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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Krasus-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Billkid Divine HopeKrasus-EU271Not updated
1Furyana Divine HopeKrasus-EU271Not updated
1Omaagød Divine HopeKrasus-EU271Not updated
4Killpinkman Divine HopeKrasus-EU269Not updated
4Killweez Divine HopeKrasus-EU269Not updated
6Foutane Divine HopeKrasus-EU268Not updated
7Mîmîc Os FofosKrasus-EU263Not updated
8Eltauro FrostKrasus-EU254Not updated
9Jynza La Rose NoireKrasus-EU251Not updated
10Errøs AngelsKrasus-EU250Not updated
11Misscat La Rose de SangKrasus-EU247Not updated
12Himë ØmegaKrasus-EU241Not updated
12Missah Vade RetrøKrasus-EU241Not updated
14Batékée prototypeKrasus-EU237Not updated
15Kaji Os FofosKrasus-EU235Not updated
16Îvy Werra of SakinaKrasus-EU232Not updated
16Satty ØmegaKrasus-EU232Not updated
18Zâraki Os FofosKrasus-EU230Not updated
19Astärøth Os FofosKrasus-EU229Not updated
19Anaryelle  Krasus-EU229Not updated
19Skeazy EKOKrasus-EU229Not updated
22Demetae Os FofosKrasus-EU228Not updated
23Azmonden HystérésisKrasus-EU227Not updated
23Seríndë SynapseKrasus-EU227Not updated
23Yagoh Vade RetrøKrasus-EU227Not updated
23Shenlang AngelsKrasus-EU227Not updated
27Aniankha Vade RetrøKrasus-EU226Not updated
27Eznia In thê EndKrasus-EU226Not updated
27Nïmu Os FofosKrasus-EU226Not updated
30Zzokko AzuraKrasus-EU224Not updated
31Atrayou Vade RetrøKrasus-EU223Not updated
32Coloboss AzuraKrasus-EU222Not updated
32Paladéa La Déroute du RhumKrasus-EU222Not updated
32Krüghor World Of MimicKrasus-EU222Not updated
32Twollpowa  Krasus-EU222Not updated
36Midrashim Les Purs UursKrasus-EU220Not updated
36Tauréanne Québec LibreKrasus-EU220Not updated
38Clemence ArtekÿsKrasus-EU219Not updated
39Køkote Veni Vïdi ViciKrasus-EU218Not updated
40Hivert Nøt SameKrasus-EU217Not updated
40Bréasth AzuraKrasus-EU217Not updated
42Harta Os FofosKrasus-EU216Not updated
42Svethlana murmuresKrasus-EU216Not updated
44Tropik  Krasus-EU215Not updated
44Hadimaytre les stars du neuf troisKrasus-EU215Not updated
46Namïa Les défenseurs de GaïaKrasus-EU214Not updated
46Sephrenia VanguardKrasus-EU214Not updated
46Mälÿgös Shana TovaKrasus-EU214Not updated
49Gataga ButtkickersKrasus-EU213Not updated
49Triztana Os FofosKrasus-EU213Not updated
51Bogasak Québec LibreKrasus-EU212Not updated
51Sweetpeä Sacred UnionKrasus-EU212Not updated
51Vazygo AngelsKrasus-EU212Not updated
51Maxpat La Colére des TitansKrasus-EU212Not updated
55Velaska  Krasus-EU211Not updated
55Elyanne InactivityKrasus-EU211Not updated
55Kristâll  Krasus-EU211Not updated
55Kibagami  Krasus-EU211Not updated
55Karkulos La Colére des TitansKrasus-EU211Not updated
60Astrelia Les Protecteurs du TempsKrasus-EU210Not updated
60Kuifje est frelatéKrasus-EU210Not updated
60Noirelumière La Colére des TitansKrasus-EU210Not updated
63Zaëna les évadésKrasus-EU209Not updated
63Caldra  Krasus-EU209Not updated
63Dxs HardestKrasus-EU209Not updated
66Harween Les défenseurs de GaïaKrasus-EU208Not updated
66Plonk La Colére des TitansKrasus-EU208Not updated
66Minituthus AngelsKrasus-EU208Not updated
66Koleta le predateurKrasus-EU208Not updated
70Allin SynapseKrasus-EU207Not updated
70Roten MojoKrasus-EU207Not updated
70Ludivya InactivityKrasus-EU207Not updated
70Erzâh La Colére des TitansKrasus-EU207Not updated
74Felor ØmegaKrasus-EU206Not updated
74Lothardo Os FofosKrasus-EU206Not updated
74Deebo Deeb corporationKrasus-EU206Not updated
74Badoilite MojoKrasus-EU206Not updated
74Prüdënce  Krasus-EU206Not updated
79Orchidéë Nøt SameKrasus-EU205Not updated
79Ælys Les défenseurs de GaïaKrasus-EU205Not updated
79Dephina  Krasus-EU205Not updated
79Broomhilda UnchainedKrasus-EU205Not updated
83Madémo AngelsKrasus-EU204Not updated
83Millune La ConfrérïeKrasus-EU204Not updated
83Erlik les deglinguesKrasus-EU204Not updated
83Scoobby Shana TovaKrasus-EU204Not updated
83Alfrek  Krasus-EU204Not updated
88Maniäc AzuraKrasus-EU203Not updated
88Drakom HatariKrasus-EU203Not updated
88Lâcante Divine HopeKrasus-EU203Not updated

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