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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lightbringer-US Faction Only Mounts
1Vaffral PathogenLightbringer-US288Not updated
2Method The CoalitionLightbringer-US269Not updated
3Smøkë Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US264Not updated
4Connectr  Lightbringer-US263Not updated
5Sagas InboundLightbringer-US262Not updated
6Blacksongo Eternal ReignLightbringer-US261Not updated
6Restopickle ExplicitLightbringer-US261Not updated
8Ka  Lightbringer-US259Not updated
9Shadowstars UnburdenedLightbringer-US257Not updated
10Thanatosia PathogenLightbringer-US252Not updated
11Scarletwynd AfflictionLightbringer-US251Not updated
11Eloderung Eternal ReignLightbringer-US251Not updated
13Lìttlebigboy toons gone wildLightbringer-US250Not updated
14Cyberclaw  Lightbringer-US249Not updated
15Fortch PathogenLightbringer-US247Not updated
16Xellos The CoalitionLightbringer-US245Not updated
16Jackdncoke  Lightbringer-US245Not updated
18Luscent Dragons BloodLightbringer-US244Not updated
19Nïkolye Set Sail To FailLightbringer-US243Not updated
19Entrototem Eternal ReignLightbringer-US243Not updated
19Nightmâre  Lightbringer-US243Not updated
22Mutant Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US242Not updated
22Tabytha  Lightbringer-US242Not updated
24Lunararies The CoalitionLightbringer-US240Not updated
24Elamador CenteredLightbringer-US240Not updated
24Whirt No OptionsLightbringer-US240Not updated
24Blondebear AfflictionLightbringer-US240Not updated
28Noir We Aim to MisbehaveLightbringer-US238Not updated
29Shadowstick PathogenLightbringer-US236Not updated
29Warenpeace The CoalitionLightbringer-US236Not updated
29Torcaa Exiled allianceLightbringer-US236Not updated
32Drakcus Roll for BlameLightbringer-US235Not updated
33Aquae The Old FellasLightbringer-US234Not updated
34Xon  Lightbringer-US233Not updated
35Hamstar Saeclum in FavillaLightbringer-US232Not updated
36Tsula The CoalitionLightbringer-US231Not updated
36Hauntingwolf Wolves of LegendLightbringer-US231Not updated
36Bulgan Four HorsemenLightbringer-US231Not updated
39Judgewolf Wolves of LegendLightbringer-US230Not updated
39Despot  Lightbringer-US230Not updated
41Parkette The CoalitionLightbringer-US229Not updated
41Friendo The TrustLightbringer-US229Not updated
41Attainable  Lightbringer-US229Not updated
41Ishton The Golden ElmLightbringer-US229Not updated
45Pssalm SacredLightbringer-US228Not updated
45Simone DoJLightbringer-US228Not updated
45Nescee HeroLightbringer-US228Not updated
45Levok  Lightbringer-US228Not updated
45Starcaller Exiled allianceLightbringer-US228Not updated
50Chrisqin Nomadic KnightsLightbringer-US227Not updated
50Língchí T KLightbringer-US227Not updated
50Katsara Imagine DragonsLightbringer-US227Not updated
50Insidious  Lightbringer-US227Not updated
50Purrcifer AfflictionLightbringer-US227Not updated
50Banshi HeroLightbringer-US227Not updated
50Vogee Last RefugeLightbringer-US227Not updated
50Eatmograpes  Lightbringer-US227Not updated
50Eldist Dawn of VoljinLightbringer-US227Not updated
50Sabbeh Eternal ReignLightbringer-US227Not updated
50Indu SigilLightbringer-US227Not updated
61Zaiki PathogenLightbringer-US226Not updated
62Arrowrin  Lightbringer-US225Not updated
62Ticktokk GlowLightbringer-US225Not updated
62Kyndrïd SeishiLightbringer-US225Not updated
65Danonnator Party All The TimeLightbringer-US224Not updated
65Bl The CoalitionLightbringer-US224Not updated
65Køvenant The LightswornLightbringer-US224Not updated
65Nefarïous Dragons BreathLightbringer-US224Not updated
65Moonfïre  Lightbringer-US224Not updated
70Omniscient Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US223Not updated
70Thelordcross PrestigeLightbringer-US223Not updated
70Augua Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US223Not updated
70Lividia Black MagicLightbringer-US223Not updated
70Êxo Army of the Howling WindLightbringer-US223Not updated
70Kalsera WoW for FunLightbringer-US223Not updated
70Starglo  Lightbringer-US223Not updated
77Necrotuna AfflictionLightbringer-US222Not updated
77Ryubichan High VoltageLightbringer-US222Not updated
77Cyano The LightswornLightbringer-US222Not updated
77Rythera Two Camels in a Tiny CarLightbringer-US222Not updated
77Artesha Social WarfareLightbringer-US222Not updated
77Effin  Lightbringer-US222Not updated
83Kakáshi Fates DemiseLightbringer-US221Not updated
83Acheilos  Lightbringer-US221Not updated
83Darabella Invalid TargetLightbringer-US221Not updated
83Archasel G u a r d i a n sLightbringer-US221Not updated
83Valinarii Roll for BlameLightbringer-US221Not updated
88Merlindragon The CoalitionLightbringer-US220Not updated
88Rivenator Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US220Not updated
88Símone DoJLightbringer-US220Not updated
88Wardrobe Animus InvictusLightbringer-US220Not updated
88Foomp  Lightbringer-US220Not updated
88Skyhámmer Exiled allianceLightbringer-US220Not updated
88Moonrae PrestigeLightbringer-US220Not updated
95Surestab Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US219Not updated
95Abandinus Social WarfareLightbringer-US219Not updated
95Plummer Eight Fingers DownLightbringer-US219Not updated
95Redfork WoW for FunLightbringer-US219Not updated
95Kihya CenteredLightbringer-US219Not updated
95Bly Dawn of VoljinLightbringer-US219Not updated

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