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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shattered Hand-US Faction Only Mounts
1Protozoan TyrannyShattered Hand-US246Not updated
2Skroesec TyrannyShattered Hand-US243Not updated
3Deymon TyrannyShattered Hand-US238Not updated
4Nytusa TyrannyShattered Hand-US235Not updated
5Crl TyrannyShattered Hand-US231Not updated
6Erran TyrannyShattered Hand-US228Not updated
6Oltanya TyrannyShattered Hand-US228Not updated
6Pyrìs TyrannyShattered Hand-US228Not updated
9Tyrindor TyrannyShattered Hand-US219Not updated
9Trancevol TyrannyShattered Hand-US219Not updated
9Strike TyrannyShattered Hand-US219Not updated
12Deadele TyrannyShattered Hand-US218Not updated
13Dabigdeekay TyrannyShattered Hand-US206Not updated
14Foolish TyrannyShattered Hand-US203Not updated
15Ulchi TyrannyShattered Hand-US202Not updated
15Ochunks TyrannyShattered Hand-US202Not updated
17Laodead TyrannyShattered Hand-US201Not updated
18Spirillum TyrannyShattered Hand-US197Not updated
19Ruhnaycake TyrannyShattered Hand-US196Not updated
20Renlybarton TyrannyShattered Hand-US194Not updated
21Khazx TyrannyShattered Hand-US193Not updated
22Cheatin TyrannyShattered Hand-US188Not updated
23Jakesterwars TyrannyShattered Hand-US187Not updated
24Solarize TyrannyShattered Hand-US184Not updated
25Lycoris TyrannyShattered Hand-US179Not updated
26Arij TyrannyShattered Hand-US178Not updated
27Fiona TyrannyShattered Hand-US174Not updated
28Eccentric TyrannyShattered Hand-US172Not updated
29Juggoh TyrannyShattered Hand-US167Not updated
30Scumdaddy TyrannyShattered Hand-US166Not updated
31Lithid TyrannyShattered Hand-US165Not updated
32Lizzy TyrannyShattered Hand-US162Not updated
33Dalabus TyrannyShattered Hand-US161Not updated
34Lebronflames TyrannyShattered Hand-US160Not updated
34Pure TyrannyShattered Hand-US160Not updated
36Fr TyrannyShattered Hand-US154Not updated
37Hugsankisses TyrannyShattered Hand-US148Not updated
38Sephridoodle TyrannyShattered Hand-US147Not updated
39Poppincapsyo TyrannyShattered Hand-US146Not updated
39Colo TyrannyShattered Hand-US146Not updated
41Cupcake TyrannyShattered Hand-US145Not updated
42Ricket TyrannyShattered Hand-US143Not updated
43Cardiabifida TyrannyShattered Hand-US141Not updated
43Punîsher TyrannyShattered Hand-US141Not updated
45Flodouble TyrannyShattered Hand-US140Not updated
46Veirra TyrannyShattered Hand-US139Not updated
47Ironbars TyrannyShattered Hand-US137Not updated
48Weeblzwobble TyrannyShattered Hand-US135Not updated
49Syraleanna TyrannyShattered Hand-US130Not updated
50Auki TyrannyShattered Hand-US128Not updated
51Zivh TyrannyShattered Hand-US126Not updated
52Luphie TyrannyShattered Hand-US124Not updated
53Oggrin TyrannyShattered Hand-US120Not updated
54Tulani TyrannyShattered Hand-US118Not updated
54Slootbagg TyrannyShattered Hand-US118Not updated
54Ragemasterz TyrannyShattered Hand-US118Not updated
57Asmondai TyrannyShattered Hand-US117Not updated
58Tehstool TyrannyShattered Hand-US115Not updated
59Carmenita TyrannyShattered Hand-US114Not updated
59Ohjey TyrannyShattered Hand-US114Not updated
59Echoixx TyrannyShattered Hand-US114Not updated
62Drewader TyrannyShattered Hand-US112Not updated
63Pimmpwoo TyrannyShattered Hand-US110Not updated
64Thaleous TyrannyShattered Hand-US108Not updated
64Genoicide TyrannyShattered Hand-US108Not updated
66Noghrì TyrannyShattered Hand-US106Not updated
66Sufferings TyrannyShattered Hand-US106Not updated
66Ionek TyrannyShattered Hand-US106Not updated
69Zuradin TyrannyShattered Hand-US96Not updated
70Dyyz TyrannyShattered Hand-US95Not updated
71Moogykins TyrannyShattered Hand-US91Not updated
71Bamfpie TyrannyShattered Hand-US91Not updated
73Scragula TyrannyShattered Hand-US86Not updated
73Dephie TyrannyShattered Hand-US86Not updated
75Shadow TyrannyShattered Hand-US82Not updated
76Deny TyrannyShattered Hand-US79Not updated
77Mysticwizard TyrannyShattered Hand-US76Not updated
78Warschild TyrannyShattered Hand-US74Not updated
79Atlás TyrannyShattered Hand-US73Not updated
80Brisskets TyrannyShattered Hand-US70Not updated
81Captdeadman TyrannyShattered Hand-US68Not updated
82Azaelz TyrannyShattered Hand-US67Not updated
83Validos TyrannyShattered Hand-US66Not updated
84Juls TyrannyShattered Hand-US59Not updated
85Chaostiger TyrannyShattered Hand-US57Not updated
86Monsoonqt TyrannyShattered Hand-US56Not updated
86Dvo TyrannyShattered Hand-US56Not updated
88Imstarving TyrannyShattered Hand-US55Not updated
89Ciphe TyrannyShattered Hand-US52Not updated
90Alec TyrannyShattered Hand-US41Not updated
91Cdewy TyrannyShattered Hand-US37Not updated
91Smashwalls TyrannyShattered Hand-US37Not updated
91Hydrozblast TyrannyShattered Hand-US37Not updated
94Zynergy TyrannyShattered Hand-US36Not updated
95Harp TyrannyShattered Hand-US35Not updated
96Nookyhaven TyrannyShattered Hand-US34Not updated
97Vraine TyrannyShattered Hand-US30Not updated
97Intrepid TyrannyShattered Hand-US30Not updated
99Haereticus TyrannyShattered Hand-US27Not updated
100Iysdexia TyrannyShattered Hand-US26Not updated

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