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Runetotem-US Faction Only Mounts
1Wexzial New DawnRunetotem-US259
2Tombstone ExitiumRunetotem-US244
3Doomsong FrayedRunetotem-US238Not updated
4Doubt Exiled from HellRunetotem-US232
5Lanfeàr Exiled from HellRunetotem-US227
6Nazjar Exiled from HellRunetotem-US225
7Margaery Exiled from HellRunetotem-US223
7Krillah Delusions of GrandeurRunetotem-US223
9Thycetis ThresholdRunetotem-US221Not updated
10Toastadin ReforgedRunetotem-US220
11Sttumpeh DirgeRunetotem-US219Not updated
12Ðreadlock Elder WolvesRunetotem-US218
12Achelois The Shadow OrderRunetotem-US218Not updated
14Moyomo The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US217
15Luncian Killing SpreesRunetotem-US216
16Galexios CHEERSRunetotem-US214
17Raven New DawnRunetotem-US213
18Vazjin ExaltedRunetotem-US212
18Chillitotem Exiled from HellRunetotem-US212
18Foginn Force TenRunetotem-US212
18Chomb Exiled from HellRunetotem-US212Not updated
18Badfurday Killing SpreesRunetotem-US212
18Nymphinia Whisky DawgsRunetotem-US212Not updated
24Geas Exiled from HellRunetotem-US211
24Kno BloodKnightsRunetotem-US211Not updated
26Manipulative The TribunalRunetotem-US210
26Ràven Exiled from HellRunetotem-US210
26Kirlia Exiled from HellRunetotem-US210
26Lumiale Exiled from HellRunetotem-US210Not updated
26Skalman Exiled from HellRunetotem-US210
26Vellanis Wants the AchieveRunetotem-US210
32Luminokor Ninjas In The RaftersRunetotem-US209
32Syraphym UpscaleRunetotem-US209Not updated
34Cyanhur The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US208
34Hathor Server FirstRunetotem-US208
34Carnov Exiled from HellRunetotem-US208Not updated
34Mswhite Eight Fingers DownRunetotem-US208Not updated
38Varn ExitiumRunetotem-US207
38Gloryhorn The Dead RabbitsRunetotem-US207
40Wrathsomed Wants the AchieveRunetotem-US206
40Ceksee New DawnRunetotem-US206
40Suzumecho  Runetotem-US206
43Thebandit New DawnRunetotem-US205
43Khawni The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US205
43Zarthius The Shadow OrderRunetotem-US205
43Bigbellz UnforgettableRunetotem-US205Not updated
43Lucindrias ExitiumRunetotem-US205Not updated
48Sarabi Force TenRunetotem-US204
48Bisley ReforgedRunetotem-US204
48Kamakazie AttitudeRunetotem-US204
51Sylynn Burns when I PvPRunetotem-US203
51Medellei JINXRunetotem-US203
51Darunt Puppies of WarRunetotem-US203
51Xenophe New DawnRunetotem-US203Not updated
55Maxptui Puppies of WarRunetotem-US202
55Deamonic ONERunetotem-US202
55Gullinbursti MythplacedRunetotem-US202Not updated
55Nillandra  Runetotem-US202Not updated
59Stoneweather Jaded SteelRunetotem-US201
59Micucci Wants the AchieveRunetotem-US201
59Shockwaves redsixRunetotem-US201Not updated
59Fairhame ExitiumRunetotem-US201Not updated
63Jaddie Wants the AchieveRunetotem-US200

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