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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Norgannon-KR Faction Only Mounts
1Banega  Norgannon-KR191Not updated
2암느님 PitbullTerrioRNorgannon-KR186Not updated
3통수맨  Norgannon-KR175Not updated
4재똘이세상 우리 길드는 딱 세 명Norgannon-KR166Not updated
5후오  Norgannon-KR164Not updated
6키위레몬트위스트  Norgannon-KR163Not updated
7세리우  Norgannon-KR148Not updated
8무령암향  Norgannon-KR141Not updated
9Kiss  Norgannon-KR140Not updated
10Mnemosia 달나라의 착한닭과 핵간지 낫년 이야기Norgannon-KR139Not updated
10토템은과학입니다  Norgannon-KR139Not updated
12Zoonma Brain of devilishnessNorgannon-KR138Not updated
12Axepert  Norgannon-KR138Not updated
14우월한밀렵꾼 달나라의 착한닭과 핵간지 낫년 이야기Norgannon-KR137Not updated
14Narenai 달나라의 착한닭과 핵간지 낫년 이야기Norgannon-KR137Not updated
14대한민국해병대  Norgannon-KR137Not updated
14비후까스 우리 길드는 딱 세 명Norgannon-KR137Not updated
18키위스무디 달나라의 착한닭과 핵간지 낫년 이야기Norgannon-KR136Not updated
19검은국화 호드를 울리는 얼라면Norgannon-KR135Not updated
19다람쥐이  Norgannon-KR135Not updated
21비히올레  Norgannon-KR133Not updated
22슈페르타  Norgannon-KR132Not updated
23잠자는곰돌이  Norgannon-KR130Not updated
24Kairo XTC GamingNorgannon-KR128Not updated
25킬러조승희  Norgannon-KR127Not updated
26죽음의군마  Norgannon-KR124Not updated
27Themadhatter  Norgannon-KR122Not updated
27힌거  Norgannon-KR122Not updated
29간뒤  Norgannon-KR118Not updated
30네온사인  Norgannon-KR117Not updated
31Heartfelt Team CombinationNorgannon-KR116Not updated
31알퐁달퐁  Norgannon-KR116Not updated
33에이핑크정은지  Norgannon-KR115Not updated
33Lesh  Norgannon-KR115Not updated
35컨쿼러  Norgannon-KR114Not updated
35심해공포증  Norgannon-KR114Not updated
37Drakekim  Norgannon-KR111Not updated
38페브리죠  Norgannon-KR110Not updated
39애삔이  Norgannon-KR106Not updated
40코우링  Norgannon-KR104Not updated
40날절  Norgannon-KR104Not updated
42은솔주술  Norgannon-KR102Not updated
43은비님 응 답 하 라 블 리 자 드Norgannon-KR101Not updated
44데모닉신드롬  Norgannon-KR100Not updated
45아즈샤라 우리 길드는 딱 세 명Norgannon-KR99Not updated
45끽순  Norgannon-KR99Not updated
45Rudess  Norgannon-KR99Not updated
48아기공륭둘째  Norgannon-KR98Not updated
49Yukarim Quorum SensingNorgannon-KR97Not updated
50칠석야  Norgannon-KR96Not updated
51바쥬리온  Norgannon-KR93Not updated
52데포로쥬  Norgannon-KR91Not updated
52퓨틴 another ordinary dayNorgannon-KR91Not updated
54좀씨나  Norgannon-KR90Not updated
55악몽파라다이스  Norgannon-KR89Not updated
55온웅  Norgannon-KR89Not updated
57몬스터밀크  Norgannon-KR87Not updated
58자돈 Team CombinationNorgannon-KR86Not updated
58리카아르반 우리 길드는 딱 세 명Norgannon-KR86Not updated
60Noxis  Norgannon-KR85Not updated
61Violin Team EvolutionNorgannon-KR84Not updated
62Wlw 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구Norgannon-KR83Not updated
62Cei VantardiseNorgannon-KR83Not updated
64까칠한봉순씨  Norgannon-KR82Not updated
65다시전사  Norgannon-KR81Not updated
66혈암  Norgannon-KR80Not updated
67사냥스타일  Norgannon-KR79Not updated
68맨발의미남  Norgannon-KR78Not updated
69체리향커피 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구Norgannon-KR77Not updated
69언더시티관리인 상실의시대Norgannon-KR77Not updated
71마비니  Norgannon-KR76Not updated
72Hakun  Norgannon-KR75Not updated
73Bambo  Norgannon-KR74Not updated
73Garen  Norgannon-KR74Not updated
75원뽕  Norgannon-KR73Not updated
76추노꾼뽕센  Norgannon-KR72Not updated
76포옹해줘 지금 사랑하지 않는자 모두 유죄Norgannon-KR72Not updated
78Gotddeam  Norgannon-KR71Not updated
79Vzx  Norgannon-KR70Not updated
79씨동의냥꾼 ll Revolution llNorgannon-KR70Not updated
79짱짱찡  Norgannon-KR70Not updated
82시궁 노스렌드 땅샀더니 대격변이 웬말이냐Norgannon-KR69Not updated
82쭈쭈트레인  Norgannon-KR69Not updated
82하드모드  Norgannon-KR69Not updated
85Rodric 전 왜 자리확인만 하면 똥이 마려울까요Norgannon-KR68Not updated
85멍뭉이다 테 러Norgannon-KR68Not updated
87Blackdamon 대추나무사람걸렸네Norgannon-KR67Not updated
87Phonike  Norgannon-KR67Not updated
89고려가오손  Norgannon-KR66Not updated
90원더웰 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구Norgannon-KR65Not updated
90아니의사양반  Norgannon-KR65Not updated
92관절미남 정신병원Norgannon-KR63Not updated
93Yone  Norgannon-KR62Not updated
93Mercury XTC GamingNorgannon-KR62Not updated
93불편한 TsiganeNorgannon-KR62Not updated
93트롤룬토템 우리 길드는 딱 세 명Norgannon-KR62Not updated
97소우신 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구Norgannon-KR61Not updated
98홍기청기죽기  Norgannon-KR60Not updated
98Abigor  Norgannon-KR60Not updated
98흐으윽마  Norgannon-KR60Not updated

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