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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Pwnpvp Conquest CappedOutland-EU271Not updated
2Kadurcia  Outland-EU269Not updated
3Kattunge Fantastic TenOutland-EU260Not updated
4Galladar Avengers of FaithOutland-EU259Not updated
5Edward InnervateOutland-EU257Not updated
5Slaacky Arena mastersOutland-EU257Not updated
7Aalfie  Outland-EU253Not updated
7Darknïght ComeHonorFacesOutland-EU253Not updated
9Ary Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU252Not updated
9Spoka Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU252Not updated
9Chupacabrah Selective WarfareOutland-EU252Not updated
9Athrôn Wheelchair HijackersOutland-EU252Not updated
9Gnoomka Avengers of FaithOutland-EU252Not updated
9Zervantos  Outland-EU252Not updated
15Frokenotur Warsong GuardiansOutland-EU244Not updated
16Beerfree SECRETS AND LIESOutland-EU243Not updated
16Sánsêi  Outland-EU243Not updated
16Aeyala Manifest DestinyOutland-EU243Not updated
16Baldazare Blind GuardianOutland-EU243Not updated
20Joåo DragonslayersOutland-EU242Not updated
21Nocturnall Weapon XOutland-EU241Not updated
22Reaperz  Outland-EU240Not updated
22Adej GET REKT BROOutland-EU240Not updated
24Stanfórd Stayin FreshOutland-EU239Not updated
25Arachne InnervateOutland-EU238Not updated
25Fírepáw TEAM DENMARKOutland-EU238Not updated
27Fuchsia AbyssOutland-EU237Not updated
28Jizzu H A R D C O R EOutland-EU236Not updated
29Zunè  Outland-EU235Not updated
29Absolutz ElyneOutland-EU235Not updated
31Yasminewood MOISTY BOYZOutland-EU234Not updated
31Nephø MOISTY BOYZOutland-EU234Not updated
31Nezzix  Outland-EU234Not updated
31Siléntwish GodSaveUsOutland-EU234Not updated
35Penneh LENG SQUADOutland-EU233Not updated
35Fîdget Held Into DarknessOutland-EU233Not updated
35Mijorc InfamousOutland-EU233Not updated
35Tindradian Have candy get in vanOutland-EU233Not updated
39Enum FenimoOutland-EU232Not updated
39Chamtot  Outland-EU232Not updated
41Decrease The Club DiabetesOutland-EU231Not updated
41Àgony New Dawn RisingOutland-EU231Not updated
41Blábær Enter The ExiledOutland-EU231Not updated
44Zimpelthen Wheelchair HijackersOutland-EU230Not updated
44Sonó All About The BaseOutland-EU230Not updated
44Flowermoon Sera NocteOutland-EU230Not updated
44Ajrem Think Outside The HitboxOutland-EU230Not updated
48Lechi  Outland-EU229Not updated
49Themfkiller FatalisOutland-EU228Not updated
49Blueveins AbyssOutland-EU228Not updated
49Menezor Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU228Not updated
49Turályon Polymorphic BehaviourOutland-EU228Not updated
49Polamarke Malformed BrethrenOutland-EU228Not updated
49Sumek Sapped Cows Cant MooOutland-EU228Not updated
49Jhinx  Outland-EU228Not updated
56Sigex IM A WHALE RUAHUAHUAHUAHOutland-EU227Not updated
56Spiticia FatalisOutland-EU227Not updated
56Saxonx AmnesiaOutland-EU227Not updated
56Floo Murlocs on FireOutland-EU227Not updated
56Trustlol Malformed BrethrenOutland-EU227Not updated
56Skolden DunderOutland-EU227Not updated
62Raventhrone  Outland-EU226Not updated
62Praktikanten TRYHARDSOutland-EU226Not updated
62Shiftaløt A p a t h yOutland-EU226Not updated
62Triendoom IM A DOLPHIN HIRIHIRIHIIOutland-EU226Not updated
62Hetfield FabulousOutland-EU226Not updated
62Riverfear DefqonOutland-EU226Not updated
62Sphire Malformed BrethrenOutland-EU226Not updated
62Orcitect ElyneOutland-EU226Not updated
62Lemal SolidarityOutland-EU226Not updated
62Eleoriginal ExgeniusOutland-EU226Not updated
72Asol ZØMßIESOutland-EU225Not updated
72Seemylance MØNSTÊRSOutland-EU225Not updated
72Sorrybabe Crypt HuntersOutland-EU225Not updated
72Jackness The Odd OnesOutland-EU225Not updated
72Crabachan LOW MANA NVM DRINK ABUSEOutland-EU225Not updated
72Hxmo Tutti FruttiOutland-EU225Not updated
72Mewtwo Elite SquadOutland-EU225Not updated
72Xiinlol  Outland-EU225Not updated
80Twinklê SickOutland-EU224Not updated
80Mamoj ZekapekaOutland-EU224Not updated
80Harshy CAMEL GAMINGOutland-EU224Not updated
80Drachus AbyssOutland-EU224Not updated
80Apsurde PvP EliteOutland-EU224Not updated
80Atula Peace of CakeOutland-EU224Not updated
80Wiizze  Outland-EU224Not updated
80Lêathriel  Outland-EU224Not updated
80Lácyn  Outland-EU224Not updated
80Fadavi ParahidiaOutland-EU224Not updated
80Tiddus Grand Theft WarhorseOutland-EU224Not updated
80Zipzepzop EnticementOutland-EU224Not updated
80Nightquest  Outland-EU224Not updated
80Smokíng  Outland-EU224Not updated
94Highlandeer Enter The ExiledOutland-EU223Not updated
94Spartex DefqonOutland-EU223Not updated
94Lireen MalevolenceOutland-EU223Not updated
94Nayami Honor CappedOutland-EU223Not updated
94Loristar Always HardcoreOutland-EU223Not updated
94Saintmvp Oùt of ControlOutland-EU223Not updated
94Incessant ReignOutland-EU223Not updated

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