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Scarshield Legion-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Lulleh Darkspear RebelsScarshield Legion-EU270Not updated
2Tryl NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU223
3Fatali  Scarshield Legion-EU221Not updated
4Bodana ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU217
5Sancrits FerusScarshield Legion-EU215
6Skippy ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU214
6Fabella ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU214
8Rumalapsi  Scarshield Legion-EU211
9Bedezee SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU210
9Disasterpie SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU210Not updated
11Trashia TranquillityScarshield Legion-EU206
11Ecarlat The Dawn CrusadeScarshield Legion-EU206Not updated
13Ixx VanguardScarshield Legion-EU205Not updated
13Ejksid TaintedScarshield Legion-EU205Not updated
15Scharlotte NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU204
15Killashandre ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU204
17Mulidar DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU202
17Rytus PogranicznicyScarshield Legion-EU202
19Gyrm FerusScarshield Legion-EU201
19Unscathed SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU201Not updated
19Livie TranquillityScarshield Legion-EU201Not updated
19Spawnn SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU201Not updated
23Edeien AftermathScarshield Legion-EU200Not updated
23Corvis  Scarshield Legion-EU200Not updated
25Valkrist TranquillityScarshield Legion-EU199
26Redux ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU198
26Phaeli FerusScarshield Legion-EU198Not updated
28Mordrius Whack A DragonScarshield Legion-EU197
29Tangaroa NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU196
29Yesenia NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU196
31Astalariel Faithless RebirthScarshield Legion-EU195Not updated
31Dovahbear ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU195
31Aldethor  Scarshield Legion-EU195Not updated
34Novicerator SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU192
35Anthro DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU190
35Laetoli DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU190
35Mograduk The FirmScarshield Legion-EU190Not updated
38Maevi ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU187
38Zhaiera Tribe of EldersScarshield Legion-EU187
38Segagrip Dragon RaidersScarshield Legion-EU187
41Lessïen KnäckbrödScarshield Legion-EU186
42Nuthriela FerusScarshield Legion-EU185
42Kizismet Lumé QuentaScarshield Legion-EU185Not updated
42Centy NordlysScarshield Legion-EU185Not updated
45Señor Forsaken RaidersScarshield Legion-EU184
46Ithilgore SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU183Not updated
46Gloryous  Scarshield Legion-EU183Not updated
46Ouldavi DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU183
49Snufkin AbyssalScarshield Legion-EU182Not updated
49Niuniu SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU182Not updated
49Eciap  Scarshield Legion-EU182
49Morosam SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU182
53Lomey ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU181
53Habilis DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU181
53Devilspawn myth and magicScarshield Legion-EU181Not updated
53Zaneth Legio GlacialisScarshield Legion-EU181Not updated
57Ergaster DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU180
58Wildture ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU179
58Doomeena  Scarshield Legion-EU179Not updated
58Mônkey InvictusScarshield Legion-EU179Not updated
61Hikidoki FerusScarshield Legion-EU177
61Bélladonna ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU177
61Galahon Real Men Wear PinkScarshield Legion-EU177Not updated
64Isa Unfinished SympathyScarshield Legion-EU176Not updated
64Basslar  Scarshield Legion-EU176Not updated
66Alkrodìon EpixplixScarshield Legion-EU175
66Alehorse Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU175
68Mikamì Durance of HateScarshield Legion-EU174
68Berbla PogranicznicyScarshield Legion-EU174
68Adnilrim AftermathScarshield Legion-EU174Not updated
68Sora FerusScarshield Legion-EU174
72Zetas CircusScarshield Legion-EU173
72Shainê Flame of NeltharionScarshield Legion-EU173
72Alkrodion EpixplixScarshield Legion-EU173
72Zèref EpixplixScarshield Legion-EU173
72Stripee Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU173
72Raincloud Lumé QuentaScarshield Legion-EU173Not updated
72Freida ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU173
79Nexas FerusScarshield Legion-EU172
79Stratus FerusScarshield Legion-EU172
79Xandaria SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU172Not updated
82Mizeth FerusScarshield Legion-EU171
82Zagrin Faithless RebirthScarshield Legion-EU171
82Safer FerusScarshield Legion-EU171Not updated
85Unholyspawn ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU170
85Bregla SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU170Not updated
85Falstad ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU170Not updated
85Khorné SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU170Not updated
85Feilong FerusScarshield Legion-EU170Not updated
85Jaedyn FerusScarshield Legion-EU170
85Feymon Lumé QuentaScarshield Legion-EU170Not updated
85Khorm FerusScarshield Legion-EU170
85Maylee FerusScarshield Legion-EU170Not updated
85Mezzle FerusScarshield Legion-EU170Not updated
85Maeus FerusScarshield Legion-EU170
85Nahuan FerusScarshield Legion-EU170
97Heksar SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU169Not updated
98Preschizz The Reaping SoulsScarshield Legion-EU168
98Vanedra SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU168
98Praelia  Scarshield Legion-EU168Not updated

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