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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-US Faction Only Mounts
1Tigerladyirl MidwinterSargeras-US286Not updated
2Dakall Wipe All DaySargeras-US278Not updated
3Deathonwheat IconoclastSargeras-US277Not updated
4Ñihilist OmnipotentSargeras-US276Not updated
5Babykdog The Forgotten LegendsSargeras-US268Not updated
5Furryburglar Business ClassSargeras-US268Not updated
5Azzalee MossadSargeras-US268Not updated
8Ranklols RankSargeras-US267Not updated
8Aurorashock ExíledSargeras-US267Not updated
10Pennyweis  Sargeras-US266Not updated
10Maxe MossadSargeras-US266Not updated
12Yàngus SolarSargeras-US265Not updated
12Baldur FateSargeras-US265Not updated
14Baxal  Sargeras-US260Not updated
14Rhandal  Sargeras-US260Not updated
16Ignitetus ImperviousSargeras-US259Not updated
16Minisorcery ImperviousSargeras-US259Not updated
16Dimwitted Is Pretty Much AwesomeSargeras-US259Not updated
19Stryke Nothing PersonalSargeras-US258Not updated
20Primetime Seriously CasualSargeras-US257Not updated
20Defqon Team JaguarSargeras-US257Not updated
20Korrah Bear Retirement HomeSargeras-US257Not updated
20Grithenmar Totally Rad GuildSargeras-US257Not updated
24Meeren RiotSargeras-US256Not updated
24Lockedouts Cash TomatoSargeras-US256Not updated
24Patras Is Pretty Much AwesomeSargeras-US256Not updated
27Hoboz Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US255Not updated
27Ivanetta Carry to VictorySargeras-US255Not updated
27Lextricity Nothing PersonalSargeras-US255Not updated
27Yahya ExplicitySargeras-US255Not updated
27Heepz ResurrectedSargeras-US255Not updated
32Acktun Kill OrderSargeras-US254Not updated
32Lucylu Nothing PersonalSargeras-US254Not updated
32Azarison  Sargeras-US254Not updated
32Exicutie AtrocitySargeras-US254Not updated
36Ddogue ContinuumSargeras-US253Not updated
36Semwize ContinuitySargeras-US253Not updated
38Nightburn Seriously CasualSargeras-US252Not updated
38Pocketdot Nothing PersonalSargeras-US252Not updated
38Myshella stalk and killSargeras-US252Not updated
41Plumbrscrack Top ShelfSargeras-US251Not updated
41Spacekîtten VulgarSargeras-US251Not updated
41Melisendra Legio DraconisSargeras-US251Not updated
44Digerati Seriously CasualSargeras-US250Not updated
44Guarantee Seriously CasualSargeras-US250Not updated
44Sunburn Seriously CasualSargeras-US250Not updated
44Warranty Seriously CasualSargeras-US250Not updated
44Selvish Nothing PersonalSargeras-US250Not updated
44Madewck VulgarSargeras-US250Not updated
50Girthvader MidwinterSargeras-US249Not updated
50Travathaa Business ClassSargeras-US249Not updated
50Lethology Nothing PersonalSargeras-US249Not updated
53Rowin Business ClassSargeras-US247Not updated
53Juggernâût The Darker SideSargeras-US247Not updated
53Jonsu MidwinterSargeras-US247Not updated
53Atralic Seventh SanctumSargeras-US247Not updated
57Noremorseqt The Family BusinessSargeras-US246Not updated
57Alouie Nothing PersonalSargeras-US246Not updated
57Aeryelle SubredditSargeras-US246Not updated
57Organizm Seriously CasualSargeras-US246Not updated
61Skatejawn Seriously CasualSargeras-US245Not updated
61Jameela Vel DawløSargeras-US245Not updated
61Nightfalls Nothing PersonalSargeras-US245Not updated
61Macarius Passionate MurderSargeras-US245Not updated
61Gohztlock ResurrectedSargeras-US245Not updated
61Sensse MidwinterSargeras-US245Not updated
67Galistuh MediocreSargeras-US244Not updated
67Ghoulish Seriously CasualSargeras-US244Not updated
69Llednar Last RequestSargeras-US243Not updated
69Borndead TempestSargeras-US243Not updated
71Tinyhotdot Zodiac BravesSargeras-US242Not updated
71Hewty MidwinterSargeras-US242Not updated
71Imaduarf AirSargeras-US242Not updated
74Souske EvenfallSargeras-US241Not updated
74Locket  Sargeras-US241Not updated
74Parónk Slow MotionSargeras-US241Not updated
74Lunarrose Misleading ShenanigansSargeras-US241Not updated
74Imagui AirSargeras-US241Not updated
74Castelles  Sargeras-US241Not updated
74Dige Seriously CasualSargeras-US241Not updated
81Grafarion MidwinterSargeras-US239Not updated
81Dhenna ResurrectedSargeras-US239Not updated
81Kleophus Halfway House GamingSargeras-US239Not updated
81Mahddrid Nothing PersonalSargeras-US239Not updated
81Tarkinator Mediocre at BestSargeras-US239Not updated
86Miniscary KLSSargeras-US238Not updated
86Jaguara Mystic BladeSargeras-US238Not updated
86Lynkxs HallowedSargeras-US238Not updated
86Jôjô DefiantSargeras-US238Not updated
90Kegskrieg RIP in PeaceSargeras-US237Not updated
90Brisette VulgarSargeras-US237Not updated
90Pwnstachio  Sargeras-US237Not updated
90Pandaren RIP in PeaceSargeras-US237Not updated
94Infectika Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US236Not updated
94Meggle ALTernate ArrangementsSargeras-US236Not updated
94Mneme Noodle FactorySargeras-US236Not updated

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