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Moon Guard-US Faction Only Mounts
1Yablik DedicatedMoon Guard-US265
2Crowsley  Moon Guard-US259Not updated
3Silversilk SisterhoodMoon Guard-US250
3Moonikins Insidious AngelsMoon Guard-US250
5Thandys Harbingers of DiscordMoon Guard-US247
5Silmaria Comfortably NumbMoon Guard-US247
7Ashguard The Aetherfire OffensiveMoon Guard-US245
8Caynaan RivendellMoon Guard-US244
9Vyndrian WarforgedMoon Guard-US240
10Gildenth  Moon Guard-US237
11Neires House SunfletcherMoon Guard-US236
12Linoleum  Moon Guard-US234Not updated
13Jrekklun OutridersMoon Guard-US230
13Glendir WarforgedMoon Guard-US230
15Geshna Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US229
15Anastarian  Moon Guard-US229
15Hellelujah  Moon Guard-US229Not updated
18Clauswitz  Moon Guard-US227Not updated
19Dythok ContinuumMoon Guard-US224
19Kaprin Angels of ExileMoon Guard-US224
19Nivva Collared LegacyMoon Guard-US224Not updated
19Vaelus Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US224
23Ravomir Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US223
23Velinissa  Moon Guard-US223
23Cliffsteel Spirits of WarMoon Guard-US223
23Thelawgiver Scions of FreedomMoon Guard-US223Not updated
27Athàr The FireborneMoon Guard-US222
27Aurelia WarforgedMoon Guard-US222
27Nephalém Lást Ones StandingMoon Guard-US222
30Thànon Shake N BakeMoon Guard-US221
30Sarraestra  Moon Guard-US221Not updated
32Kiristana Emberstone SanctumMoon Guard-US220
33Squeeangie Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US219
33Gilina Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US219
35Krimly Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US218
35Pìllów Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US218
37Kiralae WarforgedMoon Guard-US217
37Aedga AscendancyMoon Guard-US217
37Esinity Might of the AllianceMoon Guard-US217
37Naraden WarforgedMoon Guard-US217
37Kasìmìra Cloaked BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US217
37Rixna Brothel of Wicked SinsMoon Guard-US217
43Vicara AscendancyMoon Guard-US216
43Machtheil Siege PerilousMoon Guard-US216Not updated
43Meyrín Stormblade ClanMoon Guard-US216
43Tobari GravelightMoon Guard-US216Not updated
43Eynira Fullmoon starMoon Guard-US216Not updated
43Penthea Trial by StoneMoon Guard-US216Not updated
43Eliendis  Moon Guard-US216
43Korolyn  Moon Guard-US216Not updated
43Melanei The SunguardMoon Guard-US216
43Zando  Moon Guard-US216Not updated
53Taidna AscendancyMoon Guard-US215
53Lyua AscendancyMoon Guard-US215
53Nussli AscendancyMoon Guard-US215
53Galnur AscendancyMoon Guard-US215
57Gengär AscentusMoon Guard-US214
57Maone Gamons GirlsMoon Guard-US214Not updated
59Seriniya EinherjarMoon Guard-US213
59Sigrún Comfortably NumbMoon Guard-US213
59Yllaine The ShanorMoon Guard-US213
59Gárnet Serene GraceMoon Guard-US213
59Sovira AscentusMoon Guard-US213
59Mydoriel Council of StormsMoon Guard-US213Not updated
65Kronosh CondottieriMoon Guard-US212
65Belthanos Sanguine RevolutionMoon Guard-US212
65Dasfuhrer  Moon Guard-US212
65Shashley Aspect of FurMoon Guard-US212Not updated
69Fulsa Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US211
69Nikui Test of FaithMoon Guard-US211
69Shalydori The FireborneMoon Guard-US211
69Avraen Nocturnal OblivionMoon Guard-US211Not updated
73Meciel Ice Lance IncMoon Guard-US210
73Mellianne Silver Star DragoonsMoon Guard-US210
73Defied  Moon Guard-US210Not updated
73Taloriana  Moon Guard-US210Not updated
73Zarei The Sidekicks LoungeMoon Guard-US210Not updated
78Shivarus  Moon Guard-US209
78Gigahertz Blackfang BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US209
78Mischiefskin Silver Star DragoonsMoon Guard-US209
78Tristanna Feral MinxMoon Guard-US209
78Ithziel Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US209
78Rissade The FireborneMoon Guard-US209
78Aeyora SisterhoodMoon Guard-US209
78Grishaka Wardens of DarkthornMoon Guard-US209Not updated
78Makisig ForgottenMoon Guard-US209Not updated
78Zeldìn  Moon Guard-US209Not updated
88Mordeghai WarforgedMoon Guard-US208
88Waor WarforgedMoon Guard-US208Not updated
88Fireshade Hall of ValhallaMoon Guard-US208
88Kellisani The Shadows of LiteMoon Guard-US208
88Gaall Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US208
88Pandora  Moon Guard-US208
88Kavije Kiss ThisMoon Guard-US208Not updated
88Topbek Kiss ThisMoon Guard-US208Not updated
88Vinoux Risen from the RainMoon Guard-US208Not updated
88Päw  Moon Guard-US208Not updated
88Kaldea  Moon Guard-US208
99Ghaghzull WarforgedMoon Guard-US207
99Ashenmoon Gathering of RavensMoon Guard-US207

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