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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Onyxia-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Hellphega VictimOnyxia-EU266Not updated
2Taure ImpactOnyxia-EU265Not updated
3Nándra connectedOnyxia-EU255Not updated
4Abstauber TitaniumOnyxia-EU254Not updated
5Kastalia not good cherry eatingOnyxia-EU250Not updated
6Boraso BoraBoraOnyxia-EU248Not updated
7Blacknurse CorvusOnyxia-EU247Not updated
8Khaelyss ExcidiumOnyxia-EU246Not updated
9Cadogan InnocentiaOnyxia-EU245Not updated
10Danag connectedOnyxia-EU241Not updated
11Chargekanta InnocentiaOnyxia-EU240Not updated
12Carbonit exitiumOnyxia-EU237Not updated
13Elu ImpactOnyxia-EU235Not updated
13Waynestatic Never RegretOnyxia-EU235Not updated
13Mescalero Shadow PhantomsOnyxia-EU235Not updated
13Ghulfix Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU235Not updated
13Entz InnocentiaOnyxia-EU235Not updated
18Abraxar Die PandabärenOnyxia-EU233Not updated
19Lemoyne  Onyxia-EU232Not updated
20Infiiqt  Onyxia-EU231Not updated
21Morodeth Shadar LogothOnyxia-EU230Not updated
21Kloppstøck dream bigOnyxia-EU230Not updated
23Ânnima Rhapsody Raid ClubOnyxia-EU229Not updated
23Camêron TitaniumOnyxia-EU229Not updated
25Gudoran  Onyxia-EU228Not updated
25Mescalera Veritas et AequitasOnyxia-EU228Not updated
27Whiro Sempêr TalisOnyxia-EU227Not updated
27Soprano  Onyxia-EU227Not updated
29Sítu SturmklingeOnyxia-EU226Not updated
29Sommers FourSeasonsOnyxia-EU226Not updated
29Evolita Die PandabärenOnyxia-EU226Not updated
32Therob MY HORSE IS AMAZINGOnyxia-EU225Not updated
32Jinkx  Onyxia-EU225Not updated
34Exö SturmklingeOnyxia-EU224Not updated
34Cyprezz dream bigOnyxia-EU224Not updated
34Emîlîa CoinflipOnyxia-EU224Not updated
34Caenos  Onyxia-EU224Not updated
38Wolfssrain Gilde im BrennpunktOnyxia-EU223Not updated
38Tanzwanne The goodfellasOnyxia-EU223Not updated
38Vénire Sylvanas VengeanceOnyxia-EU223Not updated
38Arîana Vanilla CupcakesOnyxia-EU223Not updated
42Sakoyah connectedOnyxia-EU222Not updated
43Senketsu Bad MojoOnyxia-EU221Not updated
43Tod  Onyxia-EU221Not updated
45Felizitass HappyDayOnyxia-EU220Not updated
45Palandorr die kaoten von wowOnyxia-EU220Not updated
45Catia  Onyxia-EU220Not updated
45Sphairon JustSeriousOnyxia-EU220Not updated
45Glossina HühnchenfarmOnyxia-EU220Not updated
50Lucillê ImpactOnyxia-EU219Not updated
50Volvex SturmklingeOnyxia-EU219Not updated
50Odioon ÐoublegamersOnyxia-EU219Not updated
53Ohmschick CorvusOnyxia-EU218Not updated
54Ritterlein disruptedOnyxia-EU217Not updated
54Molotowa SturmklingeOnyxia-EU217Not updated
54Yulchen  Onyxia-EU217Not updated
57Celestia RejoyOnyxia-EU216Not updated
57Ashnòk  Onyxia-EU216Not updated
59Shameongrip ImpactOnyxia-EU215Not updated
59Nyuusha FlawlessOnyxia-EU215Not updated
59Azzaro Orden des BlutesOnyxia-EU215Not updated
59Zojia ReloadOnyxia-EU215Not updated
59Morebacon  Onyxia-EU215Not updated
64Rsh ImpactOnyxia-EU214Not updated
64Hâcky TOOLOnyxia-EU214Not updated
64Shamechain ImpactOnyxia-EU214Not updated
64Riako Sempêr TalisOnyxia-EU214Not updated
64Zyme  Onyxia-EU214Not updated
69Teneas ExcidiumOnyxia-EU213Not updated
69Mìraculí HappyDayOnyxia-EU213Not updated
69Baeena Endstation HoffnungOnyxia-EU213Not updated
69Ithilethiel  Onyxia-EU213Not updated
73Ilorie ImpactOnyxia-EU212Not updated
73Antenos dream bigOnyxia-EU212Not updated
73Hauserr DarksidersOnyxia-EU212Not updated
73Sinîstra exitiumOnyxia-EU212Not updated
73Trogga cheatetOnyxia-EU212Not updated
73Heledriel Divine PrideOnyxia-EU212Not updated
73Beloré Evil MonkeysOnyxia-EU212Not updated
73Gianna Bunch of BoonsOnyxia-EU212Not updated
81Rhanyu Chaos LegionOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81Sluagh DarksidersOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81 The Last AgeOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81Luna CrystalisedOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81Baudrillard dream bigOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81Remington FubarOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81Zârek InnocentiaOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81Kyrín Sylvanas VengeanceOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81Oradín Béta ProtokollOnyxia-EU211Not updated
81Vimira We gonna let it burnOnyxia-EU211Not updated

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