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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Vexillarius Rising MoonLothar-EU256Not updated
2Aci ObscuritasLothar-EU250Not updated
2Tarkar Aes SedaiLothar-EU250Not updated
4Priggarddark No FearLothar-EU249Not updated
4Lorlana  Lothar-EU249Not updated
6Ermanerich KoosaiLothar-EU245Not updated
6Metatron Aes SedaiLothar-EU245Not updated
8Brewtæl Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU241Not updated
8Banê Flamme von AzerothLothar-EU241Not updated
8Soibur Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU241Not updated
11Susânnê  Lothar-EU240Not updated
11Shartuul Rising MoonLothar-EU240Not updated
13Aranesh SunburnLothar-EU239Not updated
14Zervarus Aes SedaiLothar-EU236Not updated
15Kumachan IrasciLothar-EU234Not updated
15Leáh ProjectXLothar-EU234Not updated
17Woktall Eleven DegreesLothar-EU233Not updated
17Dreddy æternitasLothar-EU233Not updated
17Haudraufius Badeclub BootybayLothar-EU233Not updated
17Veliya Eleven DegreesLothar-EU233Not updated
21Jizera Badeclub BootybayLothar-EU232Not updated
22Woktal Eleven DegreesLothar-EU231Not updated
22Margamilch Badeclub BootybayLothar-EU231Not updated
24Carnet ResistanceLothar-EU230Not updated
24Fearforyou End GameLothar-EU230Not updated
26Tiolon Set Sail for FailLothar-EU229Not updated
27Marilu WithOutlaWsLothar-EU227Not updated
28Hempelman Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU226Not updated
29Talador HitchhikersLothar-EU225Not updated
29Shancy Girls ClubLothar-EU225Not updated
31Tyroune AlkopopsLothar-EU224Not updated
31Muhltitalent Pandaria FunparkLothar-EU224Not updated
33Xanthia æternitasLothar-EU223Not updated
34Saphirâs  Lothar-EU222Not updated
35Missbeast AddictedLothar-EU221Not updated
35Laserwar Set Sail for FailLothar-EU221Not updated
35Biancca KoosaiLothar-EU221Not updated
35Patterchen No RIP No FUN xDLothar-EU221Not updated
39Sulaî Blood PackLothar-EU220Not updated
40Didit æternitasLothar-EU219Not updated
40Sylvija AlkopopsLothar-EU219Not updated
40Yuuto Gimps UnitedLothar-EU219Not updated
40Sselusa Set Sail for FailLothar-EU219Not updated
40Gyonas WithOutlaWsLothar-EU219Not updated
45Mizuho æternitasLothar-EU218Not updated
45Hole ResistanceLothar-EU218Not updated
47Mariel æternitasLothar-EU217Not updated
47Goauld Diamond RaidLothar-EU217Not updated
47Akaran  Lothar-EU217Not updated
50Brachat AddictedLothar-EU216Not updated
50Kasumi æternitasLothar-EU216Not updated
50Hempel Kämpfer der TiefeLothar-EU216Not updated
50Kydryn Elfen MafiaLothar-EU216Not updated
54Rayzor Set Sail for FailLothar-EU215Not updated
54Apøkalypse StormbornLothar-EU215Not updated
54Silverball Warriors of the WorldLothar-EU215Not updated
57Lâverdâ Eleven DegreesLothar-EU214Not updated
57Ammaranth æternitasLothar-EU214Not updated
57Tikaja  Lothar-EU214Not updated
57Yinaoling HighlanderLothar-EU214Not updated
57Rashlak WreckingBallLothar-EU214Not updated
62Jeverwoman JägerbauLothar-EU213Not updated
62Dwezzii  Lothar-EU213Not updated
62Míshara æternitasLothar-EU213Not updated
65Xenica NintaiLothar-EU212Not updated
65Cèrberus AscensionLothar-EU212Not updated
65Brell Chaos InsideLothar-EU212Not updated
68Turmfalke  Lothar-EU211Not updated
68Loucura WithOutlaWsLothar-EU211Not updated
68Brownhorse WithOutlaWsLothar-EU211Not updated
68Fuall Angel of WarLothar-EU211Not updated
68Bammrouge EhrenamtLothar-EU211Not updated
73Lêxi Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU210Not updated
73Wyrolok Blood PackLothar-EU210Not updated
73Priamos Aes SedaiLothar-EU210Not updated
76Curia IrasciLothar-EU209Not updated
76Chiyoka Set Sail for FailLothar-EU209Not updated
76Niranai æternitasLothar-EU209Not updated
76Hexa HighlanderLothar-EU209Not updated
76Drjotta WithOutlaWsLothar-EU209Not updated
76Aryi WithOutlaWsLothar-EU209Not updated
76Xirine WithOutlaWsLothar-EU209Not updated
76Senera ExperíenceLothar-EU209Not updated
76Kiritsuka ObscuritasLothar-EU209Not updated

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