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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Minahonda-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Hérmes Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU259Not updated
2Jinray ExødarMinahonda-EU258Not updated
3Zaparina The CompanyMinahonda-EU239Not updated
4Icnëbi ExtasisMinahonda-EU238Not updated
5Cowzer  Minahonda-EU235Not updated
6Lagrima Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU232Not updated
7Tottenwolf Ner zhulMinahonda-EU231Not updated
8Chieri Secret AvengersMinahonda-EU228Not updated
8Topadentro The MoongateMinahonda-EU228Not updated
10Nusca Reino de las SombrasMinahonda-EU226Not updated
11Comevísceras CurseMinahonda-EU225Not updated
12Asmodeanh DesidiaMinahonda-EU224Not updated
13Sark ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU223Not updated
13Almendra Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU223Not updated
15Enanoff  Minahonda-EU222Not updated
16Rasplas Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU221Not updated
16Karlarcm Ancestral MastersMinahonda-EU221Not updated
16Hóney CABALLEROS IGNEOSMinahonda-EU221Not updated
19Pathos Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU220Not updated
20Sandoz Caballeros Jarra RedondaMinahonda-EU219Not updated
21Polcar DISSIDIAMinahonda-EU217Not updated
21Ëldelbar Øne PieceMinahonda-EU217Not updated
23Cerøir El Clan de los ExiliadosMinahonda-EU216Not updated
23Anat Eternal MysteryMinahonda-EU216Not updated
23Sashadjin Caballeros Jarra RedondaMinahonda-EU216Not updated
23Heliconia Requiem ÐivinityMinahonda-EU216Not updated
27Üroboros  Minahonda-EU215Not updated
27Cleus  Minahonda-EU215Not updated
27Krysania  Minahonda-EU215Not updated
30Elera Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU214Not updated
30Walkyrie ExødarMinahonda-EU214Not updated
30Damael Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU214Not updated
30Seycan The DestinyMinahonda-EU214Not updated
30Amánrhä The MoongateMinahonda-EU214Not updated
30Pellgèlida CurseMinahonda-EU214Not updated
36Gaiax CurseMinahonda-EU213Not updated
36Elistar Caballeros Jarra RedondaMinahonda-EU213Not updated
36Tahlly  Minahonda-EU213Not updated
39Hëla Amanecer de los DiosesMinahonda-EU212Not updated
39Ayálga Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU212Not updated
39Valerix Nova Legio InvictaMinahonda-EU212Not updated
39Alsef Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU212Not updated
39Perrÿ BancoDeSamuelMinahonda-EU212Not updated
39Andante SE MASKA LA TRAGEDIAMinahonda-EU212Not updated
39Sîrtatokao Caballeros Jarra RedondaMinahonda-EU212Not updated
46Talian Everlasting kingdomMinahonda-EU211Not updated
46Ween NightfallMinahonda-EU211Not updated
46Edorasithili Amanecer de los DiosesMinahonda-EU211Not updated
46Cloê ChymeraMinahonda-EU211Not updated
46Erzsébeth Riders on the stormMinahonda-EU211Not updated
51Valino  Minahonda-EU210Not updated
51Ashkor Fire and WaterMinahonda-EU210Not updated
51Agaress BloodMoonMinahonda-EU210Not updated
51Nostrakromus TPAMMinahonda-EU210Not updated
51Diabelek Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU210Not updated
56Pitvader Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU209Not updated
56Taburiente NucelarMinahonda-EU209Not updated
56Corti last wishMinahonda-EU209Not updated
56Talkol Enviados del DragonMinahonda-EU209Not updated
60Ulthanor El Clan de los ExiliadosMinahonda-EU208Not updated
60Esmeralda El Clan de los ExiliadosMinahonda-EU208Not updated
60Lastbreath Guardianes de AtlantisMinahonda-EU208Not updated
60Yodayoser Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU208Not updated
60Zubirune MinahøndaMinahonda-EU208Not updated
60Uth The MythMinahonda-EU208Not updated
66Raykage ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU207Not updated
66Lapislázuli APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU207Not updated
66Velcor Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU207Not updated
66Mitzukage Imperio del CaosMinahonda-EU207Not updated
66Alaron Blood Temple WarriorsMinahonda-EU207Not updated
66Hisweloke Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU207Not updated
66Espirû Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU207Not updated
66Malignas  Minahonda-EU207Not updated
66Badkill  Minahonda-EU207Not updated
75Dendara APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU206Not updated
75Ingunn APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU206Not updated
75Brújula Pull Pull PullMinahonda-EU206Not updated
78Hefesto TsunamiMinahonda-EU205Not updated
78Batíra ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU205Not updated
78Copiner Blame the CataclysmMinahonda-EU205Not updated
78Barakka Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU205Not updated
78Konamy Sic Semper TyrannissMinahonda-EU205Not updated
83Jinca APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU204Not updated
83Garmonegro Kings Of MetalMinahonda-EU204Not updated
83Elglin grupo sälväjeMinahonda-EU204Not updated

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