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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silver Hand-US Faction Only Mounts
1Whísper  Silver Hand-US256Not updated
2Kaycii GødspeedSilver Hand-US252Not updated
3Arturro Fresh RuffiansSilver Hand-US238Not updated
4Alyxan DiscordSilver Hand-US236Not updated
4Slender Skeleton CrewSilver Hand-US236Not updated
6Corinthe Ordo TenebraeSilver Hand-US235Not updated
7Vandriane BlameRollSilver Hand-US233Not updated
8Ampeg  Silver Hand-US231Not updated
9Adorabehl Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US230Not updated
9Lixmi RelentlessSilver Hand-US230Not updated
11Syrrie RelentlessSilver Hand-US227Not updated
12Haséo The War CouncilSilver Hand-US226Not updated
13Jimmydin BlameRollSilver Hand-US225Not updated
13Agaia GlitteratiSilver Hand-US225Not updated
13Athfenlor The War CouncilSilver Hand-US225Not updated
16Doomadora RelentlessSilver Hand-US224Not updated
17Breae BloodboundSilver Hand-US222Not updated
18Floorboard  Silver Hand-US221Not updated
18Paluvir DiscordSilver Hand-US221Not updated
18Nabzif Pact of WarSilver Hand-US221Not updated
18Necrossus RelentlessSilver Hand-US221Not updated
22Selyos Skeleton CrewSilver Hand-US220Not updated
23Rhivath The ValiantSilver Hand-US219Not updated
24Unwisest RelentlessSilver Hand-US218Not updated
24Mansweat RelentlessSilver Hand-US218Not updated
26Talakeal ExodusSilver Hand-US217Not updated
26Shoopuff MisanthropicSilver Hand-US217Not updated
26Amadelia BlameRollSilver Hand-US217Not updated
29Deadsecsi Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US216Not updated
29Varesse LegendSilver Hand-US216Not updated
29Cithaya Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US216Not updated
29Disu RelentlessSilver Hand-US216Not updated
33Fonzalo RelentlessSilver Hand-US215Not updated
33Taizia Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US215Not updated
35Dotdotcat The PantslessSilver Hand-US214Not updated
35Adardra Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US214Not updated
35Killcrazy The Killer RabbitsSilver Hand-US214Not updated
35Latayonne Pirates of Palatine HillSilver Hand-US214Not updated
35Holokai Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US214Not updated
35Becca Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US214Not updated
35Callaisana Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US214Not updated
35Kayvla Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US214Not updated
35Aylssa IridescentSilver Hand-US214Not updated
44Chodah  Silver Hand-US213Not updated
44Marack ExodusSilver Hand-US213Not updated
44Kaelyrise RelentlessSilver Hand-US213Not updated
44Zo RelentlessSilver Hand-US213Not updated
44Ubenhad Pact of WarSilver Hand-US213Not updated
49Lukai Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US212Not updated
49Caritia The ValiantSilver Hand-US212Not updated
49Loriam AftermathSilver Hand-US212Not updated
52Calinelor ExterminatusSilver Hand-US211Not updated
52Unil LegendSilver Hand-US211Not updated
52Galenaris RelentlessSilver Hand-US211Not updated
52Lustre  Silver Hand-US211Not updated
52Vallianna Heroic StandSilver Hand-US211Not updated
52Jejary NixadonSilver Hand-US211Not updated
52Vanai The ValiantSilver Hand-US211Not updated
59Klerisa LegendSilver Hand-US210Not updated
59Ghoulii The ValiantSilver Hand-US210Not updated
61Orrato Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US209Not updated
61Mordry Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US209Not updated
61Sandtitan BlameRollSilver Hand-US209Not updated
61Saiyuke RelentlessSilver Hand-US209Not updated
61Sandrina Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US209Not updated
66Mihos RelentlessSilver Hand-US208Not updated
66Lathway GlitteratiSilver Hand-US208Not updated
66Prestyn The ValiantSilver Hand-US208Not updated
69Vyrsaelis BlameRollSilver Hand-US207Not updated
69Postscript Twilight RisingSilver Hand-US207Not updated
69Deavan Winds of WrathSilver Hand-US207Not updated
69Baelwrythe BloodboundSilver Hand-US207Not updated
69Alikazeem The Dark GuardSilver Hand-US207Not updated
69Younha The ValiantSilver Hand-US207Not updated
69Koltra NocturnalSilver Hand-US207Not updated
69Gnula  Silver Hand-US207Not updated
69Fusader RelentlessSilver Hand-US207Not updated
78Bartolomeu The ValiantSilver Hand-US206Not updated
78Shugsti Cloud Nine AnonymousSilver Hand-US206Not updated
78Nixadon NixadonSilver Hand-US206Not updated
78Spaceburrito Shadows of ReverenceSilver Hand-US206Not updated
82Qtkat RelentlessSilver Hand-US205Not updated
82Drakilu BloodboundSilver Hand-US205Not updated

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