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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Madoran-US Faction Only Mounts
1Doobjanka WarcraftPetsMadoran-US249Not updated
2Daemiona MatadorMadoran-US245Not updated
3Swamarama WarcraftPetsMadoran-US241Not updated
3Daewalker MatadorMadoran-US241Not updated
5Payupri HordecoreMadoran-US240Not updated
5Daemina MatadorMadoran-US240Not updated
7Veldur BloodbondedMadoran-US239Not updated
8Mostunclean MatadorMadoran-US237Not updated
9Untz MatadorMadoran-US236Not updated
10Antifu What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US230Not updated
10Velskar BloodbondedMadoran-US230Not updated
12Ragepal SKey GamingMadoran-US229Not updated
12Trogi DerisionMadoran-US229Not updated
14Sincerity Heavens DarknessMadoran-US227Not updated
15Mcstab KhaosMadoran-US224Not updated
15Sloren  Madoran-US224Not updated
17Galara WarcraftPetsMadoran-US222Not updated
17Kyllestra Magical MenagerieMadoran-US222Not updated
19Naloraîn SerpentineMadoran-US221Not updated
19Morbida MisanthropyMadoran-US221Not updated
19Advent  Madoran-US221Not updated
19Renathill Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US221Not updated
19Ascera  Madoran-US221Not updated
24Liebestod MatadorMadoran-US220Not updated
24Vithra InsomniaMadoran-US220Not updated
26Xanndon What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US219Not updated
26Reeya ElementMadoran-US219Not updated
28Cee HordecoreMadoran-US218Not updated
28Conandaeln  Madoran-US218Not updated
28Blessedone Magical MenagerieMadoran-US218Not updated
28Carras Off the AirMadoran-US218Not updated
28Riellar Friends Of FantasyMadoran-US218Not updated
33Zinjó  Madoran-US217Not updated
33Badoran MatadorMadoran-US217Not updated
33Famemonster  Madoran-US217Not updated
36Nedine InsomniaMadoran-US215Not updated
36Kanakemaka EmpiricalMadoran-US215Not updated
36Santh alliance slayersMadoran-US215Not updated
39Hexpired NightwishMadoran-US214Not updated
39Ignaeus W A RMadoran-US214Not updated
39Moofortune Magical MenagerieMadoran-US214Not updated
39Sanblas Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US214Not updated
39Spenster  Madoran-US214Not updated
39Balenor Magical MenagerieMadoran-US214Not updated
39Palamoo  Madoran-US214Not updated
39Fermpriest Wisdom of the DragonMadoran-US214Not updated
47Oldmanlogan Magical MenagerieMadoran-US213Not updated
47Dreamreaper ImpulseMadoran-US213Not updated
47Recursiön The GüildMadoran-US213Not updated
47Morque Night CrusadersMadoran-US213Not updated
51Katjia The Crazy EightyEightMadoran-US212Not updated
51Dazbog RomaniMadoran-US212Not updated
53Rohrk Mean Nasty Ugly ThingsMadoran-US211Not updated
53Jinxxed Care Bear KultMadoran-US211Not updated
55Zanadue Crimson DawnMadoran-US210Not updated
56Sabeladys Lost MarblesMadoran-US209Not updated
56Risatina Pet PeevesMadoran-US209Not updated
58Cyruk WarcraftPetsMadoran-US208Not updated
58Wyrmseed HordecoreMadoran-US208Not updated
58Wyrmblood HordecoreMadoran-US208Not updated
58Clucknorris The Reckoning MassacreMadoran-US208Not updated
62Mixim MatadorMadoran-US207Not updated
62Ravnstorm WarcraftPetsMadoran-US207Not updated
62Liae Guardians of the NimLokiMadoran-US207Not updated
62Putricide W A RMadoran-US207Not updated
62Nirajie Pet PeevesMadoran-US207Not updated
62Sargeron  Madoran-US207Not updated
62Bornogin Amicitia OrbisMadoran-US207Not updated
69Míssq  Madoran-US206Not updated
70Exotera Just Outgear ItMadoran-US205Not updated
70Dancinbruce The Dirty HordeMadoran-US205Not updated
70Belitharia Magical MenagerieMadoran-US205Not updated
73Morticia SunnydaleMadoran-US204Not updated
73Toogaar Magical MenagerieMadoran-US204Not updated
73Olavilee WarcraftPetsMadoran-US204Not updated
73Whizbang The RebellionMadoran-US204Not updated
73Valt The RebellionMadoran-US204Not updated
73Hearmeroar Friend or FoeMadoran-US204Not updated
73Aldenna The Crazy EightyEightMadoran-US204Not updated
73Kanyae Magical MenagerieMadoran-US204Not updated
81Plumprooster IlluminatusMadoran-US203Not updated
81Bascul Magical MenagerieMadoran-US203Not updated
83Raiven What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US202Not updated
83Gevirah Littlest Pet LeagueMadoran-US202Not updated
83Icyrose Magical MenagerieMadoran-US202Not updated
83Syreatail alliance slayersMadoran-US202Not updated

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