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Shadowmoon-US Faction Only Mounts
1Shwune The HorsemenShadowmoon-US256
2Vedun New LegionShadowmoon-US234
3Arkadu The HorsemenShadowmoon-US232
4Redheadedslt The HorsemenShadowmoon-US231
5Vivieldon The HorsemenShadowmoon-US228
6Eyki Too SeriousShadowmoon-US227Not updated
7Qt xoxoShadowmoon-US222
8Shellara New LegionShadowmoon-US220
9Eddo The HorsemenShadowmoon-US218
10Nakti New LegionShadowmoon-US216
11Gnomelock xoxoShadowmoon-US215Not updated
12Fierydemise The HorsemenShadowmoon-US214
12Slaeren VolatileShadowmoon-US214
12Nacrem FutilityShadowmoon-US214
15Anuta New LegionShadowmoon-US213
16Felikks BrigandsShadowmoon-US212
17Bushs The HorsemenShadowmoon-US211
17Samaegwyn MisguidedShadowmoon-US211
19Rabsies  Shadowmoon-US209Not updated
19Negi The HorsemenShadowmoon-US209Not updated
19Subcubus The HorsemenShadowmoon-US209Not updated
19Icant  Shadowmoon-US209
19Oldgrump NightmareShadowmoon-US209Not updated
24Anyanika ConspiracyShadowmoon-US208
24Soulslicer  Shadowmoon-US208
24Bustanutbaby The HorsemenShadowmoon-US208
24Kaidal RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKINShadowmoon-US208Not updated
28Blasterboy New LegionShadowmoon-US207
28Uun The Squirrel MafiaShadowmoon-US207Not updated
30Moltres Breath of MidnightShadowmoon-US206
30Aizel Elysian SodalityShadowmoon-US206Not updated
32Lazulie AuthorityShadowmoon-US205
32Ferdan The HorsemenShadowmoon-US205Not updated
34Chuxnorris  Shadowmoon-US204Not updated
35Blur HèartlessShadowmoon-US203Not updated
35Savato Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US203
35Tiuproza VolatileShadowmoon-US203Not updated
35Holyshifft Elysian SodalityShadowmoon-US203Not updated
39Taranis AscendedShadowmoon-US202
39Mylilketep New LegionShadowmoon-US202
39Darkgrace  Shadowmoon-US202
39Anasaziswife House of EarendilShadowmoon-US202Not updated
39Milkzz DEAGLE RUSH BShadowmoon-US202Not updated
39Slowbeans  Shadowmoon-US202Not updated
39Ankaterry New LegionShadowmoon-US202
39Spacegrass Wish You Were HereShadowmoon-US202Not updated
47Highlander New LegionShadowmoon-US201
47Cluckcluck Ante GodsShadowmoon-US201
47Biddlecake  Shadowmoon-US201Not updated
47Rengots Lokari Blood TribeShadowmoon-US201Not updated
51Facemyfear No Soup For YouShadowmoon-US200Not updated
52Cultos Ante GodsShadowmoon-US199
52Durtyrage  Shadowmoon-US199Not updated
52Fatpaw Ante GodsShadowmoon-US199Not updated
52Cloud GlitterShadowmoon-US199
52Xâoc New LegionShadowmoon-US199Not updated
57Grumpo Nefas EternumShadowmoon-US198
57Jarmirra Divine InfusionShadowmoon-US198
59Wildechild MisguidedShadowmoon-US197
59Shmoozle Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US197
59Dommius Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US197
59Omgitsbeenme AuthorityShadowmoon-US197
59Heartily  Shadowmoon-US197Not updated
59Ryoku BoredShadowmoon-US197Not updated
59Jaede Lost SoldiersShadowmoon-US197Not updated
66Tehjay  Shadowmoon-US196Not updated
66Shikoujin  Shadowmoon-US196Not updated
68Sôokie Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US195
69Zerinaesol AscendedShadowmoon-US194Not updated
69Cheerful The HorsemenShadowmoon-US194Not updated
71Trysidia Nefas EternumShadowmoon-US193
71Oviaslolkeke xoxoShadowmoon-US193
71Varen FutilityShadowmoon-US193
71Yarick PENNER PUNCHERSShadowmoon-US193
71Kakita Dead SilenceShadowmoon-US193Not updated
71Dinzxstrasza Elysian SodalityShadowmoon-US193Not updated
77Elvenmagic Bad WolfShadowmoon-US192
77Ellarey Divine InfusionShadowmoon-US192
77Krony  Shadowmoon-US192Not updated
77Pixii Lost SoldiersShadowmoon-US192Not updated
77Doryuzu Famous Last WordsShadowmoon-US192Not updated
82Kinegos The HorsemenShadowmoon-US191
82Diogovsky AshesofthePhoenixShadowmoon-US191
82Denitia Missing an AngelShadowmoon-US191
82Maeldar UnderratedShadowmoon-US191
82Fanastasia MisguidedShadowmoon-US191Not updated
82Kilal IlluminaShadowmoon-US191Not updated
82Limlim We Love KatamariShadowmoon-US191Not updated
82Epicxpriest  Shadowmoon-US191Not updated
90Skipio Sosas DisciplesShadowmoon-US190
90Lightyogurt EidolonShadowmoon-US190Not updated
90Barradossus Sosas DisciplesShadowmoon-US190
90Notskipio HazeShadowmoon-US190Not updated
90Tahlina The HorsemenShadowmoon-US190Not updated
90Mórpheus New LegionShadowmoon-US190
90Illuminara  Shadowmoon-US190Not updated

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