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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Skullcrusher-US Faction Only Mounts
1Spotdot RecklessSkullcrusher-US246Not updated
2Cheerilee hello kittySkullcrusher-US242Not updated
3Bloodknight All That RemàinsSkullcrusher-US238Not updated
4Iline ParadiseSkullcrusher-US237Not updated
5Aegrias Campaign of HatredSkullcrusher-US235Not updated
5Harue Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US235Not updated
7Glöry ExaltedSkullcrusher-US232Not updated
8Trisun ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US229Not updated
8Max Mustache Cash StashSkullcrusher-US229Not updated
10Kaeroppi ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US228Not updated
10Hugger ParadiseSkullcrusher-US228Not updated
10Glitchy RetrospectSkullcrusher-US228Not updated
13Magicdartu  Skullcrusher-US227Not updated
14Calÿpso  Skullcrusher-US226Not updated
14Fecter  Skullcrusher-US226Not updated
16Kaderin Right Wing ConspiracySkullcrusher-US225Not updated
16Nèon RecklessSkullcrusher-US225Not updated
18Kýnd RecklessSkullcrusher-US223Not updated
18Demonic RecklessSkullcrusher-US223Not updated
18Ostrael ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US223Not updated
18Crombie Death and DestructionSkullcrusher-US223Not updated
18Myrica ÉxìledSkullcrusher-US223Not updated
23Hobzz  Skullcrusher-US222Not updated
23Johnndoe Destinys BaneSkullcrusher-US222Not updated
25Swowpl Destinys BaneSkullcrusher-US221Not updated
25Zmonk All That RemàinsSkullcrusher-US221Not updated
25Kyndwisp  Skullcrusher-US221Not updated
28Yongyu  Skullcrusher-US220Not updated
29Sharting Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US219Not updated
30Verdel RecklessSkullcrusher-US218Not updated
31Zeelos ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US216Not updated
31Mesocyclone ParadiseSkullcrusher-US216Not updated
31Eyons Questionable MoralitySkullcrusher-US216Not updated
34Dzt ParadiseSkullcrusher-US215Not updated
34Gallía ParadiseSkullcrusher-US215Not updated
34Excellcior ParadiseSkullcrusher-US215Not updated
37Asgeroth RecklessSkullcrusher-US214Not updated
37Blackrabbit ExaltedSkullcrusher-US214Not updated
39Taishigi DiabolicSkullcrusher-US212Not updated
39Frunkiss Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US212Not updated
41Thethickness RecklessSkullcrusher-US211Not updated
41Twogperdeath Soldiers of the HordeSkullcrusher-US211Not updated
41Argha Risen From AshesSkullcrusher-US211Not updated
41Nojodas Death and DestructionSkullcrusher-US211Not updated
41Eugut fetid fortuneSkullcrusher-US211Not updated
46Mimisix Clas MyrddinSkullcrusher-US210Not updated
46Deltawhite RecklessSkullcrusher-US210Not updated
48Mïcha Risen From AshesSkullcrusher-US209Not updated
48Luponero  Skullcrusher-US209Not updated
48Colombus ReverenceSkullcrusher-US209Not updated
48Murakumo ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US209Not updated
48Jüngle Blinded by HatredSkullcrusher-US209Not updated
48Ciriaco Clarion CallSkullcrusher-US209Not updated
48Blunttman Art of DestructionSkullcrusher-US209Not updated
55Velindrys Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US208Not updated
55Bushs  Skullcrusher-US208Not updated
55Herbgoti Forgotten ProphetsSkullcrusher-US208Not updated
55Kyrule RuinationSkullcrusher-US208Not updated
59Vladkin  Skullcrusher-US207Not updated
59Thanatonos ImmortalitySkullcrusher-US207Not updated
59Deathshotone ParadiseSkullcrusher-US207Not updated
59Capacitrix Ludicrous SpeedSkullcrusher-US207Not updated
59Trilliana JawaScriptSkullcrusher-US207Not updated
59Deadbetty The Mighty MurlocsSkullcrusher-US207Not updated
65Vynsanity RecklessSkullcrusher-US206Not updated
65Thulgrum Forgotten ProphetsSkullcrusher-US206Not updated
65Freecell Player vs PlayerSkullcrusher-US206Not updated
65Jdd All That RemàinsSkullcrusher-US206Not updated
69Pìkachu All That RemàinsSkullcrusher-US205Not updated
69Celesstra  Skullcrusher-US205Not updated
69Daaldebastar ViolenceSkullcrusher-US205Not updated
69Sheashea ParadiseSkullcrusher-US205Not updated
73Sableyes Death and DestructionSkullcrusher-US204Not updated
73Exogenous LFRBGSkullcrusher-US204Not updated
73Thugs Soldiers of the HordeSkullcrusher-US204Not updated
73Bubusaurus RecklessSkullcrusher-US204Not updated
73Deathbrain RuinationSkullcrusher-US204Not updated
78Heznacht LFRBGSkullcrusher-US203Not updated
78Zahul Sick by ÐefinitionSkullcrusher-US203Not updated
78Chasine  Skullcrusher-US203Not updated
78Eden ParadiseSkullcrusher-US203Not updated
78Emmarissa fetid fortuneSkullcrusher-US203Not updated
83Realnuminous RecklessSkullcrusher-US202Not updated
83Gloom RageSkullcrusher-US202Not updated
83Alysandra  Skullcrusher-US202Not updated

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