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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lethon-US Faction Only Mounts
1Évolutionx SanctuaryLethon-US235Not updated
2Lubbly ChampionLethon-US232Not updated
3Ezil Gank BusLethon-US230Not updated
4Magemoilpain  Lethon-US217Not updated
5Huutah  Lethon-US215Not updated
5Exorcise  Lethon-US215Not updated
7Crodfoller Little WilliesLethon-US213Not updated
7Aephius SanctuaryLethon-US213Not updated
7Syrilei SanctuaryLethon-US213Not updated
10Ketamin  Lethon-US211Not updated
11Rälloz  Lethon-US210Not updated
12Kristarïa  Lethon-US209Not updated
13Naxxanar  Lethon-US203Not updated
14Turok  Lethon-US201Not updated
14Robella We Never Back DownLethon-US201Not updated
14Carnefica Little WilliesLethon-US201Not updated
17Spizzÿ Dark LegendsLethon-US197Not updated
18Steelie Elven BloodLethon-US194Not updated
19Wx AbyssLethon-US193Not updated
20Gimlî  Lethon-US192Not updated
21Lócknlóad AbyssLethon-US191Not updated
21Bodybags  Lethon-US191Not updated
21Hotshotghunt AbyssLethon-US191Not updated
24Cyndelle  Lethon-US190Not updated
25Aramyna  Lethon-US188Not updated
25Walkindeath Crimson WarlordsLethon-US188Not updated
27Mightyshazam  Lethon-US187Not updated
27Pookiedoo Fallen LegionLethon-US187Not updated
29Timba Defenders of LordaeronLethon-US186Not updated
29Lunarshyde  Lethon-US186Not updated
31Elferroz The DesertedLethon-US183Not updated
31Starfigher Dark LegendsLethon-US183Not updated
31Tantalus DepravityLethon-US183Not updated
34Gemah Crimson WarlordsLethon-US182Not updated
34Bawlsoffire  Lethon-US182Not updated
36Hlpmeimdrwin SanctuaryLethon-US181Not updated
37Mammouth  Lethon-US180Not updated
37Krusher FaithLethon-US180Not updated
39Playßoy HeartbreakersLethon-US179Not updated
39Joedirtyy SanctuaryLethon-US179Not updated
39Leyne  Lethon-US179Not updated
42Magannie The exileLethon-US178Not updated
43Arrant HelloKittyIslandAdventurLethon-US177Not updated
43Dimictor Gank BusLethon-US177Not updated
45Killallys Dark LegendsLethon-US176Not updated
45Hettrika Lost MemberLethon-US176Not updated
47Kreamp  Lethon-US175Not updated
48Septurary Dark LegendsLethon-US174Not updated
48Kullulu This Time With FeelingLethon-US174Not updated
48Obilterater Thousand SonsLethon-US174Not updated
51Frostiez AbyssLethon-US173Not updated
51Shamazilla AbyssLethon-US173Not updated
51Aquious AbyssLethon-US173Not updated
51Variant AbyssLethon-US173Not updated
55Karmona Dark LegendsLethon-US171Not updated
56Doropesch Dalarian CowboysLethon-US169Not updated
56Abrasive HelloKittyIslandAdventurLethon-US169Not updated
58Zeba RoyaltyLethon-US167Not updated
58Kodsassassin  Lethon-US167Not updated
58Wyattearpe Dalarian CowboysLethon-US167Not updated
58Badcompàny Dark EternalLethon-US167Not updated
58Jungleus Little WilliesLethon-US167Not updated
58Taldion Brew CrewLethon-US167Not updated
58Asaliah OP In Real LifeLethon-US167Not updated
58Néosporin Deep PocketsLethon-US167Not updated
66Unholey  Lethon-US166Not updated
67Djbones Art of WarLethon-US165Not updated
68Almaruil  Lethon-US164Not updated
69Oakshaspir RXLethon-US163Not updated
70Soulsteáler  Lethon-US162Not updated
70Vondramach Delusions of DestinyLethon-US162Not updated
70Usk  Lethon-US162Not updated
70Eldrin Dark LegendsLethon-US162Not updated
70Jackarrows  Lethon-US162Not updated
70Laxatif  Lethon-US162Not updated
70Kameleom The exileLethon-US162Not updated
77Etizo SanctuaryLethon-US161Not updated
77Refresh Unorthodox TechniqueLethon-US161Not updated
77Sapandtickle The BloodbornLethon-US161Not updated
77Tumlaut AbyssLethon-US161Not updated
77Aarie Fallen LegionLethon-US161Not updated
77Chrommaggus Dark LegendsLethon-US161Not updated
77Lunarhunter  Lethon-US161Not updated
84Clepetar SanctuaryLethon-US160Not updated
84Pelonchas Little WilliesLethon-US160Not updated
84Brigette The Hunters BladesLethon-US160Not updated
84Slauterhouse  Lethon-US160Not updated
88Foxychix Fallen LegionLethon-US159Not updated
88Lichdragon Dark LegendsLethon-US159Not updated
88Kedivra Legion of OmegaLethon-US159Not updated
88Apatheìa  Lethon-US159Not updated
88Zephyranth Warriors of the ValiantLethon-US159Not updated
93Nanakox EquilibriaLethon-US158Not updated
93Joscor  Lethon-US158Not updated
93Pallypocket Dark LegendsLethon-US158Not updated
96Lotherieus SanctuaryLethon-US157Not updated
96Bigfun SanctuaryLethon-US157Not updated
96Greatculex Little WilliesLethon-US157Not updated
96Awsika Well Timed RNG BROLethon-US157Not updated
96Grymdor Crimson WarlordsLethon-US157Not updated

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