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Sargeras-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Eikira WraithSargeras-EU223Not updated
2Destrâl WraithSargeras-EU218
3Raynie WraithSargeras-EU217Not updated
4Wildfire WraithSargeras-EU206Not updated
5Pheear WraithSargeras-EU191Not updated
6Sennajewnior WraithSargeras-EU190Not updated
7Saiitoz WraithSargeras-EU183Not updated
8Zorros WraithSargeras-EU173
9Briian WraithSargeras-EU167Not updated
10Yobline WraithSargeras-EU165Not updated
11Fahré WraithSargeras-EU164
12Boiler WraithSargeras-EU161Not updated
13Kazla WraithSargeras-EU159
14Kahmyl WraithSargeras-EU158Not updated
14Ironwalker WraithSargeras-EU158Not updated
16Ratak WraithSargeras-EU145Not updated
17Clackbbw WraithSargeras-EU143Not updated
18Wrate WraithSargeras-EU139
19Ryuze WraithSargeras-EU136
20Siskâ WraithSargeras-EU131
21Naomye WraithSargeras-EU130
21Mistakez WraithSargeras-EU130Not updated
23Gray WraithSargeras-EU127Not updated
23Liukang WraithSargeras-EU127Not updated
25Neïmï WraithSargeras-EU126Not updated
26Shädala WraithSargeras-EU125Not updated
27Lekar WraithSargeras-EU123Not updated
28Atixie WraithSargeras-EU118Not updated
29Nutzs WraithSargeras-EU106
30Oplalock WraithSargeras-EU104
31Telouns WraithSargeras-EU97Not updated
32Bùlmette WraithSargeras-EU87Not updated
33Beefhunter WraithSargeras-EU86
34Ganech WraithSargeras-EU85Not updated
35Lümà WraithSargeras-EU80
36Ajanire WraithSargeras-EU78
37Bowjob WraithSargeras-EU76
37Genjiz WraithSargeras-EU76
39Palton WraithSargeras-EU75
39Abirdinapig WraithSargeras-EU75
39Hahr WraithSargeras-EU75
42Spamcoi WraithSargeras-EU74Not updated
43Cérèsia WraithSargeras-EU72
44Bayn WraithSargeras-EU67
44Kurtîs WraithSargeras-EU67Not updated
44Zaya WraithSargeras-EU67Not updated
47Teslatx WraithSargeras-EU57Not updated
48Killwill WraithSargeras-EU44
48Jouzladin WraithSargeras-EU44
48Absøw WraithSargeras-EU44Not updated
51Magiclight WraithSargeras-EU43Not updated
52Hagabis WraithSargeras-EU38Not updated
53Triskélion WraithSargeras-EU33Not updated
53Hellix WraithSargeras-EU33Not updated
55Tweeseas WraithSargeras-EU12Not updated
56Saiito WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Mjk WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Palamee WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Kunst WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Myreen WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Thrashh WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Kamzz WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Helix WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Pheeon WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Teslatz WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Hyuuga WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Hyuugarogue WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Moulgic WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Madeinchina WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Ryuzed WraithSargeras-EUNot updated
56Madkow WraithSargeras-EUNot updated

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