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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nathrezim-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Togiyoyoyo set sail for failNathrezim-EU256Not updated
2Katarow set sail for failNathrezim-EU254Not updated
2Fayala set sail for failNathrezim-EU254Not updated
4Crønøs Die Hüter des LebensNathrezim-EU246Not updated
5Væirus Justice and MightNathrezim-EU245Not updated
6Kæira Justice and MightNathrezim-EU244Not updated
7Neðraxa  Nathrezim-EU239Not updated
8Baramox Justice and MightNathrezim-EU238Not updated
9Mertahasi AvoidNathrezim-EU232Not updated
10Vere Solis DefectíoNathrezim-EU230Not updated
11Nidith EliteNathrezim-EU229Not updated
12Elagoeson set sail for failNathrezim-EU228Not updated
12Tetanie set sail for failNathrezim-EU228Not updated
14Dompman in PanicNathrezim-EU227Not updated
15Judith verwirrtNathrezim-EU224Not updated
15Omafeti Justice and MightNathrezim-EU224Not updated
17Kâli SingularisNathrezim-EU223Not updated
18Phônix SingularisNathrezim-EU222Not updated
18Relok SingularisNathrezim-EU222Not updated
18Yazari SingularisNathrezim-EU222Not updated
18Sunzi SingularisNathrezim-EU222Not updated
18Nyzumi set sail for failNathrezim-EU222Not updated
18Hammerglut FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU222Not updated
24Yazara SingularisNathrezim-EU221Not updated
24Namtar SingularisNathrezim-EU221Not updated
24Zavebe SingularisNathrezim-EU221Not updated
27Coldness RoyalNathrezim-EU220Not updated
28Sastron set sail for failNathrezim-EU219Not updated
28Amiant EliteNathrezim-EU219Not updated
30Scashshaman set sail for failNathrezim-EU218Not updated
30Lamorte FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU218Not updated
32Raiox set sail for failNathrezim-EU217Not updated
32Cojote Bastion der HordeNathrezim-EU217Not updated
32Sêth SingularisNathrezim-EU217Not updated
32Saffira Red Army OrgrimmarNathrezim-EU217Not updated
36Blonder AvoidNathrezim-EU216Not updated
36Keladry EliteNathrezim-EU216Not updated
36Elynsinar The Core TeamNathrezim-EU216Not updated
39Jeathor DiscordiaNathrezim-EU215Not updated
39Doínk FightdragonNathrezim-EU215Not updated
41Thirmir Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU214Not updated
41Taschenhans relaXedNathrezim-EU214Not updated
41Béloc Eure LieblingsgildeNathrezim-EU214Not updated
41Azazzel SingularisNathrezim-EU214Not updated
41Robïn AnastariNathrezim-EU214Not updated
46Squáll The Core TeamNathrezim-EU213Not updated
46Tûtítðæç Die HöllenhundeNathrezim-EU213Not updated
46Janeria  Nathrezim-EU213Not updated
46Îçh  Nathrezim-EU213Not updated
50Jockâ Die HöllenhundeNathrezim-EU212Not updated
50Combicritter set sail for failNathrezim-EU212Not updated
50Ándrolier Unleashed UnicornNathrezim-EU212Not updated
50Palazone Never EverNathrezim-EU212Not updated
50Mederia WantedNathrezim-EU212Not updated
55Snowrlyqt set sail for failNathrezim-EU211Not updated
55Charlz AvoidNathrezim-EU211Not updated
55Estra noneNathrezim-EU211Not updated
58Angamandorh DeathguardNathrezim-EU210Not updated
58Drfailz set sail for failNathrezim-EU210Not updated
58Kytrin verwirrtNathrezim-EU210Not updated
58Kurtak radical BananasNathrezim-EU210Not updated
58Terrik Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU210Not updated
58Lalasa radical BananasNathrezim-EU210Not updated
58Möttze InmortalisNathrezim-EU210Not updated
58Koschka The Core TeamNathrezim-EU210Not updated
66Astérià Eure LieblingsgildeNathrezim-EU209Not updated
67Elisse UnoNathrezim-EU208Not updated
68Khigilan Söhne der WüsteNathrezim-EU207Not updated
68Thinblizzy Söhne der WüsteNathrezim-EU207Not updated
70Brolax AvoidNathrezim-EU206Not updated
70Breakyâneck in PanicNathrezim-EU206Not updated
70Missmoneypen Unleashed UnicornNathrezim-EU206Not updated
70Ratzlfatzl set sail for failNathrezim-EU206Not updated
74Worselchen Bastion der HordeNathrezim-EU205Not updated
74Syréa Die EinherierNathrezim-EU205Not updated
74Meriella UnoNathrezim-EU205Not updated
74Lølita Epic FailNathrezim-EU205Not updated
74Elynsia The Core TeamNathrezim-EU205Not updated
79Housekat verwirrtNathrezim-EU204Not updated
79Öhrchen SingularisNathrezim-EU204Not updated
79Talamasca set sail for failNathrezim-EU204Not updated
79Herbî set sail for noobiesNathrezim-EU204Not updated
79Stupi  Nathrezim-EU204Not updated
79Stevstar  Nathrezim-EU204Not updated
79Ðaimos noneNathrezim-EU204Not updated
86Xanthias EliteNathrezim-EU203Not updated
86Lycheeritter AvoidNathrezim-EU203Not updated
86Vinzent relaXedNathrezim-EU203Not updated
86Razzia SingularisNathrezim-EU203Not updated
86Archângel  Nathrezim-EU203Not updated
86Ianeira EliteNathrezim-EU203Not updated
86Ruthwong Eure LieblingsgildeNathrezim-EU203Not updated
93Tòorop AvoidNathrezim-EU202Not updated
93Pitufa wild and dirtyNathrezim-EU202Not updated
93Güldene wild and dirtyNathrezim-EU202Not updated
96Deathranger Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU201Not updated
96Ryx Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU201Not updated
96Reinkaos Arathi HighlanderNathrezim-EU201Not updated
96Zalheron Elite Bank CharsNathrezim-EU201Not updated
96Norganon  Nathrezim-EU201Not updated

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