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Medivh-US Faction Only Mounts
1Carrin Shattered FatesMedivh-US212
1Kàrmà Shattered FatesMedivh-US212
3Neýtiri Shattered FatesMedivh-US208
4Holler Shattered FatesMedivh-US207
5Aggrodin Shattered FatesMedivh-US205
6Talsong Shattered FatesMedivh-US195
7Barakrist Shattered FatesMedivh-US191
8Moondealia Shattered FatesMedivh-US186Not updated
9Exev Shattered FatesMedivh-US185Not updated
9Vortexe Shattered FatesMedivh-US185Not updated
11Pyrxx Shattered FatesMedivh-US180
11Illyasviel Shattered FatesMedivh-US180
13Yodoh Shattered FatesMedivh-US175
14Quakmanx Shattered FatesMedivh-US174
15Kaydeethree Shattered FatesMedivh-US173
16Pookíebear Shattered FatesMedivh-US172
17Mihail Shattered FatesMedivh-US170Not updated
18Smallpóx Shattered FatesMedivh-US168
19Astrix Shattered FatesMedivh-US167
20Regnava Shattered FatesMedivh-US166
21Moirasha Shattered FatesMedivh-US164
21Enetai Shattered FatesMedivh-US164
21Alark Shattered FatesMedivh-US164
24Pamboo Shattered FatesMedivh-US162
25Tetronian Shattered FatesMedivh-US161
26Azraelus Shattered FatesMedivh-US158Not updated
27Ouroboros Shattered FatesMedivh-US156Not updated
28Nicöllett Shattered FatesMedivh-US155Not updated
29Paschendale Shattered FatesMedivh-US153
30Meches Shattered FatesMedivh-US152
30Dubh Shattered FatesMedivh-US152Not updated
30Ystari Shattered FatesMedivh-US152Not updated
33Spindel Shattered FatesMedivh-US147Not updated
34Soloxar Shattered FatesMedivh-US145
34Xhyon Shattered FatesMedivh-US145Not updated
36Gréyfox Shattered FatesMedivh-US144
36Umeki Shattered FatesMedivh-US144
38Xharxis Shattered FatesMedivh-US143Not updated
38Healameches Shattered FatesMedivh-US143Not updated
40Joe Shattered FatesMedivh-US142Not updated
41Trinah Shattered FatesMedivh-US141Not updated
42Agumon Shattered FatesMedivh-US139Not updated
43Nôôdles Shattered FatesMedivh-US138
44Crunchynuget Shattered FatesMedivh-US137
45Zbee Shattered FatesMedivh-US135
45Tyrigg Shattered FatesMedivh-US135
47Semord Shattered FatesMedivh-US134
47Totemguy Shattered FatesMedivh-US134
49Barbìe Shattered FatesMedivh-US132Not updated
50Huduvudu Shattered FatesMedivh-US129
51Darthes Shattered FatesMedivh-US128Not updated
52Diabela Shattered FatesMedivh-US127
53Smak Shattered FatesMedivh-US126
54Tigrex Shattered FatesMedivh-US125
55Lawkjaw Shattered FatesMedivh-US124Not updated
55Serupiko Shattered FatesMedivh-US124
57Seethe Shattered FatesMedivh-US123
57Creky Shattered FatesMedivh-US123
57Soclose Shattered FatesMedivh-US123Not updated
57Peewi Shattered FatesMedivh-US123
61Moreoch Shattered FatesMedivh-US120Not updated
62Tyskajar Shattered FatesMedivh-US119
63Kurinah Shattered FatesMedivh-US118
63Aluxan Shattered FatesMedivh-US118Not updated
65Arodus Shattered FatesMedivh-US116
65Orsiphoth Shattered FatesMedivh-US116Not updated
67Knom Shattered FatesMedivh-US112
67Reyne Shattered FatesMedivh-US112Not updated
69Carenia Shattered FatesMedivh-US111
69Moosnukl Shattered FatesMedivh-US111Not updated
69Sineater Shattered FatesMedivh-US111Not updated
72Leafstep Shattered FatesMedivh-US110
72Reyh Shattered FatesMedivh-US110Not updated
74Amberle Shattered FatesMedivh-US109Not updated
75Josh Shattered FatesMedivh-US108Not updated
75Gaxx Shattered FatesMedivh-US108
77Primuz Shattered FatesMedivh-US107
77Cantbsyrious Shattered FatesMedivh-US107
77Blást Shattered FatesMedivh-US107
80Phoebe Shattered FatesMedivh-US106Not updated
81Chrissysnow Shattered FatesMedivh-US102
82Conquered Shattered FatesMedivh-US99
83Skrassh Shattered FatesMedivh-US97
83Paulyd Shattered FatesMedivh-US97
85Cervarius Shattered FatesMedivh-US96
85Lasawhat Shattered FatesMedivh-US96
85Everee Shattered FatesMedivh-US96Not updated
88Cleras Shattered FatesMedivh-US93Not updated
88Annicka Shattered FatesMedivh-US93Not updated
90Hannabal Shattered FatesMedivh-US91Not updated
90Damtreehuger Shattered FatesMedivh-US91Not updated
90Milanlucic Shattered FatesMedivh-US91Not updated
93Valdakenn Shattered FatesMedivh-US90
93Kalistria Shattered FatesMedivh-US90Not updated
95Lómar Shattered FatesMedivh-US88Not updated
96Tartarust Shattered FatesMedivh-US87
96Souriya Shattered FatesMedivh-US87
98Ellisidle Shattered FatesMedivh-US86
98Mâxïmus Shattered FatesMedivh-US86Not updated
100Belmage Shattered FatesMedivh-US85Not updated

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