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Saurfang-US Faction Only Mounts
1Minkage EnigmaSaurfang-US259
1Siana Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US259
3Kaix AjantisSaurfang-US257
4Kurightin ScionSaurfang-US253
5Amber AjantisSaurfang-US247
6Snápe  Saurfang-US244Not updated
7Phoeñix MythrilSaurfang-US241
7Alogagain CollusionSaurfang-US241
7Wargrills CrypticSaurfang-US241
10Karnak SiegeSaurfang-US240
11Kiljare EnigmaSaurfang-US239
12Luxygaga FrostwolvesSaurfang-US235
12Swizzay Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US235
12Marinn Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US235
12Paralog PhalanxSaurfang-US235Not updated
16Malogfair PhalanxSaurfang-US234Not updated
16Alogra PhalanxSaurfang-US234Not updated
16Tarika PhalanxSaurfang-US234Not updated
19Souglyy TastierSaurfang-US232
20Kreayshawn As Is TraditionSaurfang-US230
21Estarrdra AntiquusSaurfang-US229
22Dialog PhalanxSaurfang-US228Not updated
22Swizay All or NothingSaurfang-US228
24Faerietale OminousSaurfang-US226
25Fåceroll Laetus DomusSaurfang-US225
25Erikä Under The Southern CrossSaurfang-US225
25Maloglady PhalanxSaurfang-US225Not updated
28Slicknerd  Saurfang-US224
29Cashannah ScytheSaurfang-US223
30Trober Under the InfluenceSaurfang-US222
30Leâr AjantisSaurfang-US222
32Axis Out of the AshesSaurfang-US221
32Judgenjury DarkhourSaurfang-US221Not updated
34Braineater The Forgotten RiseSaurfang-US220Not updated
34Kaidielle Bitter Sea Trading CoSaurfang-US220
34Placidus Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US220
34Flambõyant EnigmaSaurfang-US220
34Okumo All or NothingSaurfang-US220
34Peirlock Out of the AshesSaurfang-US220
34Monkmagic PugSaurfang-US220Not updated
34Lamiroir Stormwinds Elite SquadSaurfang-US220Not updated
42Robdragon OminousSaurfang-US219
42Kranser SiegeSaurfang-US219
44Cailxo InsidiousSaurfang-US218
44Iseedumbppl extra bag spaceSaurfang-US218
44Iliohae Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US218Not updated
44Kettlebell Stretchy PantsSaurfang-US218
48Distortion reapers of the darkSaurfang-US217
48Iki extra bag spaceSaurfang-US217
48Distortia EnigmaSaurfang-US217Not updated
51Osmin EnigmaSaurfang-US216
51Bogulol  Saurfang-US216Not updated
51Trucy Stormwinds Elite SquadSaurfang-US216Not updated
54Zaufy  Saurfang-US215Not updated
54Moocabre extra bag spaceSaurfang-US215Not updated
56Cuddlethis extra bag spaceSaurfang-US214
56Lickmytusk extra bag spaceSaurfang-US214Not updated
58Kalanu EnigmaSaurfang-US213
58Heartlily The Bushido ProjectSaurfang-US213
58Valdinxo In Another CastleSaurfang-US213
58Kaname  Saurfang-US213
62Pillvon Untamed EliteSaurfang-US212
62Mammothy Guild in ProgressSaurfang-US212
62Leptir AutonomySaurfang-US212Not updated
62Cruds extra bag spaceSaurfang-US212Not updated
62Kissmamass CrypticSaurfang-US212
62Tripletx Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US212
68Aràntir Tokyo Gentlemens ClubSaurfang-US211Not updated
68Barbador Old and MouldySaurfang-US211Not updated
68Deathdriver The Bushido ProjectSaurfang-US211
68Swizzie As Is TraditionSaurfang-US211Not updated
72Nefarious InvictusSaurfang-US210
72Pokteh ChampionsSaurfang-US210
74Djfunkybob Twisted LoyaltySaurfang-US209
74Saysha Obsidian KnightsSaurfang-US209
74Djay AjantisSaurfang-US209Not updated
74Immortalius Booty Bay Coffee CoSaurfang-US209Not updated
74Làzàrus Anu Dorini TalahSaurfang-US209Not updated
79Azadelta FrostwolvesSaurfang-US208
79Walkerbo Laetus DomusSaurfang-US208
79Addlen deus famulusSaurfang-US208Not updated
79Thicke extra bag spaceSaurfang-US208Not updated
79Daemagor FrostwolvesSaurfang-US208Not updated
84Bloodsmash AntiquusSaurfang-US207
84Vharko MisfitsSaurfang-US207
84Lockator TastierSaurfang-US207
84Bruiseleeroy AjantisSaurfang-US207Not updated
84Seylana AjantisSaurfang-US207

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