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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Moon Guard-US Faction Only Mounts
1Yablik DedicatedMoon Guard-US272Not updated
2Crowsley  Moon Guard-US259Not updated
3Thandys Harbingers of DiscordMoon Guard-US258Not updated
3Silmaria Comfortably NumbMoon Guard-US258Not updated
5Suetake RivendellMoon Guard-US255Not updated
6Kriptz  Moon Guard-US254Not updated
7Reinholtz The Vivid MenagerieMoon Guard-US252Not updated
8Silversilk SisterhoodMoon Guard-US250Not updated
8Moonikins Insidious AngelsMoon Guard-US250Not updated
10Ashguard The Aetherfire OffensiveMoon Guard-US249Not updated
10Rinao The Aetherfire OffensiveMoon Guard-US249Not updated
10Belmont The Aetherfire OffensiveMoon Guard-US249Not updated
10Iliya Totally OffensiveMoon Guard-US249Not updated
14Carah OathkeeperMoon Guard-US245Not updated
15Vyndrian OathkeeperMoon Guard-US244Not updated
16Lyraka House SunfletcherMoon Guard-US242Not updated
16Fizzclank WarforgedMoon Guard-US242Not updated
18Evelina WarforgedMoon Guard-US239Not updated
18Anastarian The Knights of LordaeronMoon Guard-US239Not updated
18Zabrí Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US239Not updated
21Jrekklun OutridersMoon Guard-US238Not updated
21Glutauge Siege PerilousMoon Guard-US238Not updated
23Xoki Call of CthulhuMoon Guard-US237Not updated
23Glendir  Moon Guard-US237Not updated
25Sarraestra House MalvineMoon Guard-US236Not updated
25Gilina Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US236Not updated
25Vaelus Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US236Not updated
28Cygerstorm Comfortably NumbMoon Guard-US235Not updated
28Myroshi Cult of ZivsMoon Guard-US235Not updated
30Aaldrus Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US234Not updated
30Velinissa Jesters Of ChaosMoon Guard-US234Not updated
30Linoleum  Moon Guard-US234Not updated
30Kronth  Moon Guard-US234Not updated
34Kaoskat Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US231Not updated
34Athàr BattleswornMoon Guard-US231Not updated
34Cliffsteel Spirits of WarMoon Guard-US231Not updated
34Nephalém F InquisitionMoon Guard-US231Not updated
38Licx Dark IntentionsMoon Guard-US230Not updated
39Moon Cuffs and CollarsMoon Guard-US229Not updated
40Kaprin Angels of ExileMoon Guard-US227Not updated
40Gorika HonorfallMoon Guard-US227Not updated
40Clauswitz  Moon Guard-US227Not updated
43Hannimal  Moon Guard-US226Not updated
43Aedga AscendancyMoon Guard-US226Not updated
43Thànon Thralls ReckoningMoon Guard-US226Not updated
43Bayar Posthuman SocietyMoon Guard-US226Not updated
47Kiralae WarforgedMoon Guard-US225Not updated
47Naraden WarforgedMoon Guard-US225Not updated
47Abroli  Moon Guard-US225Not updated
50Vicara  Moon Guard-US224Not updated
50Taidna  Moon Guard-US224Not updated
50Meyrín Stormblade ClanMoon Guard-US224Not updated
50Nussli AscendancyMoon Guard-US224Not updated
50Galnur AscendancyMoon Guard-US224Not updated
50Silverhaize hey im carriedMoon Guard-US224Not updated
50Eliendis  Moon Guard-US224Not updated
57Thelawgiver Scions of FreedomMoon Guard-US223Not updated
58Chetarinde Titan BornMoon Guard-US222Not updated
58Ticity Emberstone SanctumMoon Guard-US222Not updated
60Squeeangie Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US221Not updated
60Solute Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US221Not updated
60Rixna  Moon Guard-US221Not updated
63Tristanna  Moon Guard-US219Not updated
63Kykola WarforgedMoon Guard-US219Not updated
65Seriniya EinherjarMoon Guard-US218Not updated
65Xenus The SunguardMoon Guard-US218Not updated
65Nikui Test of FaithMoon Guard-US218Not updated
65Defied  Moon Guard-US218Not updated
65Lyua AscendancyMoon Guard-US218Not updated
65Kilzin brb cat on fireMoon Guard-US218Not updated
65Asawa Edge of the WorldMoon Guard-US218Not updated
72Mordeghai WarforgedMoon Guard-US217Not updated
72Kronosh  Moon Guard-US217Not updated
72Sanguinarius EinherjarMoon Guard-US217Not updated
72Sigrún Comfortably NumbMoon Guard-US217Not updated
72Belthanos Sanguine RevolutionMoon Guard-US217Not updated
72Neltharia Titantusk ClanMoon Guard-US217Not updated
72Yuural ArchangelMoon Guard-US217Not updated
72Sovira AscentusMoon Guard-US217Not updated
80Ghaghzull WarforgedMoon Guard-US216Not updated
80Fireshade OathkeeperMoon Guard-US216Not updated
80Eynira Fullmoon starMoon Guard-US216Not updated
80Penthea Trial by StoneMoon Guard-US216Not updated
80Korolyn  Moon Guard-US216Not updated
85Meciel Windsong Productions LLCMoon Guard-US215Not updated
85Ithziel Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US215Not updated
85Gigahertz Blackfang BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US215Not updated
85Gengär AscentusMoon Guard-US215Not updated
85Shalydori  Moon Guard-US215Not updated
85Deletta AmnestyMoon Guard-US215Not updated
91Tremolite Last DefendersMoon Guard-US214Not updated
91Yllaine The ShanorMoon Guard-US214Not updated
91Shadowisha  Moon Guard-US214Not updated
91Ebonmere  Moon Guard-US214Not updated
91Maone Gamons GirlsMoon Guard-US214Not updated
96Taskie WarforgedMoon Guard-US213Not updated
96Shantara Silver Star DragoonsMoon Guard-US213Not updated
96Drimiah ContinuumMoon Guard-US213Not updated
96Mydoriel Council of StormsMoon Guard-US213Not updated
100Blashaph  Moon Guard-US212Not updated

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