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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Dreggi Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU252Not updated
2Xania Frak the oddsProudmoore-EU248Not updated
3Nerdor LipigrallProudmoore-EU243Not updated
4Zamo SoulstonedProudmoore-EU242Not updated
5Killmøde Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU239Not updated
6Vanillieeis InsomniaProudmoore-EU238Not updated
7Heiligedose RelentlessProudmoore-EU234Not updated
8Homîecîde NightstalkerProudmoore-EU228Not updated
8Jaîme KernfusionProudmoore-EU228Not updated
10Artenia ResurrectionProudmoore-EU227Not updated
11Xerxstes Decisions of TruthProudmoore-EU226Not updated
11Ainu Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU226Not updated
13Xoran Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU224Not updated
13Pongie Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU224Not updated
13Drunkenhero KernfusionProudmoore-EU224Not updated
16Baalshem Carpe DiemProudmoore-EU223Not updated
16Revilo Knights of KnetzgauProudmoore-EU223Not updated
18Keji  Proudmoore-EU222Not updated
18Ysarien K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU222Not updated
20Mooniya NightstalkerProudmoore-EU221Not updated
20Mooní NightstalkerProudmoore-EU221Not updated
22Raku KernfusionProudmoore-EU219Not updated
23Kitahara CrusaderProudmoore-EU218Not updated
24Killherr InsomniaProudmoore-EU217Not updated
25Hulkhoganz OrionProudmoore-EU216Not updated
25Shaddowkid KernfusionProudmoore-EU216Not updated
27Dariusblack Blue DragonsProudmoore-EU215Not updated
27Knutscher Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU215Not updated
29Ariajoseline Change of ScenesProudmoore-EU214Not updated
29Sharrda Dunkler Phönix OrdenProudmoore-EU214Not updated
29Bigmax  Proudmoore-EU214Not updated
32Shardanea Tränen des PhönixProudmoore-EU212Not updated
32Aranel Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU212Not updated
32Gustavi Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU212Not updated
35Nymira Die Hohen SchwerterProudmoore-EU211Not updated
35Rayne K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU211Not updated
35Mioh is AnbesenProudmoore-EU211Not updated
35Fini nilProudmoore-EU211Not updated
39Arkatera Omnes Pro UnoProudmoore-EU210Not updated
39Sharrono Tränen des PhönixProudmoore-EU210Not updated
39Parasol zählt nichtProudmoore-EU210Not updated
39Zwergnasè  Proudmoore-EU210Not updated
39Kijimea sickProudmoore-EU210Not updated
44Ameliah Lauter nette LeuteProudmoore-EU209Not updated
44Maddog Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU209Not updated
44Blûeangel Carpe DiemProudmoore-EU209Not updated
44Lipkolo eine Horde AllianzlerProudmoore-EU209Not updated
44Vále Joypad MonkeysProudmoore-EU209Not updated
44Bonzobob Bloodhoof RuffnecksProudmoore-EU209Not updated
50Mulân AscensionProudmoore-EU208Not updated
50Êarthgrim ConvidienceProudmoore-EU208Not updated
50Feydha Heroes de la CruzProudmoore-EU208Not updated
50Fermata zählt nichtProudmoore-EU208Not updated
50Dreikäsetief zählt nichtProudmoore-EU208Not updated
50Magurty  Proudmoore-EU208Not updated
50Abassir zählt nichtProudmoore-EU208Not updated
50Pfläumi  Proudmoore-EU208Not updated
58Voidjin Väter der HordeProudmoore-EU207Not updated
58Lorreal Die SchnapsdrosselnProudmoore-EU207Not updated
58Chatoyance zählt nichtProudmoore-EU207Not updated
58Óðinn FlatoutProudmoore-EU207Not updated
62Feredira Carpe DiemProudmoore-EU206Not updated
62Ishyi Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU206Not updated
62Picander zählt nichtProudmoore-EU206Not updated
62Rudirallalla ÄltestenratProudmoore-EU206Not updated
62Sturmmonster JusticeProudmoore-EU206Not updated
62Shesha zählt nichtProudmoore-EU206Not updated
68Elemagic  Proudmoore-EU205Not updated
68Draenerys Knights of KnetzgauProudmoore-EU205Not updated
68Emeris Regnum IraeProudmoore-EU205Not updated
68Sangan Knights of KnetzgauProudmoore-EU205Not updated
68Nechbet LipigrallProudmoore-EU205Not updated
68Acabus  Proudmoore-EU205Not updated
74Shury ExtrahordinärProudmoore-EU204Not updated
74Sardessa Skill on DemandProudmoore-EU204Not updated
74Minozzi Die SchnapsdrosselnProudmoore-EU204Not updated
74Vitará New OrderProudmoore-EU204Not updated
78Lingerkiller NightstalkerProudmoore-EU203Not updated
78Ivor AcheronProudmoore-EU203Not updated
78Amylie Mann über BordProudmoore-EU203Not updated
81Loridal ConvidienceProudmoore-EU202Not updated
81Daar MonsterProudmoore-EU202Not updated
81Nagràch InsomniaProudmoore-EU202Not updated
81Twînkle eine Horde AllianzlerProudmoore-EU202Not updated
81Gjella Väter der HordeProudmoore-EU202Not updated
81Carnstein Die SchnapsdrosselnProudmoore-EU202Not updated
81Vassco Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU202Not updated
81Arnne Proudmoores FinestProudmoore-EU202Not updated
89Cadria NastyProudmoore-EU201Not updated
89Eston Die SchnapsdrosselnProudmoore-EU201Not updated
89Bartalo  Proudmoore-EU201Not updated
89Sugara New OrderProudmoore-EU201Not updated
89Gesira Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU201Not updated
89Saruna NightstalkerProudmoore-EU201Not updated
89Wìnchester Pride of AzerothProudmoore-EU201Not updated

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