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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Krag'jin-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Xoora Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU248Not updated
2Ângeló I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU242Not updated
3Clarysa noìrKrag'jin-EU238Not updated
4Macgüver Finis Coronat OpusKrag'jin-EU230Not updated
5Kartoffelkop Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU229Not updated
6Delore noìrKrag'jin-EU227Not updated
7Bijb I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU225Not updated
8Lèstàt NukularKrag'jin-EU223Not updated
9Chrissek I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU220Not updated
9Fryda roOXxKrag'jin-EU220Not updated
11Blûm adrenalinKrag'jin-EU218Not updated
12Crazylittle I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU217Not updated
12Róxás VinyamarKrag'jin-EU217Not updated
14Varok AchchazuKrag'jin-EU216Not updated
15Orphi noìrKrag'jin-EU214Not updated
16Royos Hellfire of DarknessKrag'jin-EU211Not updated
16Littlewitch The GateKrag'jin-EU211Not updated
18Legolizz noìrKrag'jin-EU210Not updated
18Rokerij Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU210Not updated
20Schlammyy  Krag'jin-EU209Not updated
20Roda NukularKrag'jin-EU209Not updated
22Notausgang noìrKrag'jin-EU208Not updated
22Kíkkí Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU208Not updated
24Angex roOXxKrag'jin-EU207Not updated
25Beatrix Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU206Not updated
25Armod  Krag'jin-EU206Not updated
27Hrauðungur The GateKrag'jin-EU205Not updated
27Tamnos I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU205Not updated
27Emofee Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU205Not updated
27Jochie semper fieKrag'jin-EU205Not updated
27Joêline adrenalinKrag'jin-EU205Not updated
32Deathblast Mad TurtlesKrag'jin-EU203Not updated
32Willøw Kitty InvasionKrag'jin-EU203Not updated
32Deirá Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU203Not updated
32Amdar Mad TurtlesKrag'jin-EU203Not updated
32Katharina Mad TurtlesKrag'jin-EU203Not updated
37Jeannedàrc manus iraeKrag'jin-EU202Not updated
37Calûna Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU202Not updated
39Wòtán semper fieKrag'jin-EU201Not updated
39Chrisp VírusKrag'jin-EU201Not updated
41Zod Kitty InvasionKrag'jin-EU200Not updated
42Sandra  Krag'jin-EU199Not updated
43Marjaelle I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU197Not updated
43Recklessness roOXxKrag'jin-EU197Not updated
43Burri The RequiemKrag'jin-EU197Not updated
46Fumaro noìrKrag'jin-EU196Not updated
47Heimatlos Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU195Not updated
47Bambeldor Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU195Not updated
47Glimma Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU195Not updated
47Dendroid  Krag'jin-EU195Not updated
51Romel VinyamarKrag'jin-EU194Not updated
51Schamdarine  Krag'jin-EU194Not updated
53Drachenfürst Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU193Not updated
53Cimberly Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU193Not updated
53Liddi Helden des LichtsKrag'jin-EU193Not updated
53Chizûru  Krag'jin-EU193Not updated
57Ziftie Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU192Not updated
57Kidgas EXECUTEKrag'jin-EU192Not updated
57Raithskar Lôst SoulsKrag'jin-EU192Not updated
57Aesy NukularKrag'jin-EU192Not updated
61Gremnak AchchazuKrag'jin-EU191Not updated
61Kodano AchchazuKrag'jin-EU191Not updated
63Pürierstab InfinitýKrag'jin-EU190Not updated
63Haana Die MusketiereKrag'jin-EU190Not updated
63Aylow NukularKrag'jin-EU190Not updated
63Iberius ViciousKrag'jin-EU190Not updated
67Lixxmaxx Elite SöldnerKrag'jin-EU189Not updated
67Kant Bazooka Commando PumpenKrag'jin-EU189Not updated
69Antizombie I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU188Not updated
69Shoona l Roots lKrag'jin-EU188Not updated
69Garuda  Krag'jin-EU188Not updated
72Xeryus CarrierKrag'jin-EU186Not updated
72Shînova Invictus GaudiumKrag'jin-EU186Not updated
74Acamar Insomnis EquitatusKrag'jin-EU185Not updated
74Starfeier Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU185Not updated
74Madnight CarrierKrag'jin-EU185Not updated
74Baldir Helden der ApokalypseKrag'jin-EU185Not updated
74Lyseria Mad TurtlesKrag'jin-EU185Not updated
74Riddîck  Krag'jin-EU185Not updated
74Katania  Krag'jin-EU185Not updated
81Neliah Blood VengeanceKrag'jin-EU184Not updated
81Ammira VenturouSKrag'jin-EU184Not updated
81Schnarfi The GateKrag'jin-EU184Not updated
81Súh PsychoaktivKrag'jin-EU184Not updated
85Rouna  Krag'jin-EU183Not updated
85Semus The GateKrag'jin-EU183Not updated
85Liliprotect l Roots lKrag'jin-EU183Not updated
88Brandovski Insomnis EquitatusKrag'jin-EU182Not updated
88Krocus Little FightersKrag'jin-EU182Not updated
88Sapori Sun TzuKrag'jin-EU182Not updated
91Perjon I PRODIGY IKrag'jin-EU181Not updated
91Tesca noìrKrag'jin-EU181Not updated
91Madhuri noìrKrag'jin-EU181Not updated
91Qaun VollKontaktKrag'jin-EU181Not updated
95Skubula VinyamarKrag'jin-EU180Not updated
95Çrush The GateKrag'jin-EU180Not updated
95Shakka Council of AzerothKrag'jin-EU180Not updated
98Triplehxh AchchazuKrag'jin-EU179Not updated
98Tharsonius The GateKrag'jin-EU179Not updated
98Sánsa  Krag'jin-EU179Not updated

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