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Shattered Hand-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Baagatwoo  Shattered Hand-EU260
2Hemera RepulsionShattered Hand-EU256Not updated
3Erebus StormShattered Hand-EU254Not updated
4Panoramix ProgressShattered Hand-EU252Not updated
4Plagueis ExtaticShattered Hand-EU252Not updated
6Minmei TMNTShattered Hand-EU251Not updated
6Lekar  Shattered Hand-EU251Not updated
8Zíha Fan va kulShattered Hand-EU241
9Tidow No RegretsShattered Hand-EU236
9Dottish No RegretsShattered Hand-EU236
11Swweetty E V OShattered Hand-EU233Not updated
12Meenana E V OShattered Hand-EU228Not updated
12Nidlegna Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU228
14Wárchief Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU227
15Anothèr FAYEShattered Hand-EU226
15Gabrieel Big Mama GuildShattered Hand-EU226
15Haibaraai E V OShattered Hand-EU226Not updated
18Meddek Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU225
19Ikati Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU224
19Cazador Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU224
19Fasinunkle  Shattered Hand-EU224
22Deathero FourBrothersShattered Hand-EU223
23Endør FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU221
24Fordrlng E V OShattered Hand-EU220Not updated
25Peg VictusShattered Hand-EU219
25Dödafaran FIRMAFESTShattered Hand-EU219
25Fakktrugg Xelor Gaming TeamShattered Hand-EU219
28Aamenjr ProgressShattered Hand-EU218
28Ascalith PostmortemShattered Hand-EU218Not updated
30Proslayér VictusShattered Hand-EU217
30Rastòv VanguardShattered Hand-EU217Not updated
32Nawkyor VictusShattered Hand-EU216
32Remilia The Secret CowlevelShattered Hand-EU216Not updated
32Obey Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU216Not updated
35Lyseil PracticeShattered Hand-EU215
35Zuroc We Pee In MoonwellsShattered Hand-EU215
35Fuzax  Shattered Hand-EU215Not updated
35Trustface  Shattered Hand-EU215Not updated
39Furial No LogicShattered Hand-EU214
39Vykila FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU214
39Cárlaena FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU214
39Månk Repair And ShareShattered Hand-EU214Not updated
43Oriignaliang dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU213Not updated
43Jimmyeh KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU213
43Erunak No FaithShattered Hand-EU213Not updated
46Kòk E V OShattered Hand-EU212
46Naow VictusShattered Hand-EU212
46Randy KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU212
46Zörkki Gangsta GuildShattered Hand-EU212Not updated
46Armoton  Shattered Hand-EU212Not updated
46Zebber oops step on a gnomeShattered Hand-EU212Not updated
46Otec SPELShattered Hand-EU212
46Mikù E V OShattered Hand-EU212
54Escaflown PracticeShattered Hand-EU211
54Roach  Shattered Hand-EU211Not updated
54Akatsubaki D A W NShattered Hand-EU211
57Takken VictusShattered Hand-EU210
57Illvll E V OShattered Hand-EU210Not updated
57Baredruid PrimeShattered Hand-EU210Not updated
60Blindvanish VictusShattered Hand-EU209
60Zeeyx PracticeShattered Hand-EU209
60Doel Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU209
60Élse PostmortemShattered Hand-EU209
60Gavhf VictusShattered Hand-EU209
60Fois Go ApeShattered Hand-EU209
60Spartxtrakia VictusShattered Hand-EU209Not updated
60Mobstar FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU209Not updated
68Orphéus SPELShattered Hand-EU208
68Adawong E V OShattered Hand-EU208Not updated
68Enm E V OShattered Hand-EU208Not updated
71Reviake EquifinitumShattered Hand-EU207
71Lamiu BGRSShattered Hand-EU207
71Nanaprincess Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU207
71Absynthia Engelska IGShattered Hand-EU207
71Wetandwild Booty Bay Surfers ClubShattered Hand-EU207
71Fatboil EAST DRAGON HORNORShattered Hand-EU207
71Nordmark Engelska IGShattered Hand-EU207
71Sarcastaball Lose Your BouncersShattered Hand-EU207Not updated
79Shamlyn KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU206
79Aleya PostmortemShattered Hand-EU206
79Mírian UpnorthShattered Hand-EU206
79Rainfir E V OShattered Hand-EU206Not updated
79Ryyppy LocomotionShattered Hand-EU206
79Stenengöte CocodrilosShattered Hand-EU206Not updated
85Navíra SPELShattered Hand-EU205
85Totororo E V OShattered Hand-EU205
85Frozenslayer FIRMAFESTShattered Hand-EU205
85Sharlek KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU205

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