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Mal'Ganis-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Glenn devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU220
2Knibbelz devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU216Not updated
3Valfier devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU208Not updated
4Holydiver devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU207
5Starlet devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU202Not updated
6Quildor devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU201Not updated
7Exayla devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU199
8Turmantor devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU194
8Oríon devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU194Not updated
10Nilz devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU193Not updated
11Nyxa devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU176Not updated
12Nawaki devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU172
13Idoma devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU171Not updated
14Igordelacruz devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU158
15Thalinea devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU156
16Yvy devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU154
17Gregorius devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU153Not updated
18Meru devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU148
19Zilol devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU146Not updated
20Kazinn devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU144
21Ilmanô devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU141Not updated
22Shivax devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU139
23Totemtanja devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU137Not updated
24Zirfel devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU136Not updated
25Shaiýa devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU135Not updated
26Øï devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU134Not updated
27Syariin devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU132Not updated
28Merô devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU128Not updated
29Karthman devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU124
30Sasarius devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU120Not updated
31Palarmatis devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU115
32Nyss devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU113
33Abersowasvon devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU110
34Excessiv devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU105Not updated
35Melicia devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU100
36Dissel devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU95Not updated
37Ronardin devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU93Not updated
38Unrivaled devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU91
39Nivealol devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU90
40Fieldy devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU85
41Emmî devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU81
41Lassknacken devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU81Not updated
43Terilia devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU80
44Jääkylmä devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU77
45Derbol devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU76
46Golgoria devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU74
47Fèey devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU70Not updated
48Namikaze devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU69Not updated
49Semka devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU65Not updated
49Nkkira devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU65Not updated
51Nissanissa devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU61
52Slæx devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU57Not updated
53Amythra devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU56Not updated
54Mekkí devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU55Not updated
55Kajin devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU45Not updated
56Eppo devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU44
56Rhyla devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU44Not updated
56Abnii devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU44Not updated
59Nashou devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU42Not updated
59Ivôry devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU42Not updated
61Dualla devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU34Not updated
61Iriva devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU34Not updated
63Didtsmwonner devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU29
64Jessmeralda devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU28Not updated
65Caryssia devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU27Not updated
66Soye devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU24Not updated
67Aívan devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU22Not updated
68Illior devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU7Not updated
69Slaxlol devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Shosuro devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Keiyra devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Neahzwo devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Ilumínati devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Monrosa devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Cruzar devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Wurstundkäse devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Dratos devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated
69Renoa devil may cryMal'Ganis-EUNot updated

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