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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nordrassil-US Faction Only Mounts
1Okakeri HyperionNordrassil-US263Not updated
2Raugnaut HyperionNordrassil-US262Not updated
3Hamburglerz HostilityNordrassil-US258Not updated
4Embla S a l v ä t i o nNordrassil-US256Not updated
5Yoh NocturnalNordrassil-US231Not updated
5Weezil SenilityNordrassil-US231Not updated
5Celticrose The Three YakiteersNordrassil-US231Not updated
8Valori Dark AsylumNordrassil-US229Not updated
9Xeroval NocturnalNordrassil-US228Not updated
9Ataki WarpathNordrassil-US228Not updated
9Imawitch Alpha CorpsNordrassil-US228Not updated
12Rostetche VindicatorsNordrassil-US227Not updated
13Hèroinè ONITALLNordrassil-US226Not updated
13Staahp VindicatorsNordrassil-US226Not updated
13Tourment  Nordrassil-US226Not updated
13Disturbd ONITALLNordrassil-US226Not updated
13Succubuss The Disturbed OnesNordrassil-US226Not updated
18Sisterhazel ONITALLNordrassil-US225Not updated
19Belenus Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US224Not updated
20Owlpachinko Dark AsylumNordrassil-US222Not updated
21Aloiki Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US221Not updated
21Kenpachi OneThreeThreeSevenNordrassil-US221Not updated
23Hetok Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US220Not updated
23Mutara Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US220Not updated
25Aurah ONITALLNordrassil-US219Not updated
25Zillix Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US219Not updated
27Abeblinkin VindicatorsNordrassil-US218Not updated
27Nekiday VillainsNordrassil-US218Not updated
27Ramzon NocturnalNordrassil-US218Not updated
27Raklem Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US218Not updated
31Wazzak Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US217Not updated
32Belisario Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US216Not updated
32Mazikyne NullRefNordrassil-US216Not updated
34Ramxon NocturnalNordrassil-US215Not updated
34Florenne Devils CarnageNordrassil-US215Not updated
34Sêrious HyperionNordrassil-US215Not updated
37Miraith HyperionNordrassil-US214Not updated
37Kawayan NocturnalNordrassil-US214Not updated
39Diablomismo The Disturbed OnesNordrassil-US213Not updated
39Stinkbox NocturnalNordrassil-US213Not updated
39Ndistructble The Disturbed OnesNordrassil-US213Not updated
42Zoquara An Éan CorrNordrassil-US212Not updated
42Frizzelf HyperionNordrassil-US212Not updated
42Tidal HyperionNordrassil-US212Not updated
45Rizzer Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US211Not updated
45Yodahere  Nordrassil-US211Not updated
47Bazoomba  Nordrassil-US210Not updated
47Wynnia NocturnalNordrassil-US210Not updated
47Callyse Pride Of The UnderdogsNordrassil-US210Not updated
50Runehammer VelocityNordrassil-US209Not updated
50Exia EmpireNordrassil-US209Not updated
50Redrumpally Dark CrusadersNordrassil-US209Not updated
50Kapaxitor  Nordrassil-US209Not updated
54Sherendipity  Nordrassil-US207Not updated
55Moarbanks Band Of HuntersNordrassil-US206Not updated
55Winterskiss Your Health is LowNordrassil-US206Not updated
55Cailas MeepNordrassil-US206Not updated
55Shuli VillainsNordrassil-US206Not updated
55Grayfur VelocityNordrassil-US206Not updated
60Bearcatt Dark CrusadersNordrassil-US205Not updated
60Stahn VelocityNordrassil-US205Not updated
60Wartrouble Isle of Misfit ToonsNordrassil-US205Not updated
60Jazzan NocturnalNordrassil-US205Not updated
60Zoquarä An Éan CorrNordrassil-US205Not updated
60Demon Eternal DarknessNordrassil-US205Not updated
60Pheonician BushidoNordrassil-US205Not updated
67Darkmorvak SenilityNordrassil-US204Not updated
67Thylawgiver Band Of HuntersNordrassil-US204Not updated
67Slamface An Éan CorrNordrassil-US204Not updated
67Paokhang YETINordrassil-US204Not updated
67Ohbåby TainteD ReVoLuTioNNordrassil-US204Not updated
72Mikeknife Azeroths AsylumNordrassil-US203Not updated
72Salla ONITALLNordrassil-US203Not updated
72Afkhero TainteD ReVoLuTioNNordrassil-US203Not updated
72Aylirrak  Nordrassil-US203Not updated
72Munging  Nordrassil-US203Not updated
72Wirèd HyperionNordrassil-US203Not updated
72Xatue SenilityNordrassil-US203Not updated
79Yozomoto Dark AsylumNordrassil-US202Not updated
79Htoad Wipe ItNordrassil-US202Not updated
79Healbus HustlemaniaNordrassil-US202Not updated
79Jev Dark CrusadersNordrassil-US202Not updated
83Lyghtfyre  Nordrassil-US201Not updated
83Sagarn Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US201Not updated
83Galadriell  Nordrassil-US201Not updated
86Yruyelling Outer DarknessNordrassil-US200Not updated
86Lëlü ONITALLNordrassil-US200Not updated
86Docbrownd Random ChaosNordrassil-US200Not updated
89Glain Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US199Not updated
89Cyzzle  Nordrassil-US199Not updated

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