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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nagrand-US Faction Only Mounts
1Lethalock  Nagrand-US281Not updated
2Naughtytoo Pulp FactionNagrand-US271Not updated
3Grimmzzy ZenNagrand-US265Not updated
4Turnip Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US262Not updated
5Hellookittah  Nagrand-US260Not updated
6Divinestorm Pacific IslandersNagrand-US252Not updated
7Yaksha The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US251Not updated
7Syferr Pulp FactionNagrand-US251Not updated
9Ralenus Mortem JuxtaNagrand-US250Not updated
9Coreus Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US250Not updated
11Skankbank  Nagrand-US249Not updated
11Antarctika The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US249Not updated
13Sninny IMPERIALNagrand-US243Not updated
14Callipso Honk If Your HordeyNagrand-US241Not updated
14Rambobrite The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US241Not updated
14Tannedhide The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US241Not updated
14Pixies The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US241Not updated
14Lavalasher The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US241Not updated
19Skanque The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US240Not updated
20Ayasato Carpe DiemNagrand-US238Not updated
21Kahvia Do Not DisturbNagrand-US237Not updated
22Destinatus Carpe DiemNagrand-US236Not updated
23Griingotts Third Life AchieversNagrand-US235Not updated
23Chibiusa ExileNagrand-US235Not updated
23Ghamor  Nagrand-US235Not updated
23Mattilda ExileNagrand-US235Not updated
27Ragnax Carpe DiemNagrand-US233Not updated
28Kathonas Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US230Not updated
29Toughenough AscensionNagrand-US229Not updated
29Mojotúsk  Nagrand-US229Not updated
31Lexisbekka Cool WhipNagrand-US228Not updated
32Tehsenseimon AsuraNagrand-US227Not updated
32Morsel  Nagrand-US227Not updated
34Lights  Nagrand-US226Not updated
34Littlewoof Chemical KidsNagrand-US226Not updated
36Nylara EbriosiNagrand-US225Not updated
37Fleck Carpe DiemNagrand-US224Not updated
37Blatsphemare MeltdownNagrand-US224Not updated
37Konky  Nagrand-US224Not updated
37Unflappable  Nagrand-US224Not updated
41Tyrre Carpe DiemNagrand-US223Not updated
41Serenox Sinners SanctumNagrand-US223Not updated
41Greenfyre ZenNagrand-US223Not updated
41Arhnem Sinners SanctumNagrand-US223Not updated
41Blónde Carpe DiemNagrand-US223Not updated
41Lisanne Pulp FactionNagrand-US223Not updated
47Nadyae InfusiönNagrand-US222Not updated
47Coyopa After DarkNagrand-US222Not updated
49Zuel Twenty Four Letters LongNagrand-US221Not updated
49Drejen ExplicitNagrand-US221Not updated
51Lushly HordecoreNagrand-US220Not updated
51Shhadss Dark TemplarNagrand-US220Not updated
53Krayziekilla ExileNagrand-US219Not updated
53Aviantha The Dark KingdomNagrand-US219Not updated
53Yoinka HysteriaNagrand-US219Not updated
56Ghorleo  Nagrand-US218Not updated
56Nowareten  Nagrand-US218Not updated
56Sinclair  Nagrand-US218Not updated
59Mmf Equals ThreeNagrand-US216Not updated
59Ashlling  Nagrand-US216Not updated
59Tablemaker  Nagrand-US216Not updated
59Mattyroo Honk If Your HordeyNagrand-US216Not updated
63Razorman MyrmidonsNagrand-US215Not updated
63Perdissa ALAMAKNagrand-US215Not updated
63Shirocco  Nagrand-US215Not updated
66Lethanâ ZenNagrand-US214Not updated
66Gomo NusantaraNagrand-US214Not updated
68Noobarius Carpe DiemNagrand-US213Not updated
68Fknhostile  Nagrand-US213Not updated
68Goraidh  Nagrand-US213Not updated
68Dárkstalker BaTTleChaTNagrand-US213Not updated
72Oki Sinners SanctumNagrand-US212Not updated
72Velladra  Nagrand-US212Not updated
72Jasperine Wizards of OzNagrand-US212Not updated
72Kereru ZenNagrand-US212Not updated
76Nmesis ReprieveNagrand-US211Not updated
76Druul Pick Up GroupNagrand-US211Not updated
76Dedee Digital HeroesNagrand-US211Not updated
76Gnashå InfusiönNagrand-US211Not updated
76Titus Pick Up GroupNagrand-US211Not updated
76Shurlock Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US211Not updated
82Elusive Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US210Not updated
82Catspajamas  Nagrand-US210Not updated
82Onnagana InfusiönNagrand-US210Not updated
82Zeppon  Nagrand-US210Not updated
82Demonicfury Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US210Not updated
82Koshi EbriosiNagrand-US210Not updated
82Chuaykn Carpe DiemNagrand-US210Not updated
82Vallun Blood and BonesNagrand-US210Not updated
82Ånamnesis The Fallen sunNagrand-US210Not updated
82Vøldin The Fallen sunNagrand-US210Not updated
82Crît The Fallen sunNagrand-US210Not updated
82Alaenaria ZenNagrand-US210Not updated
82Psylock Digital HeroesNagrand-US210Not updated
82Forbidden FatigueNagrand-US210Not updated
96Aroundthefur Mana LeakNagrand-US209Not updated
96Djanseriy Honk If Your HordeyNagrand-US209Not updated
96Swïtch ImperatorNagrand-US209Not updated
96Nîne EbriosiNagrand-US209Not updated

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