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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kilrogg-US Faction Only Mounts
1Lethal Post MortemKilrogg-US279Not updated
2Coldwind ModestKilrogg-US277Not updated
2Blackmario Wombat and PandaKilrogg-US277Not updated
4Takuya  Kilrogg-US270Not updated
4Bloodyangel Wombat and PandaKilrogg-US270Not updated
6Xele FluxKilrogg-US261Not updated
6Flinx AhrotahnteeKilrogg-US261Not updated
8Fizzled FluxKilrogg-US252Not updated
8Dorà FluxKilrogg-US252Not updated
10Spaced Post MortemKilrogg-US251Not updated
10Sensuous FluxKilrogg-US251Not updated
10Gorgeous ModestKilrogg-US251Not updated
13Suikoden FluxKilrogg-US250Not updated
13Jugular FluxKilrogg-US250Not updated
13Eritha FluxKilrogg-US250Not updated
13Velaine FluxKilrogg-US250Not updated
17Mortaneous FluxKilrogg-US249Not updated
18Zeemma Temporary InsanityKilrogg-US248Not updated
18Hotshift FluxKilrogg-US248Not updated
18Soz FluxKilrogg-US248Not updated
21Koan  Kilrogg-US244Not updated
22Twitchý CarriedKilrogg-US243Not updated
23Kaaras ResurgenceKilrogg-US241Not updated
24Xifeng Project MarauderKilrogg-US240Not updated
24Xoha CitiBankKilrogg-US240Not updated
26Annalisse Post MortemKilrogg-US238Not updated
26Roqquette Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US238Not updated
26Dæmòn Without PrejudiceKilrogg-US238Not updated
29Nohugnöhealz Post MortemKilrogg-US237Not updated
30Humviy StormKilrogg-US234Not updated
30Riannon Exact ChangeKilrogg-US234Not updated
30Ellipsey  Kilrogg-US234Not updated
33Shashris Swords and SorceryKilrogg-US233Not updated
34Vamad  Kilrogg-US232Not updated
34Ellett  Kilrogg-US232Not updated
34Lieva  Kilrogg-US232Not updated
34Duckymoemoe Swords and SorceryKilrogg-US232Not updated
34Tresemme  Kilrogg-US232Not updated
39Blacknyte The Rabbit HoleKilrogg-US231Not updated
39Bellã This TimeKilrogg-US231Not updated
39Devilmage ModestKilrogg-US231Not updated
42Unupotato Post MortemKilrogg-US229Not updated
42Snyderz  Kilrogg-US229Not updated
44Ritchehouf Sons of CronusKilrogg-US228Not updated
44Taloriana ResurgenceKilrogg-US228Not updated
46Nivelle The Cunning StuntsKilrogg-US227Not updated
46Utame Tenacious DevilzKilrogg-US227Not updated
46Razetz Sons of CronusKilrogg-US227Not updated
49Kasìmìra ResurgenceKilrogg-US226Not updated
49Kenocide LuxKilrogg-US226Not updated
51Katalysteria Post MortemKilrogg-US225Not updated
51Jackoneil FiresideKilrogg-US225Not updated
51Meads Sons of CronusKilrogg-US225Not updated
54Hyskamir Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US224Not updated
54Romulux Sons of CronusKilrogg-US224Not updated
54Zevoa ModestKilrogg-US224Not updated
54Samanthac FiresideKilrogg-US224Not updated
54Originalsin ReluctanceKilrogg-US224Not updated
54Domilina ResurgenceKilrogg-US224Not updated
54Guldown Mustachioed MayhemKilrogg-US224Not updated
61Holybingo OmnipotentKilrogg-US223Not updated
61Vaeristo VirulenceKilrogg-US223Not updated
63Syldora Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US222Not updated
63Lyonne Crimson KnightsKilrogg-US222Not updated
63Notbane BacklashKilrogg-US222Not updated
66Birmilla StormKilrogg-US221Not updated
66Gnomebre ResurgenceKilrogg-US221Not updated
66Putrìcìde Tryhard HeroesKilrogg-US221Not updated
66Chyana Swords and SorceryKilrogg-US221Not updated
70Spicynoodle Sons of CronusKilrogg-US220Not updated
70Boblobblaw Ninjas Drink WAHTAHKilrogg-US220Not updated
70Ceralian Tryhard HeroesKilrogg-US220Not updated
73Tamoonra ResurgenceKilrogg-US219Not updated
73Hawnek Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US219Not updated
73Yukine The Cunning StuntsKilrogg-US219Not updated
73Rometheus Tryhard HeroesKilrogg-US219Not updated
73Xxterminator Monachus OrbisKilrogg-US219Not updated
73Vellroy SENTINELS of DHARAKilrogg-US219Not updated
73Mylisande Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US219Not updated
80Vulpine ResurrectionKilrogg-US218Not updated
81Apimpadin ResurgenceKilrogg-US217Not updated
81Cinnika The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US217Not updated
81Elring WhitehawksKilrogg-US217Not updated
84Eatsoup Circle of TruthKilrogg-US216Not updated
84Eyes The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US216Not updated
84Leofric  Kilrogg-US216Not updated
84Bobo The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US216Not updated
88Gerikdagrr MonolithKilrogg-US215Not updated
89Durota Exact ChangeKilrogg-US214Not updated
89Cerelia  Kilrogg-US214Not updated
89Lunecorne Ninjas Drink WAHTAHKilrogg-US214Not updated
89Sheila ResurrectionKilrogg-US214Not updated
89Baku MonolithKilrogg-US214Not updated
89Reiannon RenaissanceKilrogg-US214Not updated
89Akaní MonolithKilrogg-US214Not updated
89Grogsbeard The lotus eatersKilrogg-US214Not updated
97Harksmash StormKilrogg-US213Not updated

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