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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-US Faction Only Mounts
1Vaffral  Kil'jaeden-US285Not updated
2Babyjace Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US277Not updated
3Dolsen illestKil'jaeden-US269Not updated
4Tuftss P Town Gnome StompersKil'jaeden-US267Not updated
5Healbøt Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US266Not updated
5Dôdge KeltoiKil'jaeden-US266Not updated
7Shahryar Sworn OathKil'jaeden-US260Not updated
8Tristayn Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US259Not updated
9Covaren DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US252Not updated
10Kyonkophilip Dark ResolveKil'jaeden-US251Not updated
10Lokcity DurtyKil'jaeden-US251Not updated
10Samskeytí Hindsight GamingKil'jaeden-US251Not updated
10Vitaliah Crit Happens PVPKil'jaeden-US251Not updated
14Martencar Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US250Not updated
15Mirreni  Kil'jaeden-US246Not updated
16Dreadlocs Sufficiently SlipperyKil'jaeden-US245Not updated
17Tienlong RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US244Not updated
17Fácemé RequiemKil'jaeden-US244Not updated
19Dangerdrew Dark ResolveKil'jaeden-US243Not updated
19Namespace  Kil'jaeden-US243Not updated
21Monopod Dark ResolveKil'jaeden-US241Not updated
21Dohaan Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US241Not updated
21Flux  Kil'jaeden-US241Not updated
24Quarashi The All Seeing EyeKil'jaeden-US240Not updated
24Jayzed  Kil'jaeden-US240Not updated
26Taraladin RavenclawKil'jaeden-US239Not updated
27Glitterstick Sufficiently SlipperyKil'jaeden-US238Not updated
28Brulock RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US236Not updated
28Auraefanfan Have Bank And TabardKil'jaeden-US236Not updated
30Mugmanimus Village IdiotKil'jaeden-US235Not updated
30Mudak ARENA DEATHKil'jaeden-US235Not updated
30Xws NightpanthersKil'jaeden-US235Not updated
30Merllie stay small NERDSKil'jaeden-US235Not updated
30Blackharvest DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US235Not updated
35Zoluk Koopa TroopaKil'jaeden-US234Not updated
35Castìel GSO IncKil'jaeden-US234Not updated
35Orcbum Koopa TroopaKil'jaeden-US234Not updated
35Sîlverdragon Legion of The Pale HorseKil'jaeden-US234Not updated
39Ateneir peaceful skeleton realmKil'jaeden-US233Not updated
39Djhaiku  Kil'jaeden-US233Not updated
39Slushi Dalaran Yacht ClubKil'jaeden-US233Not updated
39Kizzies KeltoiKil'jaeden-US233Not updated
43Flagged Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US232Not updated
43Amateur chirp shawtyKil'jaeden-US232Not updated
45Capricus The A TeamKil'jaeden-US231Not updated
45Stickers Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US231Not updated
47Dreaz  Kil'jaeden-US230Not updated
47Dexflex CynicalKil'jaeden-US230Not updated
47Catriare Super Happy Fun TimeKil'jaeden-US230Not updated
47Kazokan BlacklistedKil'jaeden-US230Not updated
47Yiayiayo  Kil'jaeden-US230Not updated
47Nobads Divine CouncilKil'jaeden-US230Not updated
47Keirã ZephyrosKil'jaeden-US230Not updated
54Fullaggro The A TeamKil'jaeden-US229Not updated
55Rooftrollen  Kil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Hetril Koopa TroopaKil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Reylynn  Kil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Wyna AcheronKil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Shottenheim  Kil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Cankleshankr Ours is the FuryKil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Warglawk TangerineKil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Pagus RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Highkee Koopa TroopaKil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Crotchbutter P Town Gnome StompersKil'jaeden-US228Not updated
55Graive Divine CouncilKil'jaeden-US228Not updated
66Pocketshot Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US227Not updated
66Charron ZephyrosKil'jaeden-US227Not updated
66Sythía Orden de los OlvidadosKil'jaeden-US227Not updated
66Thelichman TangerineKil'jaeden-US227Not updated
66Deathcandyi Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US227Not updated
66Meowzy TangerineKil'jaeden-US227Not updated
72Berianthoor Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US226Not updated
72Damiez TestamentKil'jaeden-US226Not updated
72Pusilanimous B A M FKil'jaeden-US226Not updated
72Zanturack ZephyrosKil'jaeden-US226Not updated
72Metronomes  Kil'jaeden-US226Not updated
72Arcane DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US226Not updated
72Dreadeyes Lords of NoiseKil'jaeden-US226Not updated
79Kalletha InsomniaKil'jaeden-US225Not updated
79Andolar KeltoiKil'jaeden-US225Not updated
79Karebearqt TurmoilKil'jaeden-US225Not updated
79Kikkie  Kil'jaeden-US225Not updated
79Smellme Unholy LegacyKil'jaeden-US225Not updated
84Fotoaparate Real TalkKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Cobweb Arch DruidKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Zers peaceful skeleton realmKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Addictia MÿthKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Omgtornadoes TangerineKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Keyshi We Do It For The FansKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Brookylnn TestamentKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Heartless Tetra HydraKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Drauzz Disorganized CrimeKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
84Softee Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US224Not updated
94Wyzguy Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US223Not updated
94Rhema Permission DeniedKil'jaeden-US223Not updated
94Saphette Eternal AscensionKil'jaeden-US223Not updated
94Holysandals TalentedKil'jaeden-US223Not updated

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