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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nemesis-US Faction Only Mounts
1Retre FaithNemesis-US273Not updated
2Iol Ética e Bons CostumesNemesis-US269Not updated
3Terranoise ImperiumNemesis-US262Not updated
4Kelthuzard Inventory is FullNemesis-US255Not updated
5Vulkadloc ParadoxNemesis-US252Not updated
6Seraquetanko Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US251Not updated
7Criterx AvalonNemesis-US248Not updated
8Sszzizzss FaithNemesis-US246Not updated
9Eveena Dinastia PandawanNemesis-US244Not updated
10Scarkuray MaximusNemesis-US243Not updated
10Socodk Heroes RiseNemesis-US243Not updated
10Holysoco Heroes RiseNemesis-US243Not updated
13Nortröm Extreme AgressionNemesis-US241Not updated
14Nashalla Blood RidersNemesis-US240Not updated
15Gilvani BahamutNemesis-US238Not updated
15Turalyons Wings Of JusticeNemesis-US238Not updated
17Nyssaene Habeas CorpusNemesis-US237Not updated
18Reuniclus xoxoNemesis-US236Not updated
19Eilistraee AvalonNemesis-US235Not updated
19Krikaø Embaixadores da HordaNemesis-US235Not updated
19Socojab Heroes RiseNemesis-US235Not updated
19Sneff Blood RidersNemesis-US235Not updated
23Oyobi TempláriosNemesis-US234Not updated
23Avalona FaithNemesis-US234Not updated
23Myquan  Nemesis-US234Not updated
23Alfaalfalfa CenturiõesNemesis-US234Not updated
23Llane Wings Of JusticeNemesis-US234Not updated
28Garrápida Heroes RiseNemesis-US231Not updated
29Laræ AvalonNemesis-US230Not updated
30Verash Path of the FrostNemesis-US228Not updated
30Gargh DreadknightsNemesis-US228Not updated
32Galändriel Círculo de HonraNemesis-US227Not updated
32Khasin Council of MastersNemesis-US227Not updated
32Haghla Heroes RiseNemesis-US227Not updated
35Liukâng PvP Like A BossNemesis-US226Not updated
35Førstaken GenocideNemesis-US226Not updated
35Xposeidon Forgotten TalesNemesis-US226Not updated
38Xxdivinixx ParadoxNemesis-US225Not updated
38Magodanilo BLACKOUTNemesis-US225Not updated
38Imburana ResistênciaNemesis-US225Not updated
41Finamora Lord of FirelandsNemesis-US224Not updated
41Flín Total AnnihilationNemesis-US224Not updated
41Menuz DreadknightsNemesis-US224Not updated
41Dräya ResistênciaNemesis-US224Not updated
45Callavera AvalonNemesis-US223Not updated
45Disturbiø PAXNemesis-US223Not updated
45Rothogar Blood RidersNemesis-US223Not updated
45Brutovarão  Nemesis-US223Not updated
45Sallim Harvest of SorrowNemesis-US223Not updated
50Feralius FaithNemesis-US222Not updated
50Lao CACHACEIROSNemesis-US222Not updated
50Zankko Habeas CorpusNemesis-US222Not updated
50Alysios FaithNemesis-US222Not updated
50Auryn VendettaNemesis-US222Not updated
55Akumah Heroes RiseNemesis-US221Not updated
55Råfael AvalonNemesis-US221Not updated
55Suruqui BloodbrotherNemesis-US221Not updated
55Arken Faca na CaveiraNemesis-US221Not updated
55Draulter EvolutionnNemesis-US221Not updated
60Sagadegemeos AvalonNemesis-US220Not updated
60Suezodocaos FaithNemesis-US220Not updated
60Sagå Forgotten TalesNemesis-US220Not updated
63Franchi TempláriosNemesis-US219Not updated
63Maverycki AvalonNemesis-US219Not updated
63Amêndoa Round One FIGHTNemesis-US219Not updated
63Malefîcentt Old DudesNemesis-US219Not updated
63Zitzi PvP Like A BossNemesis-US219Not updated
63Lizzys  Nemesis-US219Not updated
63Zerocalz FaithNemesis-US219Not updated
63Seichiro MaximusNemesis-US219Not updated
71Zigfrid Faca na CaveiraNemesis-US218Not updated
71Dkanon WoWcólicosNemesis-US218Not updated
71Sun PvP Like A BossNemesis-US218Not updated
71Flash InsôniaNemesis-US218Not updated
71Horknuth Heroes RiseNemesis-US218Not updated
76Portheus ParadoxNemesis-US217Not updated
76Hilbert Heroes RiseNemesis-US217Not updated
76Lagedor  Nemesis-US217Not updated
76Maat ManOwaRNemesis-US217Not updated
76Tamako Anime BladeNemesis-US217Not updated
81Akahoshi PAXNemesis-US216Not updated
81Kuranian KeepersNemesis-US216Not updated
81Oakclaw Blood EffectNemesis-US216Not updated
81Strangë Heroes RiseNemesis-US216Not updated
81Zorrk Lock plz make gateNemesis-US216Not updated

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