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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sen'jin-US Faction Only Mounts
1ßuttercup Big CritsSen'jin-US264Not updated
2Adessei RequìemSen'jin-US263Not updated
2Winkybean PrimeSen'jin-US263Not updated
4Huhd Last AttemptSen'jin-US260Not updated
5Priests  Sen'jin-US257Not updated
6Kanez Casual GamerzSen'jin-US241Not updated
7Stierscheiss ReclamationSen'jin-US240Not updated
8Aldariclol PremonitionSen'jin-US238Not updated
9Zarifruh The War CouncilSen'jin-US237Not updated
10Darknike Imminent FailureSen'jin-US236Not updated
11Octâvian ReformedSen'jin-US231Not updated
12Zamiir Baker Street IrregularsSen'jin-US230Not updated
13Midyx GøreSen'jin-US228Not updated
14Grymouser For ScienceSen'jin-US227Not updated
14Loox DedicatedSen'jin-US227Not updated
16Yizziy DARK REIGNSen'jin-US225Not updated
17Lederhaus Warning Adult ContentSen'jin-US224Not updated
17Kütee A p e xSen'jin-US224Not updated
19Kebechet PremonitionSen'jin-US223Not updated
20Auntlou Cant Heal StupidSen'jin-US222Not updated
20Karunè Minus FifteenSen'jin-US222Not updated
20Antheya HypnosisSen'jin-US222Not updated
20Rhhox  Sen'jin-US222Not updated
20Aftertaste Forty SevenSen'jin-US222Not updated
25Teereh  Sen'jin-US220Not updated
26Kosong ReformedSen'jin-US219Not updated
26Noirdesmort ZhentarimSen'jin-US219Not updated
26Shadowasasin  Sen'jin-US219Not updated
29Abelcrusnik  Sen'jin-US218Not updated
30Vendousama Tuesday Nite NerdsSen'jin-US217Not updated
30Crithiter  Sen'jin-US217Not updated
30Goobyplz ReverieSen'jin-US217Not updated
30Rasbuten The Panda SquadSen'jin-US217Not updated
34Dragonsecho ZombieSen'jin-US216Not updated
34Demonickitty Island of MisfitsSen'jin-US216Not updated
34Zdorovo FangSen'jin-US216Not updated
37Aroundthefur  Sen'jin-US215Not updated
37Magerix The DragonsSen'jin-US215Not updated
37Cyndreâ DedicatedSen'jin-US215Not updated
40Bzar Legion of the NemesisSen'jin-US213Not updated
40Maragi  Sen'jin-US213Not updated
42Tunari Palladium KnightsSen'jin-US212Not updated
42Twopaws LukewarmSen'jin-US212Not updated
42Nakahito Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US212Not updated
42Smugleaf  Sen'jin-US212Not updated
42Sakasha The Gods of WarSen'jin-US212Not updated
42Fanatics  Sen'jin-US212Not updated
48Andunie Imminent FailureSen'jin-US211Not updated
48Starshards A Perfect CircleSen'jin-US211Not updated
48Kismet Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US211Not updated
48Frostbox A Perfect CircleSen'jin-US211Not updated
52Curvy For HonorSen'jin-US210Not updated
52Moriska Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US210Not updated
54Serwar SummuSSen'jin-US209Not updated
54Sysm ForsakenSen'jin-US209Not updated
56Ponie The Order of the PhoenixSen'jin-US208Not updated
56Kelibel Trenchcoat IncSen'jin-US208Not updated
56Namesake ForsakenSen'jin-US208Not updated
56Snìckers BoomshakalakaSen'jin-US208Not updated
56Morchant Big CritsSen'jin-US208Not updated
56Illuminator ReverieSen'jin-US208Not updated
56Punchin Never Stand AloneSen'jin-US208Not updated
63Tiegurr GøreSen'jin-US207Not updated
63Elvee For ScienceSen'jin-US207Not updated
63Zolo Tuesday Nite NerdsSen'jin-US207Not updated
63Morgaana Death n DKSen'jin-US207Not updated
63Nylah  Sen'jin-US207Not updated
63Throndal AegisSen'jin-US207Not updated
63ßeone This is easySen'jin-US207Not updated
63Tasmar A p e xSen'jin-US207Not updated
63Xarraxus Unconditional HatredSen'jin-US207Not updated
63Xlhandbanana NonpareilsSen'jin-US207Not updated
73Rashnau Big CritsSen'jin-US206Not updated
73Azalin The ApothecariumSen'jin-US206Not updated
73Mydea AegisSen'jin-US206Not updated
73Metaldisordr Cant Heal StupidSen'jin-US206Not updated
73Amaliaa Big CritsSen'jin-US206Not updated
78Okori Baker Street IrregularsSen'jin-US205Not updated
78Dabigspirit Big CritsSen'jin-US205Not updated
78Qrynaught SummuSSen'jin-US205Not updated
78Feenie Casual GamerzSen'jin-US205Not updated
78Finavixen  Sen'jin-US205Not updated
83Marrei AegisSen'jin-US204Not updated
83Mortissia Tuesday Nite NerdsSen'jin-US204Not updated
83Pandabeer  Sen'jin-US204Not updated
83Nobody Imminent FailureSen'jin-US204Not updated
87Attrox Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US203Not updated
87Hemotept Big CritsSen'jin-US203Not updated
87Volvara Drunken IrishSen'jin-US203Not updated

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