narcyssa DreamfallSmolderthorn-US169Not updated
70Blacqout Hat TrickSmolderthorn-US169Not updated
76Wonkz GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US168Not updated
76Thorgrim Sons of MorgondSmolderthorn-US168Not updated
76Starscreâm GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US168Not updated
79Mekinik Guardian HeroesSmolderthorn-US167Not updated
79Gripthedead Cariosus AngelusSmolderthorn-US167Not updated
79Hadesbourne Blue Oasis BuccaneersSmolderthorn-US167Not updated
79Feroce GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US167Not updated
83Maijin BadtouchSmolderthorn-US166Not updated
83Cruciable RemorselessSmolderthorn-US166Not updated
83Wheatie Pod SixSmolderthorn-US166Not updated
83Lyner DreamfallSmolderthorn-US166Not updated
87Deathwalk RoninsSmolderthorn-US165Not updated
87Vilatea RoninsSmolderthorn-US165Not updated
87Selece Unknown SoldiersSmolderthorn-US165Not updated
87Nexxuz Undying ChaosSmolderthorn-US165Not updated
91Lihingmui  Smolderthorn-US164Not updated
92Gràvity Cariosus AngelusSmolderthorn-US163Not updated
92Ryelie End of DaysSmolderthorn-US163Not updated
92Moshgor Sons of MorgondSmolderthorn-US163Not updated
92Gnomosecsual  Smolderthorn-US163Not updated
92Hotbankchick  Smolderthorn-US163Not updated

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