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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sen'jin-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Merowîngher Kein ZufallSen'jin-EU253Not updated
2Beauregard Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU241Not updated
3Violenz AskeriaSen'jin-EU240Not updated
4Êlexa WatchcatsSen'jin-EU238Not updated
5Mincemeat MyrmidonsSen'jin-EU237Not updated
6Misamy Classic ElementSen'jin-EU234Not updated
7Ody is just better than youSen'jin-EU233Not updated
8Kill HarmonySen'jin-EU231Not updated
8Tojas InvictusSen'jin-EU231Not updated
10Wooky DrakonimSen'jin-EU230Not updated
10Nantoka Arras SisSen'jin-EU230Not updated
12Darramisa AskeriaSen'jin-EU229Not updated
13Bäriger planBSen'jin-EU228Not updated
13Temperancè Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU228Not updated
15Shayne Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU227Not updated
16Orleon AskeriaSen'jin-EU226Not updated
16Verjigorm Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU226Not updated
18Domicus Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU224Not updated
18Mâstana  Sen'jin-EU224Not updated
20Grombardt Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU223Not updated
20Shinore aLionsSen'jin-EU223Not updated
20Vestaa InvictusSen'jin-EU223Not updated
23Rengal Novus PrincipiumSen'jin-EU222Not updated
23Eídotter LivioNSen'jin-EU222Not updated
25Émmá upssSen'jin-EU221Not updated
25Skedusch Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU221Not updated
25Elîse Advocati DiaboliSen'jin-EU221Not updated
28Siba Senjins ErbenSen'jin-EU220Not updated
28Lucasius upssSen'jin-EU220Not updated
28Raphael Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU220Not updated
28Kasiya emotionSen'jin-EU220Not updated
28Thonidas Have FunSen'jin-EU220Not updated
28Demim Chillout AreaSen'jin-EU220Not updated
28Nexttopmodel Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU220Not updated
35Kriosa Senjins ErbenSen'jin-EU219Not updated
35Sainen planBSen'jin-EU219Not updated
35Tjulå SeelenbrecherSen'jin-EU219Not updated
38Mikasi The golden OldiesSen'jin-EU218Not updated
38Sinesa Senjins ErbenSen'jin-EU218Not updated
38Deiree Chillout AreaSen'jin-EU218Not updated
38Venka síxfeetunderSen'jin-EU218Not updated
42Tavus Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU217Not updated
42Fluxis Senjins ErbenSen'jin-EU217Not updated
42Leethai síxfeetunderSen'jin-EU217Not updated
42Phoeni BigDealSen'jin-EU217Not updated
46Mightymatze Senjins FinestSen'jin-EU216Not updated
46Akhár ArikaraSen'jin-EU216Not updated
48Stêlo Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU215Not updated
48Smylx Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU215Not updated
48Chennifa Senjins FinestSen'jin-EU215Not updated
48Bigmick Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU215Not updated
48Tomoko Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU215Not updated
48Fupp Chillout AreaSen'jin-EU215Not updated
54Aletha Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU214Not updated
54Älley planBSen'jin-EU214Not updated
54Nailyn  Sen'jin-EU214Not updated
57Vanoerk Kein ZufallSen'jin-EU213Not updated
57Scotho EnvyniaSen'jin-EU213Not updated
59Ysop Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU212Not updated
59Divai upssSen'jin-EU212Not updated
59Pendraneae  Sen'jin-EU212Not updated
59Blanché Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU212Not updated
59Chînchîn Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU212Not updated
64Geena RecourseSen'jin-EU211Not updated
64Chirina síxfeetunderSen'jin-EU211Not updated
64Bobblegirl AskeriaSen'jin-EU211Not updated
64Vâlaria Excidium DraconisSen'jin-EU211Not updated
64Watte  Sen'jin-EU211Not updated
69Vedrosa HarmonySen'jin-EU210Not updated
69Schiriko Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU210Not updated
69Perséphone VinionSen'jin-EU210Not updated
69Selantasadar RecourseSen'jin-EU210Not updated
69Thaosch Have FunSen'jin-EU210Not updated
74Danielr AskeriaSen'jin-EU209Not updated
74Tankas AskeriaSen'jin-EU209Not updated
74Greensnow HegemonySen'jin-EU209Not updated
74Zephiroth HegemonySen'jin-EU209Not updated
74Hendekei Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU209Not updated
74Mowin  Sen'jin-EU209Not updated
74Kitani MythicSen'jin-EU209Not updated
81Shamna Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU208Not updated
81Tinkabelle Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU208Not updated
81Hellwar Chaos TheorySen'jin-EU208Not updated
81Alvesco Wie Mord und TotschlagSen'jin-EU208Not updated
81Golgrimm Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU208Not updated
81Âbbiê Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU208Not updated
81Gerrod Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU208Not updated
88Lilior HarmonySen'jin-EU207Not updated
88Bîa AskeriaSen'jin-EU207Not updated
88Pfefferminz Gloria equitum mortisSen'jin-EU207Not updated

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