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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lightning's Blade-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Entruv MystLightning's Blade-EU260Not updated
2Lappe ParagonLightning's Blade-EU251Not updated
3Greedyz Persona GrataLightning's Blade-EU249Not updated
4Hemithea ParagonLightning's Blade-EU247Not updated
5Xenophics  Lightning's Blade-EU246Not updated
6Sop  Lightning's Blade-EU244Not updated
7Jarmoxz  Lightning's Blade-EU242Not updated
8Druidiq SimulacrumLightning's Blade-EU238Not updated
9Paradar ParagonLightning's Blade-EU237Not updated
10Murshu ParagonLightning's Blade-EU236Not updated
11Faidra TENLightning's Blade-EU234Not updated
12Verestrasz ParagonLightning's Blade-EU229Not updated
13Xiccy ParagonLightning's Blade-EU227Not updated
14Aurayaa  Lightning's Blade-EU226Not updated
15Zulmojo Ancient PropheciesLightning's Blade-EU220Not updated
16Hatredsheart FLASHPOINTLightning's Blade-EU219Not updated
17Roxxted  Lightning's Blade-EU217Not updated
18Shawnalee TENLightning's Blade-EU216Not updated
19Shildurici eXodusLightning's Blade-EU215Not updated
19Wòógie how i met ur sisterLightning's Blade-EU215Not updated
21Ragethy  Lightning's Blade-EU212Not updated
22Yumah Lord Helmets Royal GuardLightning's Blade-EU211Not updated
23Lumuxi ParagonLightning's Blade-EU209Not updated
23Nightpizda eXodusLightning's Blade-EU209Not updated
23Hempucca shiny sandalsLightning's Blade-EU209Not updated
26Lounas  Lightning's Blade-EU208Not updated
26Embesil High SocietyLightning's Blade-EU208Not updated
28Shaadffs eXodusLightning's Blade-EU207Not updated
28Dailaoo eXodusLightning's Blade-EU207Not updated
30Hanyid Guardians of BloodLightning's Blade-EU206Not updated
31Ayrh Off TopicLightning's Blade-EU205Not updated
32Kallistrate In WonderlandLightning's Blade-EU204Not updated
32Artishock MystLightning's Blade-EU204Not updated
34Jaelith  Lightning's Blade-EU203Not updated
34Piri ParagonLightning's Blade-EU203Not updated
36Adramalech PerseveranceLightning's Blade-EU202Not updated
36Trishna MystLightning's Blade-EU202Not updated
36Vunter ACSELightning's Blade-EU202Not updated
39Sapristi Jolley JumpersLightning's Blade-EU201Not updated
39Kaslco Ninja In PyjamasLightning's Blade-EU201Not updated
39Zhén AmebankLightning's Blade-EU201Not updated
39Merel  Lightning's Blade-EU201Not updated
43Maarja NeonLightning's Blade-EU199Not updated
43Nighthuntess DreamcatcherLightning's Blade-EU199Not updated
43Mokär  Lightning's Blade-EU199Not updated
46Khandes eXodusLightning's Blade-EU198Not updated
47Zirrii NazgûlLightning's Blade-EU196Not updated
47Catvader  Lightning's Blade-EU196Not updated
49Zordon  Lightning's Blade-EU194Not updated
49Vdupeto  Lightning's Blade-EU194Not updated
51Khöeler Memories of Lost SoulsLightning's Blade-EU193Not updated
51Tombolo EnhaseasonLightning's Blade-EU193Not updated
51Paroc FLASHPOINTLightning's Blade-EU193Not updated
51Cursëd  Lightning's Blade-EU193Not updated
55Fanak eXodusLightning's Blade-EU192Not updated
55Dvdg CAPS and s p a c e sLightning's Blade-EU192Not updated
57Jazerker Archaic OrderLightning's Blade-EU191Not updated
57Zelithria Suecia NuxLightning's Blade-EU191Not updated
59Fenriz NeonLightning's Blade-EU190Not updated
59Morkoth  Lightning's Blade-EU190Not updated
59Holyjustice TemppeliritaritLightning's Blade-EU190Not updated
62Silin MystLightning's Blade-EU189Not updated
62Vïp Darkness ComesLightning's Blade-EU189Not updated
64Chenho MystLightning's Blade-EU188Not updated
65Comandantul  Lightning's Blade-EU187Not updated
66Sosoka Persona GrataLightning's Blade-EU186Not updated
66Fliedrice CAPS and s p a c e sLightning's Blade-EU186Not updated
66Wingy PerseveranceLightning's Blade-EU186Not updated
66Djstëël  Lightning's Blade-EU186Not updated
70Kaneli ParagonLightning's Blade-EU185Not updated
71Wyviku  Lightning's Blade-EU184Not updated
72Nilae VanityLightning's Blade-EU182Not updated
72Majerlord Bootneckers is AFKLightning's Blade-EU182Not updated
72Offender DreamersLightning's Blade-EU182Not updated
72Driglor  Lightning's Blade-EU182Not updated
76Neverknow ParagonLightning's Blade-EU179Not updated
76Psychobull  Lightning's Blade-EU179Not updated
78Kyylock  Lightning's Blade-EU178Not updated
79Ilodi ParagonLightning's Blade-EU177Not updated
79Overrungg ParagonLightning's Blade-EU177Not updated
79Divolverd eXodusLightning's Blade-EU177Not updated
79Crowbie VanityLightning's Blade-EU177Not updated
79Legoláz  Lightning's Blade-EU177Not updated
79Wéedy Awkward SilenceLightning's Blade-EU177Not updated
85Angeljol  Lightning's Blade-EU176Not updated
86Alzu ParagonLightning's Blade-EU175Not updated
86Shadoworder eXodusLightning's Blade-EU175Not updated
88Hotstar  Lightning's Blade-EU173Not updated
89Screwella  Lightning's Blade-EU172Not updated
89Ochiosul ChaoticLightning's Blade-EU172Not updated
89Pöbladin  Lightning's Blade-EU172Not updated
89Òrgasmic The Skull AvengersLightning's Blade-EU172Not updated
93Flareon how i met ur sisterLightning's Blade-EU171Not updated
93Levathian MystLightning's Blade-EU171Not updated
95Vaako The TitansLightning's Blade-EU170Not updated
95Raidfarm U L D U MLightning's Blade-EU170Not updated
95Elfikana justwhileilvlLightning's Blade-EU170Not updated
95Tolix Off TopicLightning's Blade-EU170Not updated
95Mehub  Lightning's Blade-EU170Not updated
95Azack U L D U MLightning's Blade-EU170Not updated

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