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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kirin Tor-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Quarkounette The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU271Not updated
2Galigord The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU267Not updated
3Dynamø RushKirin Tor-EU259Not updated
4Étherna MakashKirin Tor-EU256Not updated
4Grisbouc The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU256Not updated
6Frïfrï ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU253Not updated
6Sébastelf RushKirin Tor-EU253Not updated
6Kalidiar Gardiens des SongesKirin Tor-EU253Not updated
9Zîã EpsilonKirin Tor-EU251Not updated
10Tëmëh One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU249Not updated
10Kalidiot Gardiens des SongesKirin Tor-EU249Not updated
12Zîù RédemptiðnKirin Tor-EU248Not updated
13Wessøñ RédemptiðnKirin Tor-EU243Not updated
14Bucolic Lune AscendanteKirin Tor-EU242Not updated
15Shïnkai The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU241Not updated
15Juliä Purple FeverKirin Tor-EU241Not updated
17Esoteric One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU240Not updated
17Kãyã Gangre KebabKirin Tor-EU240Not updated
17Yunalescka  Kirin Tor-EU240Not updated
20Sendëll LégendesKirin Tor-EU239Not updated
20Trollusque DestinéeKirin Tor-EU239Not updated
22Alïyah EpsilonKirin Tor-EU237Not updated
22Hyunkèl The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU237Not updated
22Ethae Gangre KebabKirin Tor-EU237Not updated
25Dreaktor Les Gardiens AzuréensKirin Tor-EU234Not updated
25Apesh The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU234Not updated
25Eloquence The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU234Not updated
25Volhana ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU234Not updated
25Blackstars  Kirin Tor-EU234Not updated
30Isåbellå Non nobis domineKirin Tor-EU233Not updated
30Niovi Murlocs AsylumKirin Tor-EU233Not updated
30Cøppä Kirin Tor-EU233Not updated
33Faélina Gildam SpiritualisKirin Tor-EU232Not updated
33Nitséléc The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU232Not updated
33Shakà The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU232Not updated
33Malhaury  Kirin Tor-EU232Not updated
37Clamo The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU231Not updated
37Lethy La Confrérie CenlanKirin Tor-EU231Not updated
37Zomandrya  Kirin Tor-EU231Not updated
40Elodyh The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU230Not updated
40Jigua LanceAKirin Tor-EU230Not updated
42Arcaliche Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU229Not updated
42Pupucedenfer Le second souffleKirin Tor-EU229Not updated
42Xandern BerserkersKirin Tor-EU229Not updated
42Liewen Born To Be AliveKirin Tor-EU229Not updated
42Maclord The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU229Not updated
47Dromàr  Kirin Tor-EU228Not updated
47Lupercia Hérauts de SylvanasKirin Tor-EU228Not updated
47Cylïana Heaven DreamKirin Tor-EU228Not updated
47Leïden Les Guides du NéantKirin Tor-EU228Not updated
47Piccola FacepalmKirin Tor-EU228Not updated
47Realmadruide KwAKirin Tor-EU228Not updated
53Lycielle The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU227Not updated
54Blakforesta KwAKirin Tor-EU226Not updated
54Galide RushKirin Tor-EU226Not updated
54Nuttelya High SpiritsKirin Tor-EU226Not updated
57Jazensan AnastasisKirin Tor-EU225Not updated
57Ghurdyll La Confrérie CenlanKirin Tor-EU225Not updated
57Lywwelyne LanceAKirin Tor-EU225Not updated
57Thrør EpsilonKirin Tor-EU225Not updated
57Pändøre SlackersKirin Tor-EU225Not updated
62Navles  Kirin Tor-EU224Not updated
62Namidae Sombre AllianceKirin Tor-EU224Not updated
62Karamazoz Les Templiers des AmesKirin Tor-EU224Not updated
65Jadow Back To BasicsKirin Tor-EU223Not updated
65Jâguara CycloneKirin Tor-EU223Not updated
65Kaïylliaa OxymoreKirin Tor-EU223Not updated
68Nepenthes One Leap To PLKirin Tor-EU222Not updated
68Héricie Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU222Not updated
68Amesombre La Croisade de l AubeKirin Tor-EU222Not updated
68Zoubimimi Wolf SpiritKirin Tor-EU222Not updated
72Zärkan Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU221Not updated
72Beath Cor DraconisKirin Tor-EU221Not updated
72Kaifuku PointlessKirin Tor-EU221Not updated
75Æýó KwAKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Arcar Born to be wildKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Elindora BerserkersKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Jaypamal Les brumes d AvalonKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Sÿnapse Le Village de SpectreKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Coeurdebrume BerserkersKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Weñdy Valar MørghulisKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Snowa Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Tlatoani BerserkersKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Groscaø  Kirin Tor-EU220Not updated
75Paroparo EpiqueKirin Tor-EU220Not updated
86Korem RenaissanceKirin Tor-EU219Not updated
86Gaïakool Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU219Not updated
86Belki AnastasisKirin Tor-EU219Not updated
86Doldrack SOCIETAS DRACONISTRARUMKirin Tor-EU219Not updated
86Alassar Murlocs AsylumKirin Tor-EU219Not updated

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