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Ravenholdt-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Turbominge Battle ToadsRavenholdt-EU249
2Elliana Dawn And DuskRavenholdt-EU244Not updated
3Dignition Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU238
4Pekkoperkele KukkorengasRavenholdt-EU229
5Enkor Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU227
6Fläsk Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU226
7Buda  Ravenholdt-EU225Not updated
7Crags RR IncRavenholdt-EU225
9Newsom RR IncRavenholdt-EU221
9Sciandrys Ðeus lo vultRavenholdt-EU221Not updated
11Bezoar Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU217
11Inaja Guild PerksRavenholdt-EU217
11Retkov  Ravenholdt-EU217Not updated
14Démonicangel RR IncRavenholdt-EU216
15Hazione  Ravenholdt-EU215Not updated
16Zeechet RR IncRavenholdt-EU214
17Dianna Twisted FateRavenholdt-EU213
17Sunkitten  Ravenholdt-EU213
17Angelos Ku Uuruks FuryRavenholdt-EU213Not updated
17Nightwalks  Ravenholdt-EU213Not updated
21Axelrex Carlitos WayRavenholdt-EU212Not updated
22Cybergig WildcardRavenholdt-EU209
22Orchune ExplícítRavenholdt-EU209
22Falkony ExplícítRavenholdt-EU209
25Macov Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU208
25Rosshunt ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU208Not updated
27Orçun Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU207Not updated
28Arrestra RR IncRavenholdt-EU205
29Nuked Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU204
29Cymbelline Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU204
31Chocobean Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU203
31Dareyou RR IncRavenholdt-EU203
31Commadore Nether HooligansRavenholdt-EU203Not updated
34Edzha Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU202
35Songokul Carlitos WayRavenholdt-EU201
36Cail RR IncRavenholdt-EU198
37Kann RR IncRavenholdt-EU197
37Relem RR IncRavenholdt-EU197
37Pawesome RR IncRavenholdt-EU197
40Dîspatchîîx Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU196
40Glendija Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU196
42Mornadan RR IncRavenholdt-EU195
42Sindragoza Weapons of FateRavenholdt-EU195Not updated
44Icediamond Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU194
44Klaidone Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU194
44Khiq The Hope of ErithwoodRavenholdt-EU194
44Vesikauhu Small GodsRavenholdt-EU194Not updated
48Isildûr PhoenixRavenholdt-EU193
48Azuhk Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU193Not updated
48Chlorr Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU193
48Chashy The National Elf ServiceRavenholdt-EU193
52Blackbaerd PhoenixRavenholdt-EU192
52Yojo  Ravenholdt-EU192Not updated
54Erniejr Elwynn Cub ScoutsRavenholdt-EU191Not updated
55Znak RR IncRavenholdt-EU190
55Orgoch Storm RidersRavenholdt-EU190
55Luniâ  Ravenholdt-EU190Not updated
58Garthdon RR IncRavenholdt-EU189
59Céris Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU188
59Targeryenh RR IncRavenholdt-EU188
61Krimmy Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU186
61Livvy ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU186Not updated
63Adrala RR IncRavenholdt-EU185
63Ninna EmpireRavenholdt-EU185
63Kovajag Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU185
63Boutros Ninja HamstersRavenholdt-EU185Not updated
67Rumblehoof Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU184
67Hydepl  Ravenholdt-EU184
67Aegonwyr RenovoRavenholdt-EU184Not updated
67Paín RR IncRavenholdt-EU184
67Daft Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU184
67Lòcò RR IncRavenholdt-EU184Not updated
73Tynid MukRavenholdt-EU183Not updated
74Evilshade Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU182Not updated
74Blam  Ravenholdt-EU182Not updated
76Tortillagon PhoenixRavenholdt-EU181
76Hellsflash Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU181
76Zomby SiIverwing SentinelsRavenholdt-EU181
76Reason  Ravenholdt-EU181Not updated
76Fuzzyfizzel Ladybugs and DragonfliesRavenholdt-EU181Not updated
76Miyah Dragon Slayers RebornRavenholdt-EU181
82Bláze RR IncRavenholdt-EU180
82Nowyeselen Guild PerksRavenholdt-EU180
82Nakashi Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU180Not updated
82Kirishi Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU180
82Histulat Balance of PowerRavenholdt-EU180Not updated
87Bogeylady PhoenixRavenholdt-EU179
87Ugashaka The UnforgivenRavenholdt-EU179Not updated
89Carnivore PhoenixRavenholdt-EU178
89Tourabregas PhoenixRavenholdt-EU178
89Santar NietykalniRavenholdt-EU178Not updated
92Askar Exploding Sheep incRavenholdt-EU177Not updated
92Celisa ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU177Not updated
94Qroo  Ravenholdt-EU176Not updated
94Kensi Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU176
94Rosaura  Ravenholdt-EU176Not updated
97Lizzykenzie RR IncRavenholdt-EU175
97Voldrok Brigada DiverseRavenholdt-EU175
99Evania The Bimbling CoterieRavenholdt-EU174
99Inwigilator  Ravenholdt-EU174Not updated

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