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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nethersturm-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Ênergyzer Legend of Good TimesNethersturm-EU274Not updated
2Eowy InfinityNethersturm-EU267Not updated
3Gréénarrow DOWNNethersturm-EU240Not updated
4Prinzessa Nerds IncNethersturm-EU230Not updated
4Yôki Nerds IncNethersturm-EU230Not updated
6Sierp Nerds IncNethersturm-EU229Not updated
6Aphrodisia Nerds IncNethersturm-EU229Not updated
8Shíruna Lux AeternaNethersturm-EU226Not updated
9Nyôta Nerds IncNethersturm-EU224Not updated
10Sheeru Nerds IncNethersturm-EU223Not updated
11Avèn Creatures Of TionNethersturm-EU222Not updated
12Martiin GameOverNethersturm-EU221Not updated
12Bößeorcin BlackHuntersNethersturm-EU221Not updated
12Ðiva Nerds IncNethersturm-EU221Not updated
12Dyor Royal FlushNethersturm-EU221Not updated
16Dywana Royal FlushNethersturm-EU220Not updated
16Jador Nerds IncNethersturm-EU220Not updated
16Gavain MUHtanten im KARAwahnNethersturm-EU220Not updated
19Summerrain RAIDZNethersturm-EU219Not updated
20Overgnomi Nerds IncNethersturm-EU218Not updated
20Aoriana BlackrockimporteNethersturm-EU218Not updated
20Moyralee SchleipiratenNethersturm-EU218Not updated
23Trudix Eternal DarknessNethersturm-EU217Not updated
23Arounah Venimos venceremosNethersturm-EU217Not updated
23Quecho ist totNethersturm-EU217Not updated
26Cleyera  Nethersturm-EU216Not updated
27Zusu NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU215Not updated
27Gunnel Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU215Not updated
27Manah MUHtanten im KARAwahnNethersturm-EU215Not updated
27Marjen Prophets of BrutalityNethersturm-EU215Not updated
31Æxecutør RAIDZNethersturm-EU214Not updated
31Feéy Noggenfoggers FreshForceNethersturm-EU214Not updated
31Hexdragon RAIDZNethersturm-EU214Not updated
34Kuraikø Lux AeternaNethersturm-EU213Not updated
34Rónja Venimos venceremosNethersturm-EU213Not updated
36Maximol Avignon CrusadesNethersturm-EU212Not updated
36Crâven Night ShadowsNethersturm-EU212Not updated
38Honeymoon Nerds IncNethersturm-EU211Not updated
38Veyandra Noggenfoggers FreshForceNethersturm-EU211Not updated
40Chakotee Die grauen WächterNethersturm-EU210Not updated
40Juwel caelumNethersturm-EU210Not updated
42Benscher StressfreiNethersturm-EU209Not updated
42Shadówmán Lux AeternaNethersturm-EU209Not updated
42Iliphriel Noggenfoggers FreshForceNethersturm-EU209Not updated
42Zagora Nightmare WarriorsNethersturm-EU209Not updated
42Uzbadgrimm Noggenfoggers FreshForceNethersturm-EU209Not updated
42Tutori  Nethersturm-EU209Not updated
48Iczeria van NorthrindNethersturm-EU208Not updated
48Cònfused InglouriousBasterdsNethersturm-EU208Not updated
48Eburones Royal FlushNethersturm-EU208Not updated
48Flauscheburn All InNethersturm-EU208Not updated
52Throloasch Royal FlushNethersturm-EU207Not updated
52Leonarrda InglouriousBasterdsNethersturm-EU207Not updated
52Wienix vidiaNethersturm-EU207Not updated
52Ricktrolled GameOverNethersturm-EU207Not updated
52Kinowa Chaos BandeNethersturm-EU207Not updated
57Tohan Royal FlushNethersturm-EU206Not updated
57Sinthóra Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU206Not updated
57Lüdyah ExiLNethersturm-EU206Not updated
57Maganivis the beautiful peopleNethersturm-EU206Not updated
57Cassiá Corleone ClanNethersturm-EU206Not updated
57Thedrion StigmataNethersturm-EU206Not updated
57Sàsùkè SugidraNethersturm-EU206Not updated
57Fearomant Patroni lucisNethersturm-EU206Not updated
65Eboný Chaos BandeNethersturm-EU205Not updated
65Deathcoco  Nethersturm-EU205Not updated
67Dschibait RAIDZNethersturm-EU204Not updated
67Anarevien StigmataNethersturm-EU204Not updated
67Thorandt Royal FlushNethersturm-EU204Not updated
67Pandarî AtemlosNethersturm-EU204Not updated
67Sharayâ  Nethersturm-EU204Not updated
72Tarl SignumNethersturm-EU203Not updated
72Dratul SugidraNethersturm-EU203Not updated
72Inagua Sheer InsanityNethersturm-EU203Not updated
72Snore All InNethersturm-EU203Not updated
76Caitlintodd Die letzte LegionNethersturm-EU202Not updated
76Xantipa Sweet TearsNethersturm-EU202Not updated
76Sechemre Helden des MondesNethersturm-EU202Not updated
76Leanthrielle Noggenfoggers FreshForceNethersturm-EU202Not updated
76Thyron the beautiful peopleNethersturm-EU202Not updated
76Ponderosa Immortal FlamesNethersturm-EU202Not updated
76Luthicia  Nethersturm-EU202Not updated
83Belicitas NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU201Not updated
83Hôrizon Die letzte LegionNethersturm-EU201Not updated
83Shiaine R a c h e E n g e lNethersturm-EU201Not updated
83Todesfall Krieger von ATAL HAKKARNethersturm-EU201Not updated
83Nyraja All InNethersturm-EU201Not updated
88Valpolicella covenantNethersturm-EU200Not updated
88Gemba CalaquendiNethersturm-EU200Not updated
88Edi The DarksideNethersturm-EU200Not updated
88Nymphentamin AbsoluteNethersturm-EU200Not updated
88Absînth DielNorAnduNethersturm-EU200Not updated
93Nereia RAIDZNethersturm-EU199Not updated
93Pandorus Old FashionNethersturm-EU199Not updated

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