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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Nelle Group TherapyRavencrest-EU278Not updated
2Lullejhc  Ravencrest-EU274Not updated
3Alarian AOTPRavencrest-EU272Not updated
4Amorino Fools n JestersRavencrest-EU270Not updated
5Psota RLoARavencrest-EU269Not updated
6Rasoràth JynxRavencrest-EU265Not updated
6Sjöhäst JynxRavencrest-EU265Not updated
8Fanita  Ravencrest-EU264Not updated
9Saakyo Winter is ComingRavencrest-EU259Not updated
10Ternei Project Gaming ErrorRavencrest-EU258Not updated
11Jagged EthicRavencrest-EU257Not updated
12Rebellos Ancient DefilersRavencrest-EU256Not updated
12Clu EthicRavencrest-EU256Not updated
14Razorscab Ancient DefilersRavencrest-EU254Not updated
15Gallardia  Ravencrest-EU253Not updated
16Zoreel Hero of the AllianceRavencrest-EU252Not updated
16Zarvok Loot FTWRavencrest-EU252Not updated
16Dòuglas Den Fångade PiratenRavencrest-EU252Not updated
19Harukia HypothermiaRavencrest-EU251Not updated
19Nikaquarius CivitasRavencrest-EU251Not updated
21Vanddynen Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU250Not updated
21Sarins JynxRavencrest-EU250Not updated
21Yakoza EXRavencrest-EU250Not updated
21Lyksydin Finnish DesignRavencrest-EU250Not updated
25Talori  Ravencrest-EU249Not updated
25Aarrow EthicRavencrest-EU249Not updated
27Deespi Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU248Not updated
27Sînna EXRavencrest-EU248Not updated
27Anteaus StasisRavencrest-EU248Not updated
30Galdir KarolinkaRavencrest-EU246Not updated
31Liliath Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU245Not updated
31Imagenatîon HypothermiaRavencrest-EU245Not updated
31Swepalaxo  Ravencrest-EU245Not updated
34Kleir The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU244Not updated
35Dangen What did you sayRavencrest-EU243Not updated
35Elastar The Great DanesRavencrest-EU243Not updated
35Valnød The Great DanesRavencrest-EU243Not updated
38Undiepants  Ravencrest-EU242Not updated
38Regna DawnstarRavencrest-EU242Not updated
38Impstress Ancient DefilersRavencrest-EU242Not updated
41Phocus The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU241Not updated
41Cinzano One Percent WipeRavencrest-EU241Not updated
41Sjukgumman  Ravencrest-EU241Not updated
44Dellerium ImpurityRavencrest-EU240Not updated
44Maarr Pirate CrewRavencrest-EU240Not updated
46Satamorgana Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU239Not updated
46Blackroz RetRavencrest-EU239Not updated
48Cusean Red Moon IIRavencrest-EU238Not updated
48Santori The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU238Not updated
48Teslara Elitist JerksRavencrest-EU238Not updated
48Frøkenfrÿd LumusRavencrest-EU238Not updated
48Taenggoo Finnish DesignRavencrest-EU238Not updated
53Beastrage  Ravencrest-EU237Not updated
53Raìndra Drawn TogetherRavencrest-EU237Not updated
53Endraxion The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU237Not updated
53Chainz Red Moon IIRavencrest-EU237Not updated
53Linderia Forsaken BloodlineRavencrest-EU237Not updated
53Froydis EvocatiRavencrest-EU237Not updated
53Nahkoja The Northern KingdomRavencrest-EU237Not updated
60Wingsy BloodthirstyRavencrest-EU236Not updated
60Alinix CivitasRavencrest-EU236Not updated
60Qurrai The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU236Not updated
60Sylux The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU236Not updated
60Voldèlig HypnøsisRavencrest-EU236Not updated
60Weawel The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU236Not updated
66Paraqq eXampleRavencrest-EU235Not updated
66Freekix GoteijuusantaiRavencrest-EU235Not updated
66Iìì What did you sayRavencrest-EU235Not updated
66Darthplague  Ravencrest-EU235Not updated
66Intégra in the DarkRavencrest-EU235Not updated
66Néolithic DivergentRavencrest-EU235Not updated
66Ðrayßear we triedRavencrest-EU235Not updated
73Teleros Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU234Not updated
73Sharzaen CivitasRavencrest-EU234Not updated
73Evisu StasisRavencrest-EU234Not updated
73Larkeesha Sworn VengeanceRavencrest-EU234Not updated
77Noirinan  Ravencrest-EU233Not updated
77Hókusz StasisRavencrest-EU233Not updated
77Lisännä DivergentRavencrest-EU233Not updated
77Silverfísh LegendariesRavencrest-EU233Not updated
77Sakui  Ravencrest-EU233Not updated
82Büffÿ SanctumRavencrest-EU232Not updated
82Doompow eXampleRavencrest-EU232Not updated

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