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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Kindri Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU287Not updated
2Killstepz SilenceSilvermoon-EU278Not updated
3Chaika PulseSilvermoon-EU277Not updated
4Jubeka Time Will TellSilvermoon-EU272Not updated
4Donpaladino FLAMESilvermoon-EU272Not updated
6Rivira Sprite DarterSilvermoon-EU268Not updated
6Glitterpoes DragoncoreSilvermoon-EU268Not updated
8Seylia PhylumistsSilvermoon-EU262Not updated
9Litledevil After HoursSilvermoon-EU261Not updated
10Spooklya TheWildGodsSilvermoon-EU260Not updated
11Abezethibou MoistSilvermoon-EU258Not updated
12Nir AnathemaSilvermoon-EU257Not updated
12Holytemplar JudgeSilvermoon-EU257Not updated
12Lindrra ExtremitySilvermoon-EU257Not updated
12Sanasuke ДоминантаSilvermoon-EU257Not updated
16Jagonn OffspringSilvermoon-EU256Not updated
16Daowin Dire StraitsSilvermoon-EU256Not updated
18Ahaaferos Forgotten WarriorsSilvermoon-EU255Not updated
18Valyrian Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU255Not updated
18Sínn Danish TemplarsSilvermoon-EU255Not updated
21Onemoredk S p a r t a n SSilvermoon-EU254Not updated
22Sluffy SilenceSilvermoon-EU253Not updated
22Karaxninja CodurSilvermoon-EU253Not updated
24Gøngehøvding Flawless ImperfectionSilvermoon-EU252Not updated
24Slubbert Calm WatersSilvermoon-EU252Not updated
26Ingileif Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU250Not updated
26Túlipa UltravioletSilvermoon-EU250Not updated
26Skillmachine The Spartan CartelSilvermoon-EU250Not updated
26Dandruid GenesisSilvermoon-EU250Not updated
26Jacknibble  Silvermoon-EU250Not updated
31Arveleg Silent SinsSilvermoon-EU249Not updated
31Geryata SilenceSilvermoon-EU249Not updated
33Alexutzul PhoenixSilvermoon-EU248Not updated
33Acidgurl Hellenic PantheonSilvermoon-EU248Not updated
33Morthulo Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU248Not updated
36Røødbaard Ashes of TrollbaneSilvermoon-EU247Not updated
36Feudel AshkandiSilvermoon-EU247Not updated
36Grunge Ashes of TrollbaneSilvermoon-EU247Not updated
36Toedeledokie Divine DutchiesSilvermoon-EU247Not updated
36Michanne It Burns When I PVPSilvermoon-EU247Not updated
41Shawnae Ashen EmpireSilvermoon-EU246Not updated
41Luckys DesireSilvermoon-EU246Not updated
41Netherspawn HaloSilvermoon-EU246Not updated
41Ilikethepain ParallelSilvermoon-EU246Not updated
41Giggidi AnathemaSilvermoon-EU246Not updated
46Deseri VoidhammerSilvermoon-EU245Not updated
47Bartek SilenceSilvermoon-EU244Not updated
47Gingerdavid SilenceSilvermoon-EU244Not updated
49Voluptua  Silvermoon-EU243Not updated
49Eysha NDF BrotherhoodSilvermoon-EU243Not updated
51Keywiz MalorumSilvermoon-EU242Not updated
51Drdrool Klovner i KampSilvermoon-EU242Not updated
51Curly  Silvermoon-EU242Not updated
51Chinaform SublimeSilvermoon-EU242Not updated
51Kybikx Shaddows EdgeSilvermoon-EU242Not updated
56Daella DragonlightSilvermoon-EU241Not updated
56Knøll WarsongSilvermoon-EU241Not updated
56Hambush  Silvermoon-EU241Not updated
56Rottenivy This May Not End WellSilvermoon-EU241Not updated
56Havilar Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU241Not updated
56Aeish GenesisSilvermoon-EU241Not updated
62Awesomeshamy Danish BloodlordsSilvermoon-EU240Not updated
62Lycïa  Silvermoon-EU240Not updated
62Veh GenesisSilvermoon-EU240Not updated
62Xulu HavenSilvermoon-EU240Not updated
62Bladerush WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU240Not updated
67Foreverdead UnleashedSilvermoon-EU239Not updated
67Gunsmith  Silvermoon-EU239Not updated
67Hatãm Knights of the CyrusSilvermoon-EU239Not updated
67Beywa CAPS and s p a c e sSilvermoon-EU239Not updated
67Raínbow AshkandiSilvermoon-EU239Not updated
72Yuzuka Save a Cow Eat a VeganSilvermoon-EU238Not updated
72Xialing  Silvermoon-EU238Not updated
74Malthred PhoenixSilvermoon-EU237Not updated
74Spacélaser OriginSilvermoon-EU237Not updated
74Myii Knight raidersSilvermoon-EU237Not updated
74Meravera ExtremitySilvermoon-EU237Not updated
74Octodad UnEnding EternitySilvermoon-EU237Not updated
74Josipmage  Silvermoon-EU237Not updated
74Importante Unpredictable CarnageSilvermoon-EU237Not updated
74Dovey AshkandiSilvermoon-EU237Not updated
82Ravernett OffspringSilvermoon-EU236Not updated
82Syeníte Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU236Not updated
82Meeni ObsidianSilvermoon-EU236Not updated
82Ashàra PhoenixSilvermoon-EU236Not updated
82Nirjil International KillersSilvermoon-EU236Not updated
87Kenah  Silvermoon-EU235Not updated

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